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Thursday, May 10, 2012

ooooh, my favsies!

aka. things in my life that i'm currently loving uncontrollably...
[so much so that my love shall be documented]

leather ballerinas from florence.
i was in search of some like the frye ballerinas
i've been obsessing over for months.
so i came home with these little babes.
they're so fresh and clean and leathery right now
i'd kind of rather snuggle with them than wear them.

pink roses.
they're my lifelong favorite flowers
and my eyeballs fill with love when i see them.
now i just have to keep them alive!

hunter wellies.
for so long i thought i didn't need these in my life. but oh, i was wrong.
i emergency-ordered a pair two days before we left for italy
and thank goodness i did because they came in very handy.
[1. rain puddles, 2. they kept my feet & back from hurting while we walked all over]

aaaand... summer scarves.
well... i guess they're spring scarves.
nashville gets too hot for scarves in the actual summer
but right now i have a scarf addiction problem
that i'm just really enjoying a whole lot.
and miss pinky here, she is my fav.

so, these are my possessions!
the end.


  1. did you know your blog is one of MY favsies? it is, it is!

  2. I'm swooning over here!Love the flats!And yes,pink roses are my best friends!

  3. Those flats are darling! Do they smell all leathery too !?

  4. Those flats are darling! Do they smell all leathery too !?

  5. Clearly you have wonderful taste. Love your possessions!

  6. What camera do you use?!? Beautiful and charming pics :)

  7. amanda, thanks! i have a nikon d40, no special lenses :)

  8. Ah! I was in Italy in March and while we got the hottest week of the year, methinks, I still would have loved to have my Hunters with me. Aren't they just the best??? Where'd you go in Italy?


charmed, i'm sure!

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