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Monday, January 28, 2013

obsessed: current favs to get through the cold with!

because it's that time of year to do cozy indoor things [like online shopping?] while we wait for warmer weather to one day arrive...

1. comfy legwarmers - you get leg warmth plus the look and feel of being a dancer without the actual talent! yay! right up my alley. i've kind of always had a thing for legwarmers. i got a light pink pair from a dance shop when i was 15 and wore them in secret because they weren't cool then. but i thought they were. and i was right. plus, i took dance class [haha], so it was almost legit. [i also had a thing for boys in shin guards and soccer socks. guess who played high school soccer?]

2. la mer for target wrap watch - why are target collaborations so awesome and fun? i am obsessed with my la mer + target love child.

3. goody double wear elastics - move over, emi-jay, because i love these! just kidding because i still love emi-jay and all emi-jay knockoffs [including my own homemade versions], but i really think these are cute, and i always have a hair thing on my wrist.

4. l'occitane rose hand cream - i'm just in love with all things rosey, and it's especially wonderful when it helps relieve those wintery chapped hands, worsened by obsessive hand washing.

5. agent18 iphone 5 cover - i've kind of been surprised to find that there are still surprisingly few really awesome iphone 5 covers out! i seriously scoured the internet to find one i love, and found my fav among the covers put out by agent18.

6. sharpie paint pens - how. did i not know about these until recently? excuse me while i metallify everything i own. [i have now also learned that there are water based ones, which are better for paper products, and oil based ones, which are better for, i don't know, other things.]

7. himalayan trading post powder box soy candle - i think this is so beautiful and it smells just as pretty! i haven't even had to light mine, it just smells amazing. love a good candle.

keep it cozy, friends.
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  1. Love those hair ties! So cute! I've been wanting to get some Sharpie metallic pens as well...I saw a DIY using them on your nails and I'm dying to try it out!

  2. umm i have that watch AND work for the company that produces goody :) sooo happy you love them!

  3. leg warmers a BIG must! but i'm so over the cold...

  4. L'occitane hand cream has been a frequent night cap for me this winter. I have the vanilla though. I must try the rose!

  5. Agent18 makes the best cases! Loved reading your favorites!

  6. Legwarmers! it's not cold enough anymore for me, but I'll certainly make some for next winter!!


charmed, i'm sure!

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