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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

weekend snipsies

we did a little of everything over this past weekend. i like weekends like that, they feel well-rounded! we went out with friends, we cheersed, we basked in the glorious sunshine, i finished the book i was reading, we wine & cheesed, we churched, we went on a brunch date, we finally watched black swan, which we actually really liked [didn't know what to expect]... and my sweet little friend april gave me a wonderful no-reason present: the cutest ever book of 500 cupcake recipes, which could very easily be the life and death of me this fall! [thank you, april! i'm completely in love.] now i seriously can't believe that september is almost here. the time just flies, doesn't it? can't forget to smell the roses...

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  1. gorgeous weekend and lovely cat!

  2. what a lovely weekend!! a brunch date is a wonderful idea

  3. Hello lovely! The 500 cupcake recipes sounds totally YOU, please share what you bake with us! :)

    Sounds like SUCH a fun weekend.


  4. yaay i love the weekend! and i have that book!


charmed, i'm sure!

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