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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

obsessed: summertime 2013!

just a handful of things i don't seem to be living without this summer!

1. old navy zip-top bag - i got this in bright pink to travel with [which i don't think they have anymore, frowny face, but i looove the black one and they have a super cute anchor pattern one right now!!], and it has been awesome. now that maddalena is a little older, it's temporarily replaced my big ole leather diaper bag, which is perfect for the summertime! i seriously might get the black one, too, before they're all gone, because i think it's snazzy. between this thing and their v-neck tees, i am a walking old navy commercial. a terrible commercial, but better than the ones they actually air!

2. bach rescue gum - this gum! it's bach rescue remedy in gum form, basically, and it is amazing. especially for travel stress. flying. perfect.

3. case-mate xtreme olo case - i swore i was not going to have a super crazy ultra-protective case on my phone, like, ever... but before we went down to our beach condo earlier this year, i remembered the time i was down there, dropped my phone, and shattered the whole screen on day one of my vacay. so, that clumsiness combined with a baby that loves to throw my phone led me to this case, which i love! i've had the otterbox, too, which did the job, but this one is slimmer and cuter. and it has saved my phone's life about 100 times now.

4. madewell southwestern ring - i have this ring and i think it is the cutest and most summertimiest of all! honestly, i haven't taken it off, either, so the gold coating has turned to silver which is now turning to brass, but i don't even care. it still looks cute.

5. target mossimo falk sandal - i think these are some of the coolest sandals target has ever put out! i swear, their sandals just get better every year, don't they?

6. thayer's rose petal witch hazel - my mom discovered this, and we love using it as a toner! as it turns out, regular witch hazel from the store tends to have alcohol in it, which irritates my skin. this doesn't. yaaay!

7. the wet brush - if you have lots of crazy hair, this thing will be your jam. i seriously hate brushing my hair after i get out of the shower, because it gets all tangly... especially once i get wind-blown pool hair goin'... and for whatever reason, this sucker helps a lot! i think it's because the bristles are extra wiggly or something. or magic. i don't question these things.

well, ttfn! ta-ta for now!
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  1. oooh that phone case looks so cute. Do you have it in that color too? I love that old navy zip top bag. I'd like that in bright pink and maybe yellow too.

  2. YES I love when you do these lists! So helpful, and I love to see what you like. I may need to order that case. I am going bare right now with my iphone 5... I should probably work on that :)

  3. I love the rescue remedy gum! It helped tremendously when I flew to FL a few months ago. And I'll definitely have to try the wet brush! Thanks for sharing. :) Happy 4th of July!

  4. Thank you, thank you for the phone cover recommendation! I too promised myself I would never get the big bulky protective covers, but I think they're probably the smartest thing to do.And I love that you said this one is slimmer, and PINK! Also gonna have to try that lotion out!


charmed, i'm sure!

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