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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

how to get your wife to come home when you want her to her up and say, "i just wanted you to know... i ordered pizza."

after 4 years of marriage [tomorrow!]
this is precisely how my husband manages me.
and, well. it works like a charm.

*and, don't worry, i've already had my cold leftover slices today for breakfast/lunch/brunch. cold leftovers are so the best part, if you ask me. cold pizza club for liiife!


  1. MMMM! Pizza.

    We love pizza a little too much in this house.

  2. I had cold pizza for lunch too! Good call on the 'za!

  3. hahaha that's great. And now I need some pizza.

  4. Mmm...I'm definitely apart of the cold pizza club!

  5. haha he's got all the right moves. mmm pizza

  6. yumm. every now and then I just have to eat pizza and it is delish.especially cold

  7. I hjust went to a cute little piZza place with my mom and it looked just like the pizza you had here!! Mmm, so good. In Italy did you have a favorite style/place for pizza!?

    Ps. Not to be a creepy creeper, but I may or may not have watched your Italy video several times. Obsessed! :)

  8. :) we just had pizza last night too! Hubby picked it up on his way home!
    Happy Anniversary!!! 4 years is fantastic!
    i'm hosting my first little giveaway this week and you should enter ;)

  9. sweet hubby :)

    happy {belated} anniversary to the two of you!

    I'm really loving your photo processing!


charmed, i'm sure!

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