Thursday, January 29, 2015

hey, random things i'm loooovin'

[besides the obvious, you know, days of messy fishtails + maddo details + fluffy love]

okay, okay, oookaaay, have we all SEEN ed sheeran's thinking out loud video? oooh myyyyy, i hadn't until just recently! but iiiiit's gorgeous. i mean, as if that song alone didn't already have my silly frozen-over wintertime heart in a puddle for so long now! and i'm not kidding, if we were getting married right now, that would be our wedding song. i would just have to insist, because it gives me the feels of all feelings. [i know, me and a bunch of other brides would be saying that, which is maybe what killed that jason mraz lucky for me when it was big, but sorry sorry!!] but i don't know... it just hadn't occurred to me to watch the video, and then, ooh, enter: my girl maggie, who introduces me to a decently good portion of my life's fav little decisions [um, my zella leggings? yep, maggie!]. anyway, we are watching it daily now, as it's absolutely beautiful, and totally maddalena-approved. so, ed sheeran, you stole my heart! it's offish. and i thought there was only one redhead who could do that. [ahem, outlander.] ps. if you took me into that ballroom alone, i'd probably be putty in your hands.

while we're on the topic of things my co-preggie introduces me to, she gave me this fentiman's botanically brewed rose lemonade the other day at her housey, and i couldn't believe i hadn't had it before!! it was so delicious and and so right up my alley, i felt like. and! completely adorable! maybe kinda the perf little pink drink for some big ole valentine's plans... [aka, cuddling?] <3 <3

i know i've totally obsessed all over this before, but several of maddalena's very favorite clothing items, at this point, have come from thredup, and... it's really just so super. her baby gap poodle sweater, favorite princess rosey dress, and a few other things... all thredup! not to eeeven mention the sparkly & blush pink vince camuto flats i'm dying to break out already and a perfect, new-with-tags ASOS maternity bridesmaids dress i found for thiiiirtyyyy dollarrrrrrs for my best friend's wedding coming up in may! RIGHT?! okay, and iiii just love nothing more than getting a jackpot awesome deal, especially when you start realizing that your mini-person is growing at. the. speed. of. light. and soon enough you'll be supplying clothes for more than one child?! so! i'm definitely about ready to place an order for some springtime things and grab myself another cleanout bag so i can send some of my own stuff in, as well. and hey, if you wanna give it a shot, my referral here gives you and me both a $10 credit, which is a win win win!

k, brain emptied! oh, other than the pretty little liars theories i'm reading under the covers late at night til my eyeballs can't stay open anymore! really. i can't even. it's the only tv show left that i keep up with, and i NEED some answers, like, now. and spoiler alert: apparently we find out who killed mona this season, and who uber A is next season? i'm scared to even know. ahhh. but... i love it. and also, it is all so totally ridiculous.

ps. only 37 days and 12 hours until daylight savings tiiiiiimeee!!!!! counting down, because bring me some good ole porch-watchin' sunsets!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

the princess with the pigtail braids!

goooooodness gracious, where did our tiniest baby go?! 

so, just yesterday, as i threw a messy fishtail braid into my own hair, little miss maddalena requested, for the first time, a set of pigtail braids aaaall her own! [inspired by princess anna, of course. what isn't?! i mean, really. ;)]. and so, she sat in front of the mirror excitedly as i braided, going over her princess plan out loud. "...and i'm gonna put on my booow shooooes!" she has this special little tone she uses when she's listing out a plan, and i love. it. so. much.

that precious girl could not have been more proud of those braids, and she pranced around practically the whole day, looking oh so grown up! naturally, i melted a thousand times. then daddy came home and told her over and over how pretty she looked, and okay, is there anything sweeter than daddies and little girls? it's kiiiinda my fav.

somebody mentioned to me a couple of months ago that they felt like when their little girl hit 2 1/2 years, that it was a big leap in growth, and she just seemed more grown up. so, now that maddalena is three days away from officially being 2 1/2, i totally have to agree! suddenly her legs are long and skinny, her thoughts are deep and layered, and i just can't get enough of all of it. best age ever! aaas i say for every age, of course. :)

i sure love you, maddalena rose!

Monday, January 26, 2015

'twas a visit from queen elsa, i dooo believe!

we woke up on saturday morning to find a blanket of snowy white on the ground! which was funny since the night before, i'd fallen asleep before the snow started around midnight, excited that our saturday was to be 50 degrees and sunny. [which it was, despite the wintery start! yay!] so, when i peeked out the window that morning, i was totally surprised!

anyway, as much as the snowy morning set the perfect backdrop for staying all cooozy indoors, snuggled up with a mug of hot coffee... as the mom of a little princess who likes to open my sleeping eyeballs and say, "do you wanna build a snoooowmaaaan?" a la anna de frozen... well, of course, i knew we had to get our tiny lady out and into the powdery white before it melted away! aaaand so we did!

i was pretty excited to see maddalena in the snow, since i knew she didn't remember the little snows we've had in the past... and she was thrilled as she took it all in, making her own little footprints and watching minnie race around playing! and then, bless her, she said she wanted to build a "willy, willy big snowman!!" but was sweetly delighted with our attempts at a little tiny snowman. and when tiny snowman was finished [thanks to daddy's snowball skills! mine were totally crumbling!], complete with... no eyes or mouth [he was a fragile snowman!]... we said "what's the snowman's name, madd?!" thinking there was only one obvious answer to that question [i mean, olaf, right?], she replied, "...strawberry shortcake!!" oh! strawberry shortcake! haha. of course! of course, of course. ;)

...aaand then we all went inside to snuggle with our coffee, fix up some breakfast, and wait for the sun  to warm everything way, way up! and oh, it did and it was ever so lovely.

Friday, January 23, 2015

just a few bits of the latests and littlests...

1. so, when maddalena asks for a "tiny cup" around our house... well, what that actually means these days is... a shot glass. which keeps me cracking up! why we even have such a stash of shot glasses, i'm just not even quite sure. oh my. but thank goodness we've found an actual use for those tiny cups, right! i mean, really! they are kind of the perfect size! [although, it's possible that we should use one that doesn't say jack daniel's on it! we really don't need one that says jack daniel's come to think of it, haha. oooh, goodwill box!]

2. the sunshine decided to finally come out for a while just lately, and gosh, is it life changing when the gloom goes away! we all had our spirits lifted a bit, i think, including mr. casey, whooooo, i might add, turns 28 next month!! iiiii am so excited, i'm kind of obsessed with his every milestone. :)

3. i'm also just kind of high fiving myself every day that i wake up or come home and find that my little kitchen hydrangea plant is still alive and well! because, i mean, boooy, have i killed them before. i thought they were officially the plants that i'd never be able to keep even though everyone else seems to... but i guess this one likes her life indoors so far?! she's making me so happy!!

4. my parents returned from their winter getaway to the bahamas with friends, and brought with them sweet little goodies! including a little pink bracelet for my very favorite tiny wrist. thanks, gaga and papa!

5. i have the besssst little kitchen helper around, and we made pa-lentyyy of our fav banana oat bites last week.

6. i figured after christmas came and went that really, little white twinkle lights in little girls' rooms are not at all exclusively for the holidays! and so, we left them up in madd's room to be as magical as ever, and it was totally the best decision, if you ask me!

7. maddo said to me one morning as she lounged on the couch, "will you grab my coffee for me?" and so, i said, "well sure! where is it?" and when she instructed me on just where to find said coffee, well, sure enough! she had made herself a cup of invisible coffee, complete with stirring spoon. my little mini, indeed. <3

8. we had our first ever "we'll squeeze you in with the doctor asap" situation this week, when my little lady appeared one day with a breakout of spreading hives, along with swelling hands and feet. oooh, my gosh! after 2 1/2 years with her, i still feel so inexperienced in the freaky symptoms what-the-heck-is-happening department, because generally... we just haven't had much of that! but go ahead and file it under: ways to give your mom a near heart attack. ahhh. a few days of benadryl and a myriad of natural remedies later, she seems to be doing better!

9. little soph, i think, miiiight be earning herself a nighttime apartment in the garage here, pretty soon. i love my kitty!!! but she hides under our bed and meows at night if we leave our master bedroom door open... and, ahem, pees on things every now and then just to keep things really exciting, i guess. cats, you know?! but just look at how adorable she is! i still love you, sophie. even if i did wake up to a very stinky dish towel just recently. [i mean, really? the dish towel!] ...but a fun fact about sophie: she's actually a doctor... named dr. faf faf... according to maddalena when she gets out her doctor kit! ;) [minnie is dr. cof cof!]

10. one sunny afternoon last week, a whole herd of pretty deer were spotted just frolicking around the farm. they usually pop out at night and stay much lower in the pastures, so it was beautiful to see them out and about!

11. my kitchen assistant and i discovered the very easiest paleo muffins recently to make for steven [who's kind of unofficially eating paleo lately. and ps. what was life before pinterest??], and they've been a total hit! completely guilt free, and i'm tempted to guilt them up JUST a dot and switch blueberries for chocolate chips. mmmm, baby! might have to... seems we're fresh out of "blueblays" as madd calls them. :)

12. aaaaand my minnie had a birthday last weekend, turning 7 years old! what! my fluffypup is 7?! i tell you, that makes me feel way older than having a 2 year old human child. i know she's still a little bummed about being semi-dethroned as princess around here, but really i love my minners so so much! happy 7, minnie!

and a happy, happy weekend, beauty friends! 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

aaand on with the show! the bebe number two show!

thank you so so much to everyone who left such sweet well wishes on baby numero dos!! we are completely delighted to be adding another mini-human to our silly world, and it's been funny to find that what they say is true about the second time around... it's totally different!

i mean, by this time with maddalena... i'd had about 10 days of feeling really terrible followed by mostly just exhaustion... some major food cravings and even more major aversions that didn't really even go away through the whole thing [oh, but see also: raging sweet tooth!]... aaand i was experiencing the most insanely enhanced sense of smell eeeeverrrr! it was so crazy, i could smell all the smells on the whole planet and none of them smelled good. at. all. but all in all it was an enjoyable pregnancy all around.

and now this time with bebe two? well, let's just say i was a barely functioning and mostly nauseated human for a good two months, bleh, and it's really taken until recent weeks to feel like a pretty normal person again! but i am! finally! yay! [oh yes, oh yes, the glories of 2nd trimester!!] so that's been a little more extreme, but then on the flip side... the only major craving i've had has been a ridiculously desperate need for guacamole with a quesadilla one evening [random!], but i'm mostly just eating regular brittany foods now, although not a ton of it at a time, because i'm not super hungry. and! i have zero smell superpowers! and thaaank goodness. that's one i'll never miss. ;)

my perspective this time is a good bit different now, too, in ways that are really just nice and reassuring. i think it's definitely hard to go from zero to one, because you just don't have a clue! no clues there. solid cluelessness... but now that we've experienced the ups and downs and wonderfuls of having a baby growing into a little person for two and a half years, it just really, really makes me look forward to having a house full of more little ones. more boisterous family meals. more noises coming from the backseat of the car. all that! i remember thinking before madd was born that i could really only picture myself with a newborn and couldn't really picture anything past that... but now! now i'm like, can i please have a house full of toddlers and little kids?! can we maybe even just jump forward to that stage? not that i want to miss any of the fresh and new stuff. i don't. but now i just know how fun they get! i mean, spoiler alert: they get really fun as they get grow!!

and so, of course, there's the tiny princess lady that now rules the kingdom around here... we've explained to her a little about babies growing in tummies and all that, and she's fascinated by the concept, and definitely excited about the notion of a sister or brother! but bless her heart, i think she's also kinda just rolling with it and actually wondering what on earth we're talking about. haha. but she'll make a really great big sister, and i can totally already envision her future in big-sisterdom as she realizes that what we're offering her here is a lifelong best friend and constant servant to dictate over as she sees fit forever and ever amen. ;) [mahaha, i'm a firstborn, can't you tell?] and really, she's turning out to be pretty darn amazing, if i do say so myself... and we cannot wait to see what on earth other human creations will be joining our parade here!

...yep, more of these sweet things, please! :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

aaand baby makes...


we're all pretty excited that one current little 16 week baby
bump should officially be appearing as a whole entire baby this summer!

yay!! aaand the circus grows...

[*and might i also note that my favorite morgan james dress 
is the best growing bump dress ever! yep. it shall be noted!]

Friday, January 16, 2015

20 minute banana oat bites!

sooo, have we talked about these little babes?! actually, i'm pretty sure i've mentioned them a couple times already, because i've whipped these up so so often in the last year, and subsequently iiiinhaaaaled practically all of them within a day or two! 

these little banana oat bites have been total game changers for me, since i almost always have bananas and oats on hand, and that's basically all it takes! then, you've got your easy breakfast nibble or your sweet after-dinner healthy dessert taste. oh, see also: totally toddler friendly. yesss. high-fives all around!

banana oat bites
preheat the oven to 350F, then in a bowl, mash up about 1 cup quick oats with 2 bananas. don't worry about getting too crazy with your mashing, just get it mostly evenly mixed! then, you don't even have to, but i usually add in a handful of chocolate chips and sprinkle some cinnamon in, as well! plop your spoonfuls onto a baking sheet [they don't spread out as they cook, so you can do them close together if you need to!] and stick them in the oven for 15 minutes [less if you do itty bitty bites]. 

ta-daaaa! last night's dessert, this morning's breakfast. :)

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

obsessed! winter immune!

winter! ohhh, winter. this time of year can really do a number on the immune system, can't it! and the flu, oh my, it is theee biggest paranoia my in life right now. i don't do the flu. i've never had the flu. and i don't plan on getting it! [i also don't get the flu shot, and apparently it's no good this year, anyway!]

we seem to be so-far-so-good in regards to cold and flu in our house this year [knock on wood!!], but hey, it's still only january! so, one of my biggest goals for our family is always just to keep our immune systems up and kickin' as much as possible so that when we come in contact with the germs on the grocery carts [caaan't even wipe those down enough times with the sanitizing wipes!] and the cashiers touching and breathing on every. grocery. we're buying... we're hopefully strong enough to handle it! so, in addition to the basic vitamin routine we keep throughout the year, here are some of the bonus tricks i've discovered to help keep us going through the winter...

1. multiple vitamins & minerals - a good daily multi-vitamin every day of the year will totally keep you in action! i have been disappointed in the past with the ingredients in some of the store-bought options [they're cheap for a reason, i guess!], but this nature's sunshine multi has some really great stuff in it. and it's time released! how do they do that?! but ps. if you're pregnant, trying, or nursing, just stick with the NSP dr. oz approved prenatal vitamins!

2. silver shield 20 ppm - we simply do not not not go without a really good colloidal silver in our house. we don't. it's been the cure for so many of our ailments, from skin booboos and irritations to hurting little ears to UTIs to the ole uh ohh, i think i feel something coming on... this one provides a little bit of super strength at 20 ppm, so it can really help kick an infection!

3. vitamin D3 - because, ooooh, how deficient we get when the sunlight is minimal and the weather is unwelcoming! i had purchased a baby version of D3 for our little one last year, and ended up having to take it myself because the winter sun exposure just was not cutting it! there's also one with elderberry if your immune system needs that extra boost!

4. sunshine heroes elderberry immune - these are gummies... for kids... and they're absolutely... DELICIOUS! i  seriously cannot keep my sneaky paws off of them. isn't that terrible? i sometimes just lose self-control around these things and take some for myself! sooo, the good news is, they are packed full of healthy and super easy to get a child to take! not to mention the child's mother. ;)

5. essential shield - this is basically nature's sunshine's equivalent to YL's thieves [which i have always been a huge fan of!], but it smells a little different as it also has grapefruit in it. it has really come in handy every time we've needed some immune boosting around here! i just dilute it a smidge with coconut oil and rub it on the bottoms of feet.

6. active B12 lozenge - i have taken a whole lot of B vitamins for a lot of years, and always have seemed to have some trouble properly absorbing it. i know i desperately need my B every day, so finally, FINALLY it came to my attention that the form of B that is found in most B vitamins is actually one that's synthetic [cyanocobalamin] and a bit of effort for the body to convert. supposedly most people have a fine time converting it, but i thought i'd start taking a different route and find a B vitamin that would be easier for my body to absorb. this one has methylcobalamin and adenosylcobalamin, and even the description starts to go way over my silly head, but i love it so far! i can really feel it kicking in when i take it! [and ps! i added a link to a little article that i read on the different forms of B vitamins to the bee healthy happy topics section, if you're into in that sort of thing!! iiiii aaaammmm. :)]

7. life factory water bottle - my mom has been getting on me for ages for always, always drinking from big, plastic water bottles, because even if they're BPA-free, they're still plastic and still made of other chemicals that we're just not harping on, right? ;) but i haaaave to drink from a water bottle. i just have to or else i won't drink enough! especially in the wintertime. staying hydrated feels like the ultimate daily challenge when the air is so dry! soooo, i finally have made the switch to a glass water bottle and i really, really love it. it's perfect, and i feel so much better about it! it's not too heavy, either, and the exterior is silicone, so i'm not worried about it shattering. yay!

8. dr. bronner's castile soap & foaming soap pump - dr. b's is just the best, isn't it!! i am such a fan! the baby mild version is the only soap i've ever used in our baby girl's bath water, and i love how gentle it is. and! i love that it just seems to last forever and ever and ever. so, credit totally goes to my mom for getting me on this train, but using it as our hand soap, too, has been the best best! all you have to do is get a foaming soap pump, and a tiny bit of castile + water takes you suuuch a long way! and with all the crazy hand washing we do, i've noticed that it's been a lot easier on my hands in this winter air than regular hand soap! haaallelujah. never goin' back.

[also! january 15-17 are customer appreciation days at nature's sunshine, so look for discount codes on their web site to save a whole bunch on your order! and don't forget, when you order $100 or more [in qualifying points - usually $100] from, you get 10% of your money back! it helps a little bit when you spend as much as we do on supplements!]

Monday, January 12, 2015

how to stay warm when it's fa-reeeeezing outside...

[gosh, i just adore a big cozy, cuddled ball of fur out in the pasture! little red! can i snuggle with you, buddy?]

[baby's first little braid! she requested an elsa braid, of course. we were so proud!]

1. find a warm spot and snuggle up!!
2. wear your thickest, blanketiest, coziest jammies. warning: do not take them off.
3. throw an elsa braid in your hair. ;) elsa braids are kiiind of a big deal, you know?
4. put your laptop on your lap, because if it's anything like mine you will soon feel like there's a serious fire hazard there on your legs. ahhhh, warmth!!
5. dance a little! but first, drink enough coffee so that your dancing is really effective. probably shouldn't skip that step. i think we made it through our cold snap successfully! self-fives all around!!  and nooow we're... almost halfway through january! ha, oh dear. i think the next step might be cranking up the heat in the house, putting on some marley, donning summertime's finest apparel [bikini, duh], and sipping on some orange mango juice. ;)

Friday, January 9, 2015

brrrrrr! is winter over yet?

oh myyy, my, it has been a freezing cold week this week!! and we have been here on farm duty, as iiiinterestingly, my parents have managed to escape these arctic blasts for the glorious tropics... and not for the first time, mind you! ;) they've totally earned it, though. there's a lot to do around here! and it's an extra treat for me, anyway, to get to wake up and peek out at casey first thing in the morning!

i could hardly even sleep a few nights ago when it got down to just 3 or 4 degrees outside, i was so worried about all our chilly fluffies outside. i'd already gone down in the dark that evening to put casey's heavier blanket on him, but then i woke up around 4am worried about the ducks, and ended up getting out of bed and going ouuutsiiiide and iiiinto their cage to check on them. now, that was a decision i kind of regretted when the ducks were fine and i couldn't fall back to sleep for the next three hours! but 4am decisions, you know? they're a little crazy!

in other huge news, haha, maddalena and i have HARDLY taken off our ridiculously warm footy pajamas that steven got us for christmas. oh my goodness. they're from pajamagram, and i can't even with these things. they are SO warm! and i am seriously cold natured. like, every year wintertime hits me to. the. bone. and i don't feel warmth for months... so the fact that full body pajamas made of the same material as my favorite warmest warm blanket have entered my life is kiiiind of a miracle! and i get to be matching at the same time! haha. go stevo! after 6.5 years, he's finally figured out how to get me to stop complaining constantly that i'm cold. ;) so, anyway, we've layered clothes on top of them to go out and do chores, and then, don't worry, we washed them. and wore normal regular clothes. and basically, i was freezing the whole time.

anyway! we're off to do duties in our jams a-once agaaaain! keep it warm, peeps! not you, parents, you're warm, oooh, i know. ;) i'm thinking i'll be planning my own escape asap. but until then, iiiii have the cutest little bunny helper slash snuggler on the planet, and i'm just super in love with her. so, there's that. ALSO, my other love, the handsome man one, brought me my mexican food guacamole and quesadilla craving last night eeeven though i was fixing him boring health food. my babes are winning all around! high five, gypsies!