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Monday, March 4, 2013

obsessed: the first 6 months of baby!

six months we have made it through around here!! i can't even believe it. [we're actually really to 7 months now, but whatev.] the first 6 months go quickly. i mean, so quickly. there is so much growing, constant change taking place... and with that in mind, i did notttt want to be one of those people with tons of STUFF. just stuff that your baby may or may not use one or two times, you know? because as much as i can be a sucker for a neato product [and good advertising, ahh!] i love getting rid of stuff almost more than i love having stuff, hence the ever-growing goodwill pile in my closet, because i just can not function in a world of clutter. so, this is my list of things that i would most definitely not want to live without in the first 6 months of a baby's life. if i had to run away to an island, taking only the most essential items, first of all, i would love that. can i do that? second of all, these are the items i would take! [and i know this is only potentially helpful for a very small amount of people, but when i was pregnant i pretty much searched for every baby list this internet of bloggers had to offer... so, here are my two cents!]

1. moby wrap - i have loved this thing! and wonderfully enough, so has my baby. i feel like baby wearing has been such a blessing for us for so many reasons, and i have wrapped that girl like crazy in her first 6 months of life. with the moby, it does take some technique to get the wrapping thing down, but just a little practice and it was totally worth it, for the convenience and for the experience of baby wearing. this was especially wonderful when she was tiny. i felt like it was the most natural thing in the world, to wear her all wrapped up on me, and she would be all curled up in a state of back-in-the-womb type happiness and fall sweetly asleep. honestly, there just wasn't a "baby carrier" that i felt would be as comfy or intimate for her as a tiny thing and wrapping has been perfect for us. at 6 months, we are still using the wrap, but we've also just gotten the ergo carrier to move into! woohoo! so far we like that a lot, too.

2. diaper pail - i mean, i am just glad to have this thing. it puts all the dirty diaps in a neat little bundle and has baking soda in the top to keep things not so stinky.

3. diaper wipe warmer - i used to think that this wasn't a  baby "essential," but changed my mind just before our princess lady was born and i am so glad i did! we do not like cold bottoms over here. and those wet little wipies can get so cold for a tushy that was just all warm in a diaper! particularly in the winter time.

4. aden + anais muslin blankets - best things ever. for all seasons. for everything, basically. i can't wait to have a boy so we can get more in boy patterns.

5. bumbo - we were fortunate enough to get a hand me down bumbo from a neighbor, and basically, from the second our baby started wanting to sit up, even though she couldn't yet, we have bumbo-ed our lives away. i know a lot of people don't like it because their babies' legs get stuck in the leg holes. m has been pretty slender, but her legs do have to kind of squeeze in the leg holes as she's gotten bigger, and i also think that's kind of the point. the seat is foamy and you can squeeze them into the leg holes and they don't easily just come right back out... i mean, i don't know, but otherwise she'd have popped right out a long time ago with all the wiggling she does! but if your baby really doesn't fit, there are similar seats with bigger leg holes. i just think any seat like this is super duper to have around.

6. babylegs leg warmers - i am the hugest sucker for leg warmers on grownups and babies alike, and we've used the ribbed babylegs leg warmers the most, probably.

7. hyland's teething tablets & camilia teething homeopathy - hallelujah for these things! and why does teething have to be so hard for some babies? i know your pediatrician will tell you there's no such thing as teething, but don't listen to them. listen to every mom who has ever had a teething baby in the last 9 jillion years. anyway, i swear by the hyland's teething tablets, and use the camilia liquid homeopathy here and there. i think the hyland's is the best and you get way more for your money, but the camilia has slightly different ingredients, so i just like to change it up a little.

8. unrefined coconut oil - it's ridiculous how many times i've now put coconut oil on a list of essential things. but that's because it's pretty much just awesome. i've used it to get rid of cradle cap, and in the diaper when it seemed like there might be even a hint of irritation, although we've still never had diaper rash, woohoo! and i basically just slather it on anything. it's a cure-all.

9. graco 2-in-1 portable swing - i didn't start out wanting to do the swing thing, because, i don't know, i didn't want a big swing taking up space i wasn't sure my baby would even like a swing. also, the internet makes you think you have to have the most expensive version of every darn thing out there... so i thought it was all or nothing. but then, we ended up with this little graco swing that doesn't take up much space and i'm so glad we did. we've been off and on with our love for the swing, but we've had more than enough swing-love phases to have made having this one worth it. we also have the snugabunny bouncer, which was handy a few times for a few minutes and is now in the attic, but m's been a don't-you-dare-put-me-down-mom baby from the start!

and now, on to the next 6 months!
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  1. So funny - you sound just like me! I love getting stuff, and love getting rid of stuff! We have most of the same hinges in our list ... But the hylands tablets! I saw them but wasn't sure. How often/when do you use?

  2. ashley, they are so great!! they dissolve really quickly and i give them to her whenever she seems like her little gummies are bugging her! i give them two at a time, but they are homeopathic so they aren't going to be harmful :)

  3. Bookmarking this for future reference!!!

  4. Pinning this onto my secret baby board. Shhh don't tell.

  5. i so agree 100% on the wrap...best thing i own for wesley :) we just got a bumbo seat today and he seems to like it! i like having him in it!

  6. Love all of your obsessions lists. Bookmarking this (:

  7. i am glad to read about coconut oil and no diaper rash i am planning on making my own wipes (thank you pinterest) and they have coconut oil in it, i so needed to read this post i gotta get all the must haves


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