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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

paging dr. casey, there's been a horsemergency!

so, i had a horsemergency yesterday and i had to see my casey immediately
right away asap pronto stat. really, i was just feeling emotional. that's all. but
who do i want to see when i have a lot of feelings? my one and only horseypie.

he handled my teen years like a champ... so that pretty much makes him a
registered psychologist at this point, i think. and if an emergency barn time
snuggle sesh means postponing my errands for a bit, well then that's just
how it must go... because a casey visit is always the best idea.

also... i had like 4 lollipops yesterday... and it made my tongue feel funny.

and also, i got some new tea! [once i finally made it to the grocery, that is.]
chamomile and lavender tea. it is a dream.


  1. your relationship with this gorgeous horse is such a beautiful thing. i love all your horsey posts :)

  2. i have always wanted a horse - yours is a beauty! they are wonderful creatures. they know so much.

  3. i love those first 2 pics...the leashes esp. that tea sounds like i'd go right to sleep after drinking it :)

  4. cute pictures! your blog is adorable! and your horse is awesome--i haven't ridden a horse since i was like 6 years old!

  5. and Casey are the cutest. Obviously it's true what they say about Equine makes you feel amazing (and, of course, the lollipop doesn't hurt either). :)

  6. that is a beautiful animal!!! love him!


charmed, i'm sure!

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