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Friday, May 10, 2013

home sweet vero!

ahhh, i swear i came home tuesday evening a completely new woman after some fabulous getaway time at our family beach place with some of the planet's best people [my family members, of course]. steven and maddalena and i flew down to meet my parents there, spent some time sunning, then steven flew home with my dad after a long weekend, then m and mom and i came home a week later! pretty good deal, right! except leaving after any amount of time is just really hard for me. it's my special sacred holy sanity place... i have, after all, been waking up in the same bedroom there for longer than any other home i've had. but, fortunately, i have much life happiness in nash to return home to and that is just the truth ;)

[little fishy maddalena!]

[hey! a blimp in the sky! // and a sweet daddy+daughter moment]

[oh, just a self-pic attempt there  // and a girl eatin' mum-mums]

[yo ho ho and we found a pirate's bottle of rum! if it's rum, it was definitely a pirate, right?] 

[i spy some baby curls on the back of that cute little head!!]

[our favorite little italian joint down the street]
[the walkway to the beach was named "page way" in honor of my grandfather 
after his death. the sign always gets me all emosh!]

every single time i walk out onto that beach, i look at the sea and i just get to thinking about life. just life, you know? because there's nothing like the huge, crashing waves of the atlantic ocean to remind you of how tiny you are and how big God is. i could spend hours standing there at the very edge of the continent thinking about all the millions of individual microcosms in front of me that i can't see but i know they're there... under the sea and on boats and straight out to other continents... and how i wish i could just keep on walking right out into the water to see where i end up. oh, this world! i love it. but specifically, i really love the little dot on the map that we call vero. also, i love the nashville dot. and yep. those are my dots.


  1. I'm from that area! So glad you had a wonderful vacation. Have a great weekend, Brittany!

  2. Somebody's getting some hair! And what are these mum-mums!?

  3. What a beautiful vacation!
    That empty bottle of rum MUST be from a pirate! I'm imagining a pirate somewhere saying, "but why is all the rum gone?" Heehee (like Jack Sparrow)
    I totally know what you mean about the site of the ocean making you think about life and really finding a refreshed perspective on life.


  4. I must say, you have some good dots, missy! :) And dang girl, you got some biceps also!! Your arms look amazing! Every picture of Maddalena is just the best, but especially the one of her in those sunglasses with her arm up, looking all cool. I have a photo of myself almost identical to that one (but a couple years older) and we always called it "too baby" (meaning "cool baby") cus that's what I would say when I wore sunglasses :)


  5. oh my goodness! I've gone to the same place ever since I was a baby. well, not the same building, we're right across from the pizzeria (remember when it was tobys?!). I got so excited when I recognized all of your photos. :) I brought my little guy (3 months) for the first time a week before you went and it was so very special. I love that is is someone else's paradise too.

  6. These are lovely pictures, so filled with sweetness and summer! Can't wait to get by a pool/sea side.

    Esther x

  7. I'm loving this post so much! She's so adorable! X

  8. beautiful pics -- looks so peaceful

  9. your body is literally bangin!! please tell me your secrets?! are you a runner? a clean eater? i want your body asap!

  10. your body is literally bangin!! please tell me your secrets?! are you a runner? a clean eater? i want your body asap!

  11. such an adorable family! I love M's bathing suit and your hat! Hope you enjoyed your first mother's day!

  12. oh my goodness your family is just beautiful! all of these pictures are fabulous and it is obvious you had a great time :) i love the ones of steven holding M up in the air. just precious!

  13. I want your bikini!!! And your little one looks PERFECT in the water! :)

  14. Beautiful photos! Looks like all of you had fun :))

  15. Beautiful photos! What a lovely place to vacation! What state is this in (if you don't mind me asking)? I'm glad you all had a wonderful vacation.

    I just wanted to say, your blog is one of my favorites. I enjoy reading it.

  16. Oh my just glanced at this old post. I love your hat!


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