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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

and then it snowed again!

after waking up to snow on friday morning, i was delighted to wake up again to snow on saturday when steven was home! yaaaay. and the roads were icy, so he haaad to wait until things defrosted to go to the gym which meant he haaad to play with us in the snow for like 5 minutes before snow got boring! you know what, i loved it. and you gotta love a good bleary-eyed morning snow family self-photo op, right. but anyway, considering it's nearly 60 degrees today, this may be the only snow we get this year... and i am pretty okay with that.

there we are. snow 2013.
and now on to spring. pretty please.


  1. How fun! I wish we could get a little bit of snow here every now and then :)

  2. Love the snow! Beautiful pics :) Your daughter is a muffin!

  3. So cute- She is just adorable! Your weather is like ours in Boston these days... 20 degrees one day, snowing the next, 50s the next. Crazy!

  4. That baby girl is just adorable! So sweet. Loved when my daughter saw snow for the first time. :)

  5. Your family is the cutest. I don't think I've ever commented on your blog before, but I do love reading your posts!

    Thanks for sharing your love.
    I second your comment "and now on to spring. pretty please."

    ...but I'm from Minnesota where the snowiest month is March :(

  6. M looks adorable in her snow gear! Love it and the furbaby prints in the snow.

  7. That soup looks delish! Love the fun snow pics!

  8. Those little paw prints in the snow are THE BEST.

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