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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

playing in mommy's makeup

one of the sweetest things about having a little girl, i think, is just how many memories it brings back  for me about being a little girl myself!! i mean, the first time maddalena came out of my closet trying my shoes on her own tiny feet, iii  just plain melted. and it's only gotten better from there!

right now, she is at that age where she loves playing in my makeup with me. she sees me getting ready and asks to try it herself... and i know she's only 4, but no matter her age, i will always try to teach her what my mom taught me along the way: that makeup is only to enhance your features, and you won't ever need it to be beautiful. but!! it's also just fun. and it doesn't seem to take too long for girls to catch on to that!

i also feel much, much better about letting maddalena play in my makeup since i know how picky i am these days about what i put on my own skin. i have tried product after product, brand after brand to find what works best without the harmful ingredients. right now, i'm using and looooving beautycounter products, a top-scoring brand on EWG [!!!], which i get through my sweet girlfriend and fellow mama denise. [well, fellow mama is actually an understatement, i think! we both have little girls with the same birthday, followed by little boys with very close birthdays, and all are july babies! and oh, i can promise you she is one of the absolute loveliest ladies on this earth!!]

so, on my skin, i'm using tint skin foundation, which is amazing for daily wear!!! it's not too heavy, but it has better coverage than the more natural BB creams i've tried. and! it doesn't break me out!  glory hallelujah!! also, i haven't tried the recommended brush for it [i want to!], but i have learned that i get better coverage when i apply it with my fingers rather than with a beauty blender.

and my faaavorite bit of shimmer and glam for all the holiday things we have going on is the winter warmth palette that denise sent me to try out. it's GORGEOUS!!! [and will actually be gorgeous in the summer, too. but for those of you who prefer cool tones, try the winter dream palette!!] all of the colors in this palette have actually been my favorite shades for years now. my go-to look is the bronze or goldleaf on the lid with one of the darker tones set back in the crease. i also LOVE the amethyst color, which is an especially great shade for playing up green eyes, ps!! ;) plus, i love that it includes a highlighter for brow bones and the tops of cheekbones... i like tawny for a smidge of rosiness right on the apples! and then when maddalena asks for some, too, we apply just a the tiniest bit of whisper to her sweet cheekies.

i know many of us are looking to support friends and moms and smaller, honest businesses as we do our christmas shopping this year, so here is one great way to do that! there are so many holiday sets to ooooh and ahhh over, too... how 'bout some charcoal cleansing for your main man, some glossy lips for your bestie, and a little balm to share with your smallest lady? :) and if it doesn't say denise lopatka as the consultant in the upper left-hand corner of the screen, just type in her name. i even emailed beautycounter once after i had ordered to make sure my order was under her name, and they were so helpful!

sooo... tiiiiiime for shopping! oooh, how i love being a girl! <3

[and thank you to sweet denise for enabling me in the glam department!!!]

Monday, December 5, 2016

holiday happs! [and some other items of discussion!!]

we headed out to downtown franklin last thursday evening with steven's parents for the tree lighting in their cute little town square! and given the fact that we just started on the first couple of episodes of gilmore girls [right from the very beginning, whoa! flashback!], i was harboring all kinds of stars hollow vibes over there. downtown franklin is precious and quaint and is kind of like a trip back in time with its small town cuteness. and adding a big, tall christmas tree is perfection!

[...although, literally all of my references about a lit tree just sound like the tree was extremely intoxicated that night so... there's that!]

also, this is the first year m has written her own letter to santa claus and oh. my. gosh. cutest thing on this planet! i'm so proud, i can't even handle it! we mailed it off and we will see how that goes!! ;)

anyway, here are some other little internet things of lately!!! and really... i should just start calling these links that i get from my mom, because that's where i often get them! ha! [i love you, mom!]

better than arm knitting so amazing!! my mom sent me this after my sis and i both mentioned learning to arm knit! :)

the christmas season tv line up!!!! every year i am always trying to figure out when all the special charlie brown episodes on, as well as other classics that i make me feel all nostalgic! this is mighty helpful, yes?

horses do the mannequin challenge oh, hello, dream world! yep, another stolen from my mom. had to!!!

looks like some girl scout cookies are going non-GMO! yay! not thin mints, yet. boooo. but samoas! i know those are popular!

"don't follow your passion, but always take it with you." i always loved dirty jobs, but these days i want to KISS mike rowe for all his thoughts... and this is one of them!! i actually find it quite validating, because i feel like a lot of people in our generation are struggling under the pressure of what we're told these days: to find success in what you're passionate about. but if it were that easy, there would be a whole lot of martha stewarts [i'd be one of them!], a whole lot of american idols [like he said!] and probably not very many factory workers making all the items we order on a whim with the money we have that was probably made from a great occupation that may or may not be that of a lifelong dream. i also love getting back to the idea that no matter what you're doing, you can still bring you passion and knock it out of the park! i seriously just watched a hallmark movie the other night about an aspiring chef who was thrilled to work as a dishwasher to get her start, and i thought it was such a refreshing thing to portray. and hey! if you do already have your dream job, what a huge blessing, right?!!

the blushing bean is my total fav decor on the 'gram right now! especially with all the seasonal gorge!!

m has been asking to do cosmic kids yoga every single day lately and it really is so awesome! i love that she loves it. and those stories are seriously creative!

speaking of yoga, i got these goddess leggings for my birthday and. now. i'm. in. love! [aaanother thank you to my mom. i should just give her my blog.]


Friday, December 2, 2016

a happy bee-day, on a rainy little monday evening, i celebrated my day of birth with my favorite people! maddalena helped my mom make me a single-monogrammed cookie cake with gold sprinkles, and then together they decorated for me in gold and white and pink. my siblings gave me cards that made me feel so loved. and then there were gifts! the loveliest gifts hand-chosen just for my brittany-ness. gifts that i sure don't deserve but that i'm oooh so delighted with! sweet maddalena was just bursting at the seams containing the knowledge that she and daddy got me some amaaaazing winter boots. :) she did so well keeping the secret!!

i am truthfully soo low key about my birthday. i enjoy it just the way it is, around the holidays and everything... and really, i just love being with my people!!! but i am truly not one to force celebrations surrounding my own self or highlight my own existence in a way that's anything other than my personal enjoyment of documenting life here and there. haha. so, all the extra touches that make me feel known and loved are really just the best, you know!?

thank you so much to everyone who made me feel special!!!

and ps. is 30 still the new 20?? because i'm willing to go with that! ;)

[and bonus ps: i snagged my new fav wildfox prarie rose sweater for an absolute steal on thredup just in time to wear for my special day! if there's one rule i stick with it's wearing pink on my birthday. and i mean, seriously! thredup!! i think it's one of my favorite hobbies at this point. i'm adding my referral link here in case you want to sign up and get us both $10!]

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

decking the halls!! well, the tree and the fireplace, at least!

so, iiiiii cannot even describe how good it feels this year to not be in the process of getting settled  in our house and zooming straight into the holidays like we were this time last year!!! every time i think about it i'm like ahhhh... relief! only because we had so. much. to do in this house as we moved in... more than we realized, you know? and it slammed us straight into the holidays. whew! 

but here we are a year later!! christmas tree up!!! many gifts on order!! morale is almost as high as my coffee intake!! ;)

as we pulled out our decorations on the sunday morning after thanksgiving, maddalena especially had fun seeing each ornament that she had completely forgotten about at her sweet little age. rocco, of course, took a big long nap while we decorated, but has since been ooooh-ing and ahhh-ing and then sneaking ornaments of the tree here and there. ;)

and ps. i'm SO IN LOVE with our new tree. we had a good 8 christmas run with our old tree. he had pinecones and berries and we loved him hard! so hard that i'm still vacuuming up faux-needles of christmas past. but our new gal, she is pre-lit, fluffy, and convincing, and we love her!!!! she has a little more room to fill, too, so give us all the gold sparklies!

the ironic thing is that i've been waaaay past ready to have our house in holiday-perfection mode for so long since we were crazy crazy last christmas... but right after we got ms. tree all decorated, a whole new project made its way into the family room! oh well. so holiday-perfection mode will again be delayed this year. but that's okay! that's okay. :)

also! we hung these cute personalized stockings on our mantel, sent to us from the sweet people at garnet hill! [gah, i love them, always!!!] i have so much fun with christmas stockings as special, sentimental keepsakes, as well as a fun way to change things up year after year. i love hanging them in the kids' rooms and on the mantel and we have some at the farm, too! but this is the first time we've had a set of full-family matching stockings and i think they're just adorable!

and ps! if it's cold where you are, and you have a hankering to show off your winter wear, garnet hill is donating $10 to st. jude's research hospital for each photo tagged with #StJudeMerryMittens as part of the merry mittens campaign from now through december 24th! so, keep that in mind, if you want!!


[also, the babes' hand-stamped 1st christmas ornaments are from hattierex on etsy!]

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

scenes from thanksgiving 2016!

[my mom's pretty apple pie!!]

[so much sweetness in those two little love muffins! can't eeeven handle!]

[ha, good thing we already took our christmas photos this year!!
although this pretty much sums up a lot of life these days... ;)]

[sister shots by maddalena!]

[framing this immediately!! i feel soooo lucky to have siblings that love my babes so well.]

[aaand the feast begins!]

fancy dresses... check! parade... check! food... check!! sticks and berries... check!

so, even after all the days of feasts and leftovers... i still could maaaaybe eat thanksgiving food every day for the rest of my life!! haha! okay, maybe not because my pizza/pasta needs kind of throw that a little... but the whole time we were eating on thanksgiving i kept thinking, "i cannot believe i wait all year for this meal and here it is and IT'S GOING TOO FAST!!" plus, i appreciate it extra that my mom slaves over each amazing dish herself, even though she could so easily just cheat on a few of them at this point. it keeps the meal extra special, for sure, and extra delicious!! thanks mom! we're all thankful for you!!

we are lucky, too, because having each of our families in town, we get heaping doses of aaaaall the thanksgiving dishes! i made a double dish of corn pudding for thanksgiving with steven's side, another fun and delish day, and i'm happily still living on the leftovers!! YUM.

and now, i can just feeeeel the rest of the holidays flying by at light speed!! time to savor!! and be cheery!! and SHOP!!

...and use exclamation points!!! very important. :)

hope everyone had such a wonderful, warm and delicious thanksgiving!!

[...sure love these cute turkeys of mine!]

[ps. thanksgiving day outfits! on m: there a few left of a similar dress in yellowcat & jack sweater tightspink ballet flats // on r: one piece outfit, little leather shoes // on b: FP dresstightsboots // s: pullover // j. crew jeans - all on sale! + day two outfits: m: similar dress & vest // r: j&j polo // b: old sweater dress // s: sweater]