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Monday, November 19, 2012

a saturday with a baby

my four loves on a pretty saturday morning.
m in her fabulous new walker contraption.
a baby who is very choosy about her naps.
 [on this day she consented to a carseat doze, while i 
fishtail braided my hair in the car & steven did some errands.]
a big ole yummy sandwhich for lunch.
topped with a cookie. don't mind if i do!

we had a quiet weekend, and i have to say i needed it.
by the way, did we all know that thanksgiving was this week?
because i literally did. not. know. until steven told me yesterday.
i thought we still had like two weeks until thanksgiving!

so, between me not knowing when the holidays were,
and the fact that i, brittany p. scioscia bishop,
got in bed before 10:30 two nights in a row... [what?!]
let's just say... this girl's been tired.

and you better believe i'm blaming daylight savings time.
[okay and some other things, but mostly daylight savings.]

so. i'm really glad it's a brand new week.
 and apparently a holiday week!
oh happy day.


  1. i had a w/e like that last weekend and it was soooo nice.

  2. looks like a wonderful weekend :) and thanksgiving kinda snuck up on me too this year! xox

  3. I had no idea it was Thanksgiving until last week! This year has been flying by way too fast!!


charmed, i'm sure!

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