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Thursday, June 21, 2012

makey thursdays! beach hair sea salt spray

it's officially summertime! and what's better for summertime than beach hair? i don't even know. beach hair is my fav. messy, salty, beachy beach hair. and i happen to know just the trick for that! i mean, unless you have an actual ocean around. i don't usually. i live in tennessee. and i've tried a few "beach hair" types of products here and there, but they're all just too product-y for me. the real ocean isn't a hair product, it's water and salt and maybe a little fishy poopoo, and i've been pretty pleased with that concoction! so, i really just want nature in my hair with as few chemicals as possible.

you need: 1-3 tsp fine sea salt,
8 oz water, 8 or 10 oz spray bottle,
a few drops of argan oil [or jojoba or olive or coconut]

1. mix 1-3 teaspoons of sea salt in 8 ounces of water. the more salt you use, the beachier, but it's also more drying to your hair. i used 1 teaspoon but ended up just spraying a lot on anyway.

2. add in oil for a little conditioning moisture. i used 4-ish drops of josie maran's argan oil [or here's one that's not beyond outrageously priced]. i didn't use coconut oil because it cools into a solid form and i didn't picture that being quite as mixable in a spray, but i'm sure it still works. or maybe some olive oil. just a little something to counteract the drying of the salt!

3. i know some also might like to add an essential oil for scent or a drop of hair gel for hold. i didn't. but you could!

4. shake it up in a spray bottle and spray! yay! isn't that the easiest?

5. go play in the sunshine!


  1. i prefer the baby bump to be included in your posts but i guess this will do. ;)

  2. love that! i walked outside today and felt summer. Mmmm.

  3. I've missed your makey thursdays! I usually use bumble and bumble's sea spray but this is much more economical ;)

  4. This is brilliant! I'm always looking for less-damaging, less chemicals, and less heat for my poor bleached hair and this looks like a great option!


  5. Beach hair is my fav!!
    And you look amazing with your hair all sexy and wavy!
    Cant wait for your little one to enter the world!

  6. Such a great idea! I will doing this to my hair all the time for summer. Love your blog and baby bump!

  7. Wait, so do you spray this on dry hair, I am assuming? My coconut oil is currently as liquid as it can be, so I want to try this!!

  8. hahaha love this idea!
    But I get to enjoy the real beachy look since I'm here in Maui right now. Thanks for sharing your DIYs!
    So sweet.


  9. Back in the '70s, we put lemon juice on our hair after shampooing & rinsing, then rinsed the lemon out. It worked great for me & my friends, and our hair seemed to suffer no ill effects from it, but had a gorgeous healthy glow to it.


charmed, i'm sure!

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