life of charmings

Thursday, August 25, 2016

to the park!

yesterday started out completely perfectly, like so many days do! [and of course, we have plenty of the ones that don't even start out on the right foot. but oh, i still love our mornings together so much!!] but! eventually, as the day went on all too quickly, we were each experiencing our own different little frustrations here and there and just not quite coexisting super harmoniously. no matter how many daniel tiger songs i sifted through in my mind, there seemed to be no answer but to drop everything and get out! and so, i resorted to an old standby...

one thing i love about living in our hometown is that i can go back to the same little comforts that i have always known. i remember so well being 17 and curing what ailed me with a trip to starbucks and a journey over to the park with a girlfriend!! so, on this day... that's just what we did. :)

oh, these babes of mine! i've flat out just been so emotional over them lately. there is no end to how much i want to absorb them each, head to toe, moment to moment, just knowing how fast life goes!

i mean, i watch maddalena these days and i know it’s all sand slipping through my fingers, no matter how hard i try to hang on to it. when i cuddle her to sleep at night, i can no longer feel the infant that i nursed day and night. or the snuggly baby that refused to sleep a minute in her crib. or the two year old that i shared a “big girl bed” with for 6 months while she transitioned from our bed to hers. those days with her are gone. vanished! and now, she’s this perfect, wonderful 4 year old, still snuggly and warm as can be… still fits up next to me like a glove! but now she tells me stories and thoughts and makes me laugh with her quick wit. she's the best. she's my very best girl. i ask her to promise that she'll be my girl forever and ever and she assures me that she will, she always will. :)

and then i look at rocco and now i know too well that he’s 1 going on 4 going on the rest of his life. he's another perfect little snuggler, but in a whole different way than his sister... and every time he's sleeping all sweetly on me, peace all over his angel face, i try so hard to soak in every detail! he’s perfect and delicious... squishy and round like a baby, but fun and curious like a child. it's just the best thing on this whole planet and i just want to keep every bit of him right now forever and ever and ever. but as each day passes, we’ll go about our lives and our routine, and all that babyhood will quietly slip away before i even realize it.

i totally believe you should love and live and enjoy each moment... live in each season as it passes! [thoreau! my fav!] life is fun and i love nothing more than to just savor every step. but oh, when it hits me, it hits hard. it consumes me. and i find myself falling asleep with tears in my eyes, just thankful that i will wake up with two little snuggle bugs next to me, in no particular rush, with one more day all our own.

and i'm not at all saying it's easy... being a "stay at home" mom has been the hugest challenge of my life! it's taught me the most about self-sacrifice and priorities. it's quite humbling, that's for sure! but gosh, i sure love this season. i love their laughs and cuddles and company. i love being in charge of the safety of their little hearts and minds. and even though i definitely have moments where i think i might lose my mind, they're forever outweighed by the fact that i love my babies being babies and i don't want it to end. the very thought alone makes me want to burn a cd full of songs like never grow up [this one, every time, omg] and the best day and you're gonna miss this and don't blink and just bury my head in a pillow and cry for, like, ever. so. i guess it's a good thing they keep me too busy for those types of teenage tendencies, huh!

truthfully, i think that all the precious back to school photos on instagram lately have maaaybe turned me into a bit of a basket case! i've worried over schooling options for sooo long and honestly, it's still an unanswered prayer for us. maddalena could *technically* start kindergarten as a 5 year old next year [HOW!] although, we have never planned to send her on the young side, not to mention she's never even been to preschool! and although i have not previously felt a strong urge to necessarily homeschool [but only because i loved school as a kid solely for social purposes, haha! but really. academics were just getting in the way of my social life. ;)], i really haven't ruled that out, either. so! i have a lot rolling through my mind about all that, and i'm just hoping that i'll get it sorted out through prayer and wine before too long. right? right?!? don't worry. i'll start with coffee. :)

oh, my babies. they are truly my happy place. and if all else fails, at least they'll know they're loved, i hope! i love you, my little bunners!! you guys are fun.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

off to a bestie baby shower!

whaaat a difference a year makes!

i can't even believe it's been more than a year already since i was the one with a big ole belly at my girl april's bridal brunch [we call her eebee! and see? rhymes with beebee!], getting all ready for her wedding. and now! she has a little princess on the way!!!! yay!!!!

i got prettied up this weekend and slipped out to celebrate her and her tiniest lady for an afternoon... without my little bunnies! whoa! i don't like leaving my babes too often. i just don't. and they don't like it, either, which doesn't help! [as you can see by rocco's cling and sad eye!] but on this day? well, daddy was home, and his mom stopped by to see them, too... so yay! because really, i needed to appropriately celebrate for just a bit. april and i used to plan our lives together! and what you don't realize when you're 13 is that at some point, adulting just starts to keep you really busy doing different things all the time. we don't get to see each other very often at all! i hadn't even seen her cute belly, but she looks so absolutely beautiful and amazing!!

so! i ate girly foods without sharing and i had a mimosa and i rubbed on the sweetest baby bump!! and felt soooo reminiscent of my bumps of the past! tear!! [and i only experienced very mild panic when i got the periodic nursing tingle and then i only texted once to make sure everyone was okay at home! progress!]

anyway, let me just say... i have been waiting so long for this bunny monogramming opportunity! i texted her one day just to make suuuuure she definitely wasn't going to be changing baby girl's name at any point... and clicked order!! oh, it turned out to be sooo gorgeous. i think i love jellycats more than kids do. haha. but i am totally going to do them for my babes at some point, i have just mostly been aiming for material reduction in their little worlds. ;)

oh, eebee, i love you and your little princess to be!!! you are gonna be the best mommy. also, i'm still dreaming of your aunt's fabulous food table. always. so. delicious!

ps. i wrote up some tips a while back for registry planning! and on that note, my past favs for pregnancy, postpartum, first 6 months of baby, then 6-12 months, and a few additional favs from all stages. aaaand, just for fun, remembering my sweet baby shower for maddalena!!!

wearing! i got to pull out my favorite rachel pally that i wore when i was preg with rocco! if you are pregnant or tall or anyone that needs extra length, her dresses are theeeee way to go! i wear huge heels with this dress!

Friday, August 19, 2016

a few more little memories from july 2016

i can't believe how quickly the summer went by! and peeping back at some of those leftover july shots, gosh, it was a big month for the bunners as they turned 1 and 4 years old! and then my daddy had a birthday, but i don't think he thinks his number is quite as adorable. ;) although it looks great on him!

i just love life with my people so much. it's just the best. not the easiest... but the best! and i'm so inspired by my tinies lately, as i keep remembering that we are called to have faith like a child. what a relief, you know?! i tend to worry about so. many. things. all. the. time. i get so overwhelmed, and then it'll hit me... faith like a child! yes, yes please! 

anyway, happy weekend! xoxoxo

Thursday, August 18, 2016

my tiny dancer!

so... all maddalena's dancer dreams came true this week!! my little madd lady attended her very first dance class!

that girl, i tell you, she has had a dancer in her heart for sooo long!! so, after many days spent dressed in ballet attire [including a halloween!], the declaration that she wanted to take dance "when i'm four," numerous viewings of the nutcracker, and finally a ballerina birthday... we did it! the day finally came!!!

first, we paid a little visit to the dance studio...

...the very saaame dance studio where i took dance along with a few of my best gal pals in high school! and then i tore my hamstring and had to quit. which was such a shame, since i was a child prodigy and all... ;) anyway, not to make it about me here, but... i maaay have been waiting for my glorious debut as dance mom ever since i traded jazz shoes for physical therapy! maddalena loved it there and was just sure she wanted to come back. so, we signed her on up!!

and the next day...

...oh my gracious. i'm soooo proud of her!!! she had a blast... i spied the entire time while the other moms were like, way cooler about it... her teacher was the sweetest... and rocco quite enjoyed his social hour, as well!! she's already asking when she gets to go back. soooo. we're both pretty excited. she's a dancer!!!! and... you guys. I'M A DANCE MOM!!!! i literally almost cried writing that just then. YES!!!

i love you so, my tiny dancer!!!

[...and by the way! this is not at all to say that she has to keep dancing for more than even a month. it's more a fun right of passage thing!! i mean, she's only four. :)  and you know i'm always rooting for the equestrian life, anyway!]