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Monday, August 29, 2011

wine + cheese + summer savoring

now that august is wrapping up, we've been really savoring all the little bits of summer that we know won't last a whole lot longer... and this weekend here in nashville was so perfectly beautiful that we could hardly stay indoors, anyway! while we almost decided to go out and actually do something on saturday night... wine & cheese by the farmhome pool, just the two of us, ended up being a way better idea instead. we were already at farmhome and just couldn't tear ourselves away... so we sat outside and chatted, nowhere to be, just relaxing. evening has always been one of our very favorite times to spend together outside! now if only the flies and wasps would ease up a little. those pesky little devils.

the last one made me laugh. so typical.
also, in case you were wondering, the duckies' names up there are jin & sun.
they are both 5 years old and happily married, living the ducky dream at farmhome.
if you haven't witnessed the true love of two quackquacks, it is seriously the cutest!

**i know irene ruined a lot of peoples' outdoor playtime this weekend.
we've definitely been praying for everyone the east coast!

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  1. that looks so dreamy!!! I love that the ducks are name jin and sun....after LOST perhaps?!?

  2. things I'm loving about this post...

    - the fact you two spent an evening outside (don't go summer!)

    - the ducks (are those Lost inspired names? I think they just might be)

    - fishtail braid!

  3. wine and cheese night always has my vote. hands down.

  4. Beautiful photos! What a sweet pup. : )



  5. tunes & jw, yes!! they are jin & sun from lost :) my family members & i are/were major lost addicts!

  6. can you just follow me around campus and take happy artsy pictures of me everywhere? you can major in instagram-ing, i swear.

  7. I'm loving that more serious photo of you...such a gorgeous capture!


  8. Wine & cheese + hubby + great weather is always a winning combo!

    PS - Loving your hair!!

  9. Such the perfect evening! I need to get me some stemless wine glasses.

  10. Umm hello there stunning girl!! love fishtail!


charmed, i'm sure!

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