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Sunday, February 3, 2013

it snowed! it snowed!

on thursday night, maddalena and i went to sleep after watching out the window at a whole lot of pretty snowflakes flying through the air [steven was in bed already, so i said to him, "it's snowing!" as he was falling asleep, but i think it was too late]. snow doesn't usually stick all that much around here, though, so i didn't expect to wake up to a pretty white wonderland friday morning! i was starting to think we were gonna have another one of those no-snow years, so i was kind of excited to bundle up the baby bunny and go outside for a little. but... when it comes to snow... nobody, and i mean nobody, gets more excited than minnie does. i think maddalena's favorite part of the snow was watching minnie act like a crazeball as she ran around in it, jumping around and digging random snow holes. the downside of this snow day, though, was that it was not enough snow for steven to have to stay home from work and the neighbors to have to play all day with us... like we had one really fun day a few years ago. but, lucky us, we woke up to snow again saturday morning when steven was home! yaaaay!


  1. I was wondering if your little girl got to play in some snow! You better believe I was out there at 1am dancing around!

  2. how cute! i can't wait until wesley can understand these little things :)

  3. oh my goodness your little baby girl looks precious playing in the snow!! how fun! jealous for snow. it's freeeeeezing here and i hate it. but if it's gonna be freezing i say at least offer up come snow right?


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