Monday, December 15, 2014

gingerbread house!

...maddalena's first gingerbread house creation! isn't she cozy? i especially adore madd's flawlessly adorned christmas tree there on the right! [of course, she may have had a little help with most of the house, and it may have taken all my willpower to let go of most of my control issues, ha!]

aaaand now, after cookie making, a variety of shared holiday treats making their way into our bellies, and a little someone eating icing straight from the tube [and loving it!], i think we're officially sugar-ed out for the year 2014! although i'm having a hard time convincing my newest little sugarholic that we should maybe go easy on the sweets... but hey, christmas isn't even here yet, sooo that sounds to me like a problem for 2015! ;)

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

holly jolly! [and chilly willy!]

so, hey! guess what? it's cooold! and the outdoors... man, are they dreary! so, i've been trying to keep it nice and cheery around our little housey here, you know, to keep spirits up and sparkly as we attempt to wrap up our christmas shoppings and get excited for ole santy claus to come! and though this chilly drear is not helping a darn thing [we are seriously susceptible to some seasonal affective disorder around here!! i mean, even the fluffies are feelin' it!], it's safe to say that jump-starting our days with a round of charlie brown christmas on vinyl and a good, heaping pour of chocolate milk in my coffee is juuuuust the medicine to combat my increasing vitamin D deficiency! ;) [okay, don't worry, you know i'm taking my vitamins, too.]

and miss maddalena, oooh, she is surely excited about the holidays! it's been extra fun doing christmas prep with her this year. she's making "lists" for santa, getting extra thrilled at every single bit of christmas-anything in every store we go in, and really absorbing the details of christmas for the first time. she's learned that christmas is jesus' birthday, that santa's last name is claus, and how to sing a little jingle bells... and it's just juuuust the best thing to be talking about both the important things and the fun things about christmas with her for the very first time! she's also developed quite a healthy affinity for snow globes, which i, of course, love.

so. anyway! what festivities are left on our list before christmas comes?! well... 

1. visit santa claus! maybe it'll go better this year? ha!
2. drive through all the lights at the horse park when we head up to lexington
3. make some fudge! 
4. watch polar express with maddalena and steven
5. finish christmas shopping and wrap some prezzies!

...the countdown is on! fa la la!

Monday, December 8, 2014

novemberings of 2014

...and so, the holly jolly begins!
as does the wearing of 9,000 layers on my body. ;)
soooo maybe november made me colder... and older...
but! my lights are all sparkly, 
my christmas mugs filled with winter-approved delight,
and my booboos are as snuggly and wonderful as ever.
now wheeeere are you, christmas?!

Friday, December 5, 2014

SLEEVES! and a coupon code!

hey heeeey!! so, not continue on too long about things that i wore over thanksgiving that were black that i super loved... but... yes! to do exactly that!! because that's what i do. and like i said, sleeves! i love sleeves. i feel like half of the clothes on my pinterest boards have poofy or flowy heaven sleeves, because that is what my dreams are made of.

so, a few months ago, i was the luckiest recipient of one such beautifully sleev-ed blouse, tailor-made to my very measurements, and customized to my likings, courtesy of a lovely and distant land called eShakti. it was such fortunate timing! because the husband over here had just had some custom business man shirts done for him via the office and i was all, "ahhh the luxury of business man life!" i had no idea that i could both affordably and luxuriously have my own clothes customized! until... ta-daa!!

so what i did here was this: i browsed their glorious selection of dresses and coats and blouses galore, and somewhere around midnight one night i found myself measuring my own arms and such. i made my choice, put in my measurements [although, customizations are just optional!], clicked a little option to have some embroidery removed from my selection, and voila! and considering these things are customized and shipped all the way from india, there wasn't too bad of a turnaround time at all. two-ish weeks! the quality is marvelous, and i could not be happier with my pretty sleevey shirty shirt. 

aaaaaaall this to say, i will totally be ordering with them again at some point! because it's all just toooo good not to. and! since i'm on a roll here with the coupon codes [tis the season to be shopping!!]... eShakti is offering 10% off of your order with the code LIFEOFCHARMINGS, valid from now until january 3, 2015! this code doesn't apply to overstock/sale items, but it can be combined with other offers, unless otherwise noted. also, they are currently offering a buy 2 get 2 free deal [what?!], and a $30 gift coupon for signing up! oh my. so, if you're still looking for something fabulous for new years, or just want to spoil yourself a little, check them out!!

[find them on twitter // facebook // instagram]

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

another birthanksgiving holiday for the books!

some of my very fav traditions continued on this year for another birthanksgiving holiday!

thanksgiving morning, we woke up at our house, watched the parade on tv [!!!], and headed to the farm. madd and i looked on while my sis made the deviled eggs. we did a little dancing to the timeless scioscia fav, tunes from a charlie brown christmas. [my mom found the cutest little record player ornament that plays one of the songs and has been quiiiite a hit with the littlest lady! she has some pretty fabulous moves, too, i might add!] my mother slaved over the most delicious smells. food was devoured!! and we snagged a few family portraits... goofy sister shot included, taken by the one and only photographer maddalena! of course! i was so obsessed with her little stocking feet, by the way, as she kicked her shoesies off and ran around in the little vintage sweater dress that was once my mommy's! so that explains all the documentation there. ;)

aaaand then! because i like to make sure there's reeeally enough pressure on my mom around the holidays, we pre-celebrated my birthday that evening, too... since my actual birthday was the next day... and everyone was forced to make more room in their tummies for a delicious homemade cheesecake. it wasn't too hard, though, because oh my goshhhh. yum!!! my mother, i tell you. she set the table with golden delight for my golden day [28 on the 28th!], and it was the very sweetest. gifties were opened, naturally, and afterward, we ended the evening with a campfire in the fire pit before heading home to get all snuggly.

our tradition these days gives us two days of thanksgiving, and it's nice that it works out that way! so, the next day, we headed over to the in-laws' for round two. which was also my birthday! i wore my new faaavorite dress, which is the only way to birthday, right?! and so... after all that... it's safe to say that my chosen celebratory event later that evening was ordering pizza at home and watching new girl episodes on the couch until i pretty much passed out!

i had stevo snap a few of the quickest quickies as i birthdayed that day in my loveliest morgan james dress to send to my girly, morgan, so i could tell her just. hooow. in looove. i am with this dress from the clothing line that she designed. hello, cool friend award, right!! and the quality is seriously incredible! anyway, today is the last day that you can still get 30% off of with the code THANKS30, so hurry and email links to your mom and grandma so they can get their orders through in time for christmas!! :)

i dooo hope everybody had the best and most turkeylicious thanksgiving ever!! now, dear santa, bring on the jingle bells!

[ummm, okay, and ps. while we're on the topic, i actually wore my new favorite top on thanksgiving day itself, because omg, sleeves!!! sleeves are my jam, but i guess i'll gush more on that asap. ;)]