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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

babes & wine

as of yesterday, we have a two week old little angel of a babe! for two whole weeks now we've been staring at this tiny, perfect face and smelling her sweet baby smells and doing more snuggling than sleeping. and the funny thing is, i had previously picked out yesterday, august the 13th, as the day that i thought maddalena would be born. ha! i was so wrong on that one. and i'm glad i was!

so, a week ago, to celebrate m's official due date slash one week birthday, steven and i popped open a bottle of a tasty cabernet that i'd ordered that just so happened to be called maddalena! yes! i'd been pretty excited to have made this discovery while perusing the internets one day and thought it would be the perfect way to celebrate her... since you know we love our red vino around here. [we also brought back two bottles of wine from italy to celebrate with once she was born, which we did during our first few days home all together. so, really, there's no shortage of celebrations around here.] they're apparently not even producing the maddalena wine anymore and i could only find one or two places to get it from, but i'm so glad i did! we'll have to save one of the bottles for her 21st birthday.

anyway. we had a little family date that evening with our week-old newborn, our fluffies, and a delicious baked ziti feast brought to us by some wonderful friends. this whole having a baby thing... it's the way to go, i'm tellin' ya.

and ps. it feels so good to drink a whole glass of wine again! like... SO good.
although, at this point, it's slightly difficult to stay awake afterward.


  1. that has got to be one of the coolest things! the one food items I've found with my name are this snack sticks they sell in Japan and there's a chocolate company in Seattle named Fran

  2. So sweet...and the crown logo?! How perfect for a lil princess!

  3. Ahah I can only imagine how you felt about this glass of wine ;)

  4. what a sweet way to toast your new babe!

  5. Love this, and I agree with -C-! I can only imagine the feeling! Your images always look so dreamy too.

  6. I love that you'll be saving a bottle for her 21st birthday! Swoon.

  7. What a beautiful girl! I love her name & the story behind it.
    That wine will be DELISH in 21 years.

  8. are you breastfeeding?


charmed, i'm sure!

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