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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

happy fourth!

[an old fav from 4th of july 2006. long time ago, huh!]

we don't really have huge plans today,
just huge bellies! well, i do, at least.
we'll get a little time in the sunshine
and have some fourth-y food for dinner!
[there might be some homemade ice cream involved.]
isn't it funny to have this day on a wednesday?
i think so. but on last year's 4th,
we were recovering from a weekend
of lakes and houseboats,
so, i'll totally take a low key wednesday this year ;)

happy birthday, america!
you are really so good to us.

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  1. That sounds so lovely Brittany. And that photo is very, very cute.

    Hope you're keeping well. You must just be so excited.


charmed, i'm sure!

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