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Thursday, February 28, 2013

momfessions II

february has kind of worn me out just a little bit, you know? and i'm pretty sure it's only because of the weather. it's like winter wants to give it one last good push of cold misery before spring comes rollin' on in. come on, spring! come save us!

i've noticed lately, that i sometimes, and kind of frequently, have to feel my toothbrush to make sure i brushed my teeth, because i will honestly just not have a clue. haha.

when maddalena was born, i started watching all the seasons of the show frasier from the very beginning whenever i was nursing or holding a sleeping baby or some such thing. [i grew up with my parents watching that show and i think it's hilarious and weirdly comforting.] i have now been through all 11 seasons. and i have started over again. and i have already watched the first season. and most of the second. again. and if i ever meet another young female who loves that show like i do, she will immediately be my new best friend.

on the other hand, i have now tried twice to watch downton abbey, and i can't seem to do it! really, i tried, because i don't like to miss out when everyone's raving about something, but i think i just don't have the focus to listen and pay attention to their quiet little british voices. but oh well. maybe one day.

and you know what else? about a month or so ago, i made a batch of my eggless sugar cookie dough, and between the cooked cookies and the uncooked dough, well, i ate all of it... all by myself. and i learned this lesson: never, ever make a delicious bowl of cookie dough if you're breastfeeding. i probably won't stick to that rule, but seriously, with this kind of appetite, i have room for every cookie ever made! and i just can't even deal with that.

i look at m when she sleeps sometimes and i just want to freeze time so she can be that happy and peaceful forever. seriously. she is so absolutely perfect, and growing up can be so hard! can somebody please help me with this? science? gosh, it's so beautiful and so bittersweet.

i've become quite certain of something since becoming a mother... i. love. a routine. i really do. i hate a schedule, that's totally different, i mean i haaaate schedules. but i love the quirky patterns of having a good little routine going. morning routines. evening routines. coffee. wine. snuggles. love it.

last week, i was walking into kroger, wearing maddalena as i always do and grabbing a cart on my way through the automatic doors, when i hear some lady shout out, "IS THAT CHARLIE BROWN YA GOT THERE?" and i'm thinking, surely that's not being shouted in my direction because what does that mean? but i turn around and sure enough, there's a kooky grocery store worker staring at me from across a whole room of shopping carts, so i just... stare back at her... and she repeats her question, "IS THAT CHARLIE BROWN YA GOT THERE?"  and i'm like, i don't know? is it? do i have charlie brown? i just want to go in the grocery store and get my dang groceries with or without charlie brown. then this lady takes herself a better look, i guess, and says, noticing maddalena's knit light pink cap, "OH, IT'S A HAT. I THOUGHT IT WAS A BIG. FAT. HEAD. YOU KNOW, LIKE CHARLIE BROWN. YOU KNOW CHARLIE BROWN?" so i do a haha-yeeah-awkwardgiggle! kinda thing and walk on in. i mean, people are weird. am i missing something? because first of all, i had no idea that charlie brown was another term for big fat head. and second of all, what if  my baby did have a big fat head and you were making fun of it from across the grocery store entrance? i mean, i just don't even know sometimes. but it was entertaining, so there's that.

also, m woke up with her first little cold on monday morning, and i am proud to say we kicked that sucker in the be-hind! immune system of gold! yaaaay mom-five!

i like my job.

and these... are my momfessions.

[momfessions I]


  1. I love Frasier! I started watching late night reruns in college while working on projects and that turned into watching all 11 seasons on netflix. It is hilarious!

    I just starting following your blog, which found thanks to pinterest. love it all.

  2. haha your Frasier is my Friends! I have lost count of how many times I've watched all 10 seasons of it.

    And high-five for getting over colds! Hope she's all better now :)

  3. i love frasier too! my parents used to watch it to.. i haven't seen it in a few years though.

    and, i am sitting here at work laughing out loud at "i don't know is it? do i have charlie brown here?" i had to pretend i was laughing at a typo lest my coworkers think i'm crazy (or reading blogs!)... too funny, that woman sounds crazy!

  4. Oh my goodness, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Frasier! I have all the seasons on DVD at home as well. I am also a fan of Downton Abbey, though ;)

    Loved your momefessions and the Charlie Brown story is just too weird!

  5. Frasier, Friends and Seinfeld. I can't get enough. My husband and I own the complete seasons of all of them.

    I love these momfessions. If you come across that freeze-my-baby-in-time technology, help a sister out ;)

  6. February is wearing me down. But then again so did January. I've watched every episode of Friends a million times and books I love (the Outlander series, Time Traveler's Wife) I've read repeatedly, so I understand the comforting familiar!

  7. I swear I'm hungrier breastfeeding than I was preggers!

  8. Hahaha!! That Charlie brown conversation is funny! Love the photos of u and ur adorable baby :))

  9. You sure seem to meet some peculiar people at Kroger!!!!

  10. OKAY, I love frasier. Honestly. I am obsessed. Ever since age 12 and my first trip to visit Seattle. And I'm going again this summer!!!! Wich episode is your fave?!? It's such a hard question to ask. I love season 2 the best I think...the peak year with the genius writing and acting behind the hidden love Niles has for daphne. SOO so good.

  11. freezing time would be perfect i think. and the story about that lady is hilarious, people are so weird sometimes!!!
    i'm all about wesley and i's routine too...i love it. i ahd such a busy weekend but i am so happy for monday and for us to do our thing again!

  12. i am so happy about all the frasier love in these comments!!! taylor, season 2 is my fav also!


charmed, i'm sure!

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