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Thursday, September 1, 2011

makey thursdays! watermark t-shirt dying & infinity scarf making

it's september! and today i am hereby instituting "makey thursdays" for a few reasons:

-i like to obsessively gather DIY projects from around the webs
-i forewent pre-school when i was little to stay home and do crafts and read books with my mom... so pretty much not a lot has changed in 20 years. just kidding, a lot has changed. but not really that.
-makey rhymes with nakey [heehee]

that being said, i recently found a tutorial on ucreate by sweet verbena for making these watermark tees and i had to do it. and then i found this dyed infinity scarf tutorial from a bit of sunshine and i had to do that, too. [i also had to steal one of stevo's undershirts to do it. sorry, boo!] so... i did them both!

watermark tee

you need: bottle of elmer's glue gel, fabric dye, rubber gloves, white cotton
garment, water resistant board [like a big ole lid]
, bucket/bowl/tub to dye in

1. wet garment under faucet with cool water & slide board in between layers to separate
2. draw on design with gel glue [i googled & printed out this butterfly outline, put the page in a freezer bag, slipped it underneath the shirt & traced over it! way easy.]
3. let shirt & glue dry completely [left mine overnight]
4. prepare the dye according to directions in a bucket/bowl/tub in the sink
5. swirl garment around in the dye with your glove hands for a while
6. spread out & let dry
7. run it through the washing machine or hand wash to get excess dye & glue out
8. ta da! since i'm a butterfly charmer now i really loooove my butterfly shirt! plus it's soft. i made sure to buy a really soft, comfy shirt to do this on. yay.

infinity scarf

you need: xl white cotton tee, fabric dye,
rubber gloves, scissors, bucket/bowl/tub to dye in

1. dye t-shirt [the original tutorial made an ombre scarf by dipping bits at a time, but mine did not really ombre very well.]
2. lay out to dry completely, then machine or hand wash, dry
3. cut just above the hem of the shirt & just beneath armpits
[as straight as possible, of course]
4. stretch out material til it's as scarfy as it can be and voila! a new scarf for the season. steven didn't even recognize his old shirty when i walked in with my new scarf on. also, i wore my scarf to go see my mom at farmhome and i'm pretty sure all the animals there were like "oooh, where'd you get that scarf, girl?"

[ps. this is not my barbie pose. i have a barbie pose but this is not it. well... it's close.]

so maybe if you're really cool you could do a cute watermark pattern on the scarf. like triangles. triangles are in. or something with dots. or wavy lines. next time, next time!

[also, the lucky my memories photo software winner will be chosen tomorrow! last chance to enter! yay!]


  1. this might just be easy enough for me to conquer! Both very cute!

  2. UM I AM IN LOVE WITH BOTH OF THESE!!!!!! Making a scarf right now!! XO!

  3. Wow! That's so neat! Come check out my blog! Follow me- I'll follow back!


  4. ok i am going to have to that watermark tee how adorable are you!! very cute

  5. Oh what fun! One of my friends made a scarf like that one.. only it was lots of little strips.. but made out of a tshirt too. Love how yours turned out!

  6. You are too adorable! Also...I LOVE that Infinity Scarf - I need to make one! :)

  7. questions: where did you get that drapey tee for the butterfly project??

  8. meg, i actually went to tjmaxx & picked up a james perse tshirt. i have an addiction to his tees, although they're still $25 even discounted. i'd intended to find a super duper cheap one for this at old navy or target :)

  9. Love your tutorial, followed and was successful. Thank You.
    Check it out!
    I have linked back to your post.

  10. Great idea. I love all the DIY printing ideas. Haven't seen this one before though,

  11. Have you by chance tried it with regular glue? I wasn't able to find the gel glue but I'm curious if it would work with the regular kind. . . I'd like to make some of these for my SIL for Christmas :) THANKS!

    1. i haven't!! from what i read other places, the gel glue is the best!! good luck :)


charmed, i'm sure!

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