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Friday, January 18, 2013

happy birthday to our minnie fluff!

our baby minnie is 5 years old today!
[and yes, we've pretty much been spending all our mornings on the bed lately.]

to my minners,

i am so thankful your fluffy birth mom had you on that january day in 2008! because, really, i can't even imagine doing the last 5 years without you. thank you for getting me through the end of college, through wedding planning, through goods and bads with the boy human, through about a zillion viewings of the notebook, and everything else that has come our way since that evening i brought your fluffy, 6 week old tush home with me. thank you for all the fluffy snuggles you give, for always attempting to lick my tears away whenever i am sad, for raising up a darn good cat, for loving the sunshine and pool as much as i do, and for being so patient with our newest human bundle of joy. you are my fluffy soulmate and we all love you so much! 

happy 5th birthday, minnie!!

Friday, November 30, 2012

happy four months, maddalena girl!

dear maddalena,

you are 4 months old today! but actually your sweet soul has been with me for a whole year now. isn't that neat? i think it is.

anyway! they say you have a baby and then it all just goes so fast, but i didn't quite understand that before you. i assumed they just meant in the same way that high school flies by, and college flies by, and suddenly you're 26 [whaaat?]. i mean, that's all true. time flies. but baby stuff literally just goes so fast. it doesn't seem long ago that you were the tiniest newborn bundle, but in one month you were smiling at me, in two months making all kinds of new noises, in three months you were laughing, and here you are at four months, squealing with happiness, petting the cat, and trying your hardest to sit up all on your own. you're sweet and joyful, strong-willed and snuggly, ticklish and energetic, with a sense of humor. you like animals and being outdoors. you're not a huge fan of the nap, but prefer to be in your comfort zone when you're tired. i get that, girlfriend. i'm the same way.

they also say that motherhood is the hardest but most rewarding job, and i guess i didn't so much understand that one before, either. i kinda thought that was because moms got all sad about their sweatpants and ragged-looking toenails and lack of overpriced martinis in their evenings, but they were proud that their kids were doing alright. haha. i realize now that you can keep up with your toenails if you want to [my sweats are victoria's secret, thank you very much, and i think we all know i prefer wine], but for me, a lot of the hard part seems to be that my heart is now constantly in a million tiny pieces, which is a lot of the rewarding part, too. when you are happy, the whole world is so good, and when you cry, i want to cry. like, when you make that really really sad face, and your little bottom lip sticks out, i mean, there could be a giant meteor hurling toward earth and i would still be most concerned with fixing your sad face. i dread the day you get injured, become angry with me, feel disappointment, have your heart broken, or cry because someone hurt your feelings. ugh. gosh. cue tears and taylor swift song about never growing up.

i love the moments when you fall asleep cuddled on me so peacefully, with your teensy little hand clutching my shirt, and your face looking exactly like an angel. you trust me with your whole life, and that is such an honor! i hope our relationship is always like it is now: close and connected, "chatting" about life, marveling over how handsome daddy is, laughing at our funny fluffies and you know, all the hilarious stuff mommy does. wink. we dance and make up songs and shop a little bit and i'm pretty happy with those activities... oh, but you know i'll be extra thrilled when we can add horseback riding to the list!

all this to say, you are the very best thing. don't grow up too fast. your daddy and i, we think you're perfect. and beautiful. and we love you the most possible amount ever ever.

happy four months to my babiest girl!

your mom

ps. i kind of scared myself with that whole meteor reference. i hope that never happens. it won't. don't worry.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens, & some dear babies

[photos from a rainy but happy day last week]

dear baby,
you will be starting your life as a regular air-breather in just 11-ish weeks!! oh. my. gosh. hurry but don't hurry, know what i mean?

dear baby,
it appears that the cat has already dedicated herself to being your loyal life servant. you may have noticed the purr sound that frequently consumes your belly dwelling along with the slight reduction in your free space. anyway, she's not actually that helpful, but i think you'll appreciate it a whole lot. she, however, will probably regret this decision.

dear baby,
i do hope you like roses!

dear baby,
i've been reading all this stuff trying to figure out what position you're in. i know for a fact that you don't have 8 legs, but it really feels like you do sometimes. and you love to wedge little feet under my ribs. and i'm also pretty sure now that you like to be sideways... but you can't come out that way, so just, you know, keep that in mind.

dear baby,
minnie has told me to pass along this message: "IT''S ON." minnie! what does that mean? that's not even nice!

dear baby,
you're going to be here just in time for pretty much all of the best things ever. like summer AND holidays! and oh m g, i just pictured all your outfits. stop.

dear baby,
is it too soon to plan your 1st birthday party? kick once for no and twice for yes.

dear baby,
your dad is the best. and somehow i think you already know that.

dear baby,
we love you! and i think you know that, too.

*oh, and ps! thank you to tres chic mama for featuring our little 27 week maxi dress look! how sweet! yay!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

a few little letters

dear clouds, please take good care of my head since that's where it now resides.

dear baby doctor's office, remember that day you assured me i could drink my daily cup of coffee if i needed it? i sure do. that day was magical!

dear favorite free people jeans, i was so worried about how much longer we could be together... until i found you in one size up for $30! hooray! [i was afraid this plan wouldn't work, but they're stretchy denim so they still fit in the legs. genius, right?! thanks, thanks.]

dear karma, you little b-word! i knew when i said things like "glad i don't have spring allergies!" too many times that you'd try to come and get me. nooo thank you, ma'am.

dear hunger games movie, you were pretty much exactly what i pictured when i read the book. i'm so impressed. and i'm going to need the next two movies to happen immediately, please :)

dear baby girl, you sure are a busy one these days, aren't you! i love it so much. and your 1am dance parties are obviously my favorite. you might even steal the title of party queen around here if you keep that up! also, do you have a radio in there? i'm pretty sure i heard some wiz khalifa.

dear time, you are flying.

dear husband, thank you for laughing with me so much lately. i love you.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

just a few little shout outs...

hey, college true relig jeans! i think i like you even more now that you're old and full of memories.

hey, organic honeynut cheerios! i love to binge on you late at night. you, too, raisin bran.

hey, tjmaxx! thanks for letting me buy absurdly overpriced yet lusciously soft designer knits for a reasonable price. that's one of my favorite games to play. and that is exactly why you are my guilty but not guilty pleasure.

hey, ups delivery peeps! thanks for agreeing to try and deliver our package one more time even though you tried 3 times already. ugh. i did not want to drive all the way out to your pickup center place.

hey, holga camera! i miss you soooo much. i really need to get some color film for you since black & white no longer has a place to develop here in nash, which is too bad since i still have some left. but let's reunite, yes?

hey, football games! are you really over now? pleeease say yes. we are never gonna be friends, okay.

hey, $17 heating pad we picked up on a night run to walgreens! thanks for adding the "heated seat" feature to our couch and relaxing our achy backs. best $17 we've spent in a long time. i mean, i can't stop sitting on you.

hey, guy with the not-so-classy car next door [that's me being really nice], why do you come home every night at like, 2am? and someday, when we want to sell our house, can you maybe... hide your car? thanks.

hey, pink anthro candle! i came so close to bringing you home with me the other day. i wish i had, although your price is not quite as ideal as heating pad's. still, i want you.

hey, haircut! when you grow out like, an inch... i think i'm going to like you a whole lot more.

hey, valentine's day! see you very soooooon ;) ;)

hey, husband! i love you. just had to throw that in there.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

dear santa,

we have all been so good this year in our house. i mean, really really good. especially me, brittany. so, if it's not too much trouble, we would maybe like the following to squeeze down our chimney for christmas [we don't actually have a chimney]:

for b:
  • a unicorn. preferably white. with sparkles?
  • year-round christmas music on the radio
  • the perfect 0-calorie pizza
  • a girls night with tina fey
  • some smooches under the 'toe. the mistletoe.
  • for all homeless fluffies to find happy homes

for steven:

  • a wardrobe of stain-resistant clothing items
  • the ability to beam places
  • lots of boots because he looks sooo good in them
  • a personal chef
  • an undeniable urge to take his wife shopping
  • brown paper packages tied up with strings

for the fluffies:

  • catnip and cardboard boxes for sophie
  • toys and maybe an iphone for minnie, i think she'd like that
  • a lifetime supply of treats
  • the end of all fleas, for good

give mrs. claus our regards! we love you, santa.

love, us.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

dear genie in a bottle, i'd like to make a few wishes...

[just some unrelated horse nuzzling i did this time last year. captured by babysis, christina.]

i wish i could find my red vintagey jcrew gym shorts, my one missing favorite summertimey earring from world market, and my little floral painted hammer with the teensy little screwdrivers that come out of the bottom that my mom gave me. i swear, i never lose things and it's driving me bananas!

i wish my little minnie fluff didn't get sooo itchy under all her furs. why so itchy, minmin? it is a coming and going mystery itch. no antihistamines will touch it. must be allergies.

i wish i could eat pizza every day for every meal and it would be really really good for me and i'd have the energy and body of a greek italian goddess superhero.

i wish we got paid to snuggle.

i wish we had english ivy growing up the outside of our housey. i don't really care how hard it is to ever get rid of... but i guess the next people who live here might.

i wish i could play the piano! it's on my list of life goals, for real. i think i could do it a little. i took guitar lessons when i was 15 and i totally could have done that but i quit because i wanted to get my nails done. so typical.

i wish we had spam filters for our actual house mailboxes. our mail is mostly junk these days. makes me sadsies to see such a waste of trees. [we really need a recycling bin. we don't have one. but we need one. ]

i wish we didn't have to sleep. i know that most people love their sleep, but i find that it just gets in the way of me living my life. like when edward cullen said that he never had to sleep and he could just read books and do other stuff [like play the piano] i was so jeal. so i propose a new idea: 2-4 hours of cuddling a night and then on with the show. sounds like a good compromise? edward is invited.

i wish for this cute little tote, precious free people bloomers, and purple hunter wellies.

and i wish tory burch was my aunt. and that she'd send me these boots as a fall gift. [pretending like "fall gift" is a normal thing.]

these are my wishes! amen.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

hello, visiting friend butterfly. i so envy your wings.

i was thinking maybe we could swap
places for a few hours if that's alright with you?

oh, to be a butterfly.

[except i don't think they live very long. downside. guess i'll stay human.]

also, friend butterfly, if you're still alive today, please do tell your
unicorn friends that i'm game for a playdate whenever they are.

thanks. -b

Monday, July 25, 2011

a-somethin for husband. [this is how i'd like to correspond from now on!]

[created with the vintagemail app for ipad, which i discovered in the wee hours of insomnia :) ]

Friday, June 24, 2011

two. beautiful. evenings.

dear wednesday evening,

thank you for clearing away the gray clouds and becoming so wonderfully beautiful so i could play with friends on boats while husband happily played with friends on the golf course. and for the sunset that reflected such incredible and vibrant colors off the water. and for the baby duckies that came over to visit. they must've known that i have an affinity for ducky love.

dear thursday evening,

thank you for the big, puffy clouds that frolicked around in the golden sunshine until the sun finally went to sleep. and for new farmhome barn friends, both humans and horses. for peaceful little visits with our big ole babies. and for the perfect evening temperatures and freshly cut grass that made us realize how badly we needed to do some cartwheels and handstands through it.

...sometimes i find myself surrounded by so much beauty i can't even take it all in.

so, dear friday, you've got your work cut out for you. hallelujah.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

dearest husband,

thanks for being such a wonderful prince husband charming.
and thanks for sharing things with me. like life. and milkshakes.

thanks for that fun milkshake date last weekend.



i mean... princess b

and ps. i'm really glad we got married when i was 21 and not in 5 years when i'm 29. i mean, i'm sure the duchess is totally okay with that arrangement now, given that she's finally become a duchess and all, but 5 years from now just seems like such a long way away. i'd really hate for you to make me wait so long. okay yes that is all thank you.

Friday, April 15, 2011

dearest spring,

you are really lovely most of the time.
can we just focus on the bright happy beautiful spring moments
and forget aaaall about the gloomy rain stormy weather parts?
okay super. we'd really like that. pretty spring is the best.

b + s + m + s

[ps. trying to pretend like it's not raining out right now but it so is.]

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

dear husband charming,

thank you
for letting me be a birthday princess for the whole past week,
and for 8 years of super great gifts that you didn't have to get me,
and for being patient when i dedicate my life to homework and then complain about it,
and for laughing with me at things that i want to laugh at,
and for letting me write on the mirror with lipstick when i feel like it,
and for not getting mad when i forget to set the coffee maker [though we now have our keurig to the rescue!],
and for not sending back the netflix movie i picked even though i still haven't watched it after 7 months,
and for trying to hold in your loud yells during the big football game last week,
and for never making me feel silly for not having any math section in my brain,
and for looking really handsome in sweaters,
and for giving me a little kiss in the mornings before you leave even though i'm too sleepy to move.

you are super cute and wonderful. if you don't mind, i think i'll keep you around a while.


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

dear steven & matt,

thank you for being such *nice* boys
and putting the christmas lights on the house sunday.
they make me so very happy!

fa la la la la.. la la.. la.. la