Tuesday, August 26, 2014

my child, my childhood, the sunset, my heart

last weekend, we were so incredibly honored to have my sweet and ridiculously talented friend, montgomery lee, come out to the farm and shoot some aaaamazing photos of maddalena with casey! we all had such a blast playing in the sunset together, and the images she captured... oh my goodness, they are straight from my dreams!

i have been absolutely in love with  montgomery's photography since the day she decided to pick up a camera and share her talent. i can't even tell you how. many. times. i've melted into a puddle over all the little moments she's captured so perfectly of her own beautiful baby girl, who is just 6 months older than maddalena, with her childhood, love-of-her-life horse, who is in her twenties like casey is! and gosh, it's just really, really special to relate to someone on that level, too. we have talked so much about how beautiful and bittersweet and utterly mind-blowing it is to see your baby, your future, your everything... there with little eyes adoring and tiny hands reaching out to stroke your childhood, your first love, your horse who taught you so much. it's a feeling like no other... one i'm constantly trying to define and capture,  and something i am so endlessly grateful for.

horses truly have a way of shaping your soul... of teaching you, growing you, and making you who you are. funnily enough, i think a very similar thing begins to continue that growth once you meet your very own perfect little person, a new life that you give your everything to as they change your every day with the joy and responsibility that motherhood brings... and so, it never ceases to amaze me when i see my precious maddalena's innocent fingers entangled in casey's mane or gripping one of my old brushes, so blissfully unaware of all that she's really holding. casey's 27 years are all shiny and new to her, and she absolutely adores him. that's something i'll never tire of! and it's a love that they both deserve.

to be honest, i haven't really, actually cried over too much in kind of a long while [weirdly!!], but later that night, i got a little text from an excited ms. montgomery lee containing a handful of sneak peek photos of my baby girl and my horsey in the glow of the setting sun... and before i knew it, i was completely in tears looking at them, tears just streaming down my face as i took in the detail and beauty and emotion captured not only of that day... but of my past and my future all at once. the soul in casey's eye, the love and sweat in the scratches on his nameplate, the youth in maddalena's baby curls... these little things are huge to me, and i never want to forget them.

sweet, sweet montgomery! these are photos that i am so excited to cherish and gaze at for years and years to come. [and ohh, i keep forgetting that i haven't even seen most of them yet! send tissues!!] thank you so much for lending your warmth, love, and talent to help me preserve the gentle spirit of my older horse and the ready sparkle of my baby girl. i know you saw what i see as you looked through your lens, and that is just really something wonderful. i loved spending time catching up, too, and i am preeetty sure my whole family was just ready to keep you! :) thank you, thank you x's a million, and see you soon!

Monday, August 25, 2014

sure, sure, we know what we're doing!

so we go to church 30 minutes late and eat animal crackers during the service as maddalena plays with pens and bandaids from my purse and then we talk about going somewhere different for lunch but head to the exact same place we go every sunday where i order an adult grilled cheese with all the adult toppings taken off so it looks just like the baby grilled cheese we ordered, too, and then we use our baby's milk to dunk our big chocolate chip cookie in, but it's okay because she really doesn't like milk anyway. i guess that's just how we do sundays! :)

and hey, bonus points for then later that day consuming matching baby/mama dinners, as well... because, bread + cheese for liiiife! really, i promise we eat well most of the time. i prom. dot com. but, i mean...


[although, stevey scarfed down some kind of... salmon... salad... or some kind of mature cuisine like that, but nope, not me, i'm over here stickin' with my cheese meals! weird that he thinks i eat like a child, huh.]

Friday, August 22, 2014

convos with maddalena rose [at two years old]

more and more these days we're getting to have these little conversations with maddalena that keep us laughing and laughing and constantly trying to identify where all her tiny thoughts and conclusions have come from... and it is the best. thing. EVER! i seriously have been so excited for this chatty stage of life, and i cannot waaaait for a lifetime of chats with this chick.  some convos with maddalena rose at two years old...

[miss independent]

"your shoes are cute?"
"no, mommy cute!"
[oooh, she's got my number, that's fo sho]

"camey, pease?"
[i hand her her camera. she hands it back,
picks up her cup... and strikes a pose!]

"wait a second... a fox out dere! no waaaaay."
[always re-enacting the fox sighting]

"i getting sun."

"pict mia cooking!"
[she tells me lately either to take a picture
or to not take a picture, her terms, of course ;)]

"dokey dokey, mommy!"

"i sinking, mommy..."
"what are you thinking, baby?"
"i sinking duck."
"you're thinking duck?"
"no... mayme not."

"cut flowers!!" // "go STORE!" "baby sek-shin!"

"seeeee caseeeey!" // "bush CASEY!" // "wide CASEEEEY!"

"...i relaxing."

"...mia's sooooongs!!"
"i'm gonna put on something i think you'll like..." [thinking taylor swift]
"peek... floyd?"
"...you wanna listen to pink floyd???"

"mia-get-cossee, too!"

"miss daddy, mommy..."
"you miss daddy, baby, aw, daddy's at work!"
"uh-huh...at work, exercising!"
[pretty much!]

"yes sir, mama."
[just practicing our manners... we'll get there ;)]

"where are your coins?" [play coins]
"in... offiff!
"they're in the office? what do you think they're doing?"
"a-hiding! come, i show you!"

aaand the other day she told me not to sing while she was eating.
heart=warmed. ;)

Thursday, August 21, 2014

the big girl room!

once upon a time, we had a tiiiny, little baby. and before that baby was born, we got her sweet nursery all perfectly put together, nest feathered and ready to be cuddly and quiet in... and then, you know, the craziest thing happened! in a flash, she went from baby to big girl with a big girl bed, and a big girl room, and more big girl toys than we ever imagined would fit inside! i mean, just how exactly does that happen so fast?!

[oh, maddalena, the amount that i love you!]

of course, a few things have stayed the same in maddalena's little bedroom, but as we've changed so much about it this summer, it's made me giggle [and sigh, and have an abundance of feelings, really!] to think that we get a little nursery just right, just so and then the tinies, they go all a-growing on us! but i really love it all. it's ridiculously fun, this toddler stuff, and i still love her cozy, feminine room so so much. what's also funny is that i actually got her pink quilt bedding to use in my dorm for my first two years in college, knowing that i'd definitely want to use it in a little girl's room one day down the road... and now i'm finally getting to!

but! most importantly... maddalena absolutely adores her big girl room, and that makes it really fun for all of us... which is especially good for me, since madd and i have been going sleepover style in there together almost every night since we brought over the big girl bed! minus nights we've skipped back on into the big bed. ;) baby steps, baby steps! we all loved sleeping together in the big bed so much, but honestly, i think she is much cozier in her bed now that she's bigger! but let's just say we don't transition quickly in this house, so this is us getting the ball rolling, haha. we probably all need to join a cuddleholics anonymous group!

 anyway, yay big girl room! now, just don't grow up on us too fast, maddalena rose!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

sure can't forget about you, july of 2014!

a bunch of july memories starring miss maddalena!
and oh, they just make me so so happy.
this summer, for us, has been pretty easy and low key...
which is juuust what the doctor ordered!
you were a real winner, july! a real winner, indeed. :)