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Thursday, August 23, 2012

things i'm majorly appreciating right now

every day with my littlest lady

the beautiful sunshine

a hot shower

my mom and all her wisdom

the boy that fixed me waffles last night at 9:30 as maddalena nursed

the fact that i don't require that much sleep to semi-function

the sweet little faces that m makes as she's falling asleep

how encouraging steven is

catching up on tv shows together

online shopping

sweet friends

my fluffy cuddlers and their best behaviors

coconut oil every morning in my oatmeal, yum

people who just "get it"

a big God with a big plan for a tiny girl [& her two crazies]


  1. :) I just love reading your posts as of late. They are so sweet.

    I enjoyed them before but now they just seem extra special.

  2. so sweet brittany. i remember wondering how it was possible to function on such little sleep but it somehow works out.

  3. This is so sweet! :)


  4. You two gals make the sweetest match.And I'm definitely gonna have to try the coconut oil in oatmeal...yums!

  5. what a sweet set of photos of you and your darling girl! so precious.

    and online shopping is my refuge. so dangerous, but so so good.

  6. amen, it's awesome that even when she's that tiny, he knows it all. he's planned out all the good for her to walk in.

  7. stop it, i love all your sweet little musings. i'm the luckiest little sister/sister-in-law/aunt in the world to have you guys.

  8. this was so touching! waffles and baby hands and coconut oil oatmeal (i'll have to try that, mmmm). this is such a blessed little life you lead.

  9. Loving your appreciation for the little and big things in life! I also love seeing the photos of little Maddalena!

  10. Those are such precious pictures!

  11. bet you never appreciated a hot shower so much

  12. You're so positive and so grateful! It inspires me! Want to see you 5 soon! love you brides!

  13. Wow, these photos are amazing... to cherish forever!!!

  14. I loved this list! I still hope you get enough time to rest. I love catching up on TV shows with my man...


charmed, i'm sure!

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