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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

livin with my peeps

1. last weekend, little brother and his ladylove gave minnie stinkypants her bath for me while i shopped with my mom, which was most definitely the very best scenario ever. thanks, babes. she was the stinkiest, and i currently have quite the belly situation to work around. and how great is that jamaican fur look she gets while she's drying? i love it.

2. my husband makes some darn good guacamole. darn good, i tell you. i will keep him, i think.

3. meeoooowww. [said in sophie's most dramatic meow voice, of course.]

4. baby now has a closet full of freshly washed princess clothes all ready to be worn by the princess herself... except really, they look like little doll clothes and i just can't even imagine them on a tiny human. i mean, i can. but i can't.

5. i was looking for a show to watch on my ipad while i made banana bread last night... and i hadn't planned on watching it, but 1 loaf of bread and 3 episodes later, i think i officially love the show smash. pretty good so far!


  1. bahahah Minnie's crimped wet hair!!! Aspen's does that too!!! Love it!

  2. oh my gosh! minnie's crimpies are too cute! we can't bath our pom because he goes into attack mode so we have to take him to the groomer every two weeks...gets expensive but at least i have all my fingers, ha!

  3. I recognize those little ballerina feeties! Can't wait to see them stuffed with smooshy sweet baby feet!

  4. you've inspired me to make nanner bread, myself, with those darn old bananas sitting on my counter! oh, joy of cooking, you beautiful beautiful thing.

  5. baby clothes are just adorable! I love shopping for my friends babies. Just think soon you will have a baby to put in those clothes!

  6. banana bread is a favorite of mine. my mom's recipe led the way into Josh's heart, I swear.

  7. omg. minnie's dreads crack me UP.


charmed, i'm sure!

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