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Friday, July 13, 2012

obsessed: favorite preg stuff

this is about preg stuff. which is pretty important, you know, when you're pregnant... so, i have just a few essentials [from my little 1st time around experience so far] that i think really add a special something to the whole baby growing scenario!

1. oversized comfy v-neck tee - at this point i have acquired, i think, 6 of these from old navy. i bought some a few sizes up pretty early on and they. are. my. favorite! comfort is super important when your preg. especially because it doesn't always make sense what's comfortable and what's not. sometimes i can hardly stand having a shirt on at all because suddenly it feels like the shirt is trying to suffocate me or something and i'm just like "bleh, remove this garment from my body immediately!" but not in these puppies. they are pure comfort to the max. especially the gray ones.

2. ina may's guide to childbirth & jenny mccarthy's belly laughs - two very different books for your preg brain, but both totally my favorites. ina may's book, for me, has been the best pregnancy/birth bible ever. she's a 72-year-old midwife and talks a lot about how the mind and body are connected and how it all works in regards to baby havin', which is all pretty neat. i definitely think everyone should read it, regardless of what type of birth you're planning. and belly laughs is just hilarious. and ridiculous. i mean, it could be potentially frightening to a newly pregnant girl because i'm pretty sure jenny m. must've had the worst pregnancy ever. but she talks about every dot of everything that can occur in pregnancy and it's a good time. f-bombs included.

3. heating pad - heating pads have to be the best invention ever. perfect on an achy back.

4. dr. bronner's lavender castile soap - this stuff apparently has like 4 jillion uses, but my favorite is just to take a bath in it. my skin always feels so so soft after [shaving with it is uh-mazing] and the lavender is so relaxing. my baths have been revolutionized!

5. easy maxis - these in particular are actually from the cover up section in target. i bought two and it's hard not to just live in them, day in and day out. maxis all the way for preg comfort... except, the ones made of jersey material won't make you look any smaller, that's for sure, so you have to be owning the bump completely. chances are, by the end of your second trimester, you're owning it, so wear your maxis.

6. coconut oil - it's just the best stuff ever. on the planet. i've been using it on my belly and hips every day this whole time and so far so good! i use it on my face as moisturizer, usually, too. and i put it in my coffee every day. and rub it on my lips. and i talk about it a lot. it's just good for everything. really.

7. fun iphone pregnancy apps - babybump pregnancy free, baby center my pregnancy today, what to expect pregnancy tracker, & sprout lite are all free apps about baby growin' to keep you entertained for 9 months :)

other things i have pregnantly loved - leggings [duh, when do i not love leggings. i mostly have worn non-maternity but i also have this pair from old navy. i always end up folding down the belly panel, though.], nameberry, a body pillow, lara bars, everything this girl writes, long & lean liz lang tanks, using a rubber band/hair tie to button shorts/jeans [didn't get a bellaband or whatever], this ;), a trip to italy [and by that i mean, do some 2nd trimester traveling if you get a chance!], and that's about it! yay!

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  1. Good to know! I'll bookmark this for future reference :)

  2. I may have to get those shirts from old navy. I have the same issue. Can't wear any tshirts or shirts without feeling like I'm suffocating. Glad I'm not the only one

  3. Thanks for sharing! I'll have to check out the books :)

  4. this was fun to see! i bought a bunch of those v-necks when i was home and live in them also! a huge one for the gym has been perfection :)

  5. I love this!! I'll have to keep this in mind when I start the baby-making!! Is it weird that I love all that, and I'm no where near pregnant?! Baha. :)

  6. am i allowed to love on coco oil even though i am not pregs!? because i do. and it moves from the bathroom to the kicthen and back allll the time.

  7. 1000% agree on the old navy tanks & maxi dresses! I have been living in mine too. just found your adorable blog & can't wait to catch up on your posts! :)

  8. the title of this cracked me up. i like your style, lady. and that lavender castille soap completes me in so many ways. good luck on baby! you are soooo close!


charmed, i'm sure!

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