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Monday, February 18, 2013

a late happy 26th birthday to my first love!

so, this handsome guy... he turned 26 years old on sunday! where, oh where, oh where does the time go? how am i no longer an 11 year old girl spending all my time at the barn with my first love, my casey? this boy right here, he defines so much of my life, and having him around for the last 16 years has made me who i am now. it's really too bad we can't just be 11 years old forever. life changes so quickly, and i hate that i don't really get to see him as much as i want to. i know he misses me these days. i miss him, too... but gosh, i am so thankful for every single one of his years! i'd always hoped that he would still be alive and well when i had babies, and now it pretty much makes my heart explode to see maddalena's little hand reach out to him. i love him, i love him so so much. happy birthday, casey boy! can't wait til it warms up so we can play!


  1. Happy 26th birthday to your beautiful horse!

  2. Happy Birthday to your horsey-fluff! I've always loved horses. I envy you having one! So sweet!


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