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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

it's still just wednesday?

this week i've been...

...majorly avoiding the re-roofing we've got going on at our house.
...having the best baby shower ever with my best girls ever!
...wishing i wouldn't wake up at dawn's crack every morning lately only to lay there for two hours then fall back to sleep.
...looking so preg.
...also experiencing a relapse in pregnancy brain. baby little talks on how she's just a smidge too big now to be spinning herself sideways and trying to stretch her legs out.
...getting some quality poolside time with my little sisboo and forcing her to be my sibling bff.
...and that's about it! wee!

um, but seriously. last night, baby girl and i were given the sweetest baby shower ever imaginable by my best girlfriends and i can't even get over how great it was. and now i can't wait to look through all my photos! and by my photos i mean my photos and my sister's photos because hers will undoubtedly be the best ones. yes. can't wait.

[pic from my baby shower by my sweet little friend molly!]


  1. good to see you're still holding down the fort as 'cutest prego alive'!

  2. my exact thought...feels like it should at least be Friday afternoon! cute picture - yay for baby girl showers!

  3. you deserve a great shower. lots of pink i presume!

  4. I hope to see approx one million more baby girl shower pictures. And you're just fabulous :)

  5. you are the cuuutteessstt!!!! can't wait to see more pics from the shower!

  6. I second Brooklyn! It seriously feels like Friday!
    Gosh! It seems like just yesterday that my boys were squirming around inside my body all awkward like... Sometimes it was super cool... and other times, like when I couldn't breathe... not so much ;)

    You look absolutely stunning as a pregnant 'lady'!
    Hopefully you feel it!

  7. totally agree with jenni's are the cutest prego ever! x

  8. PRECIOUS! You're so cute!! In real life and in pictures :)

    Ps.when my pictures make your blog I feel like a celebrity. celebribridefriend.And I feel a little artsy. which you know I love.


charmed, i'm sure!

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