Friday, April 18, 2014

happy easter weekend!

good friday indeed!

i am getting started on my easter celebrations by sipping a glass of wine in my swimsuit, overlooking the big ocean of my happy place while our now very curly-headed baby girl naps [thaaaank goodness, she needs it!] and husband snuggles.


we have so much to be thankin' jesus for.

happy easter weekend!!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

flashback to italy!

it was exactly this time two years ago that my prince husband charming whisked me and my baby bump of maddalena off to my favorite land of all lands. the land of my 'cestors. the land of all the best wines and cheeses and hand motions. italy! and even though i have an italian heritage [which you will know if you, too, have an italian heritage, comes with a very strong sense of italian pride. i've yet to meet anyone with any italian blood that wasn't raised to know and embrace their italianness, although i still think my husband has some hidden italianness in him, so ;)], this was my first time actually in italy. and i absolutely loved it... just as much, if not more than i thought i would! i discovered that italy is totally my speed in so many ways, and i have lately found myself wishing so much that we could beam ourselves right back there. but happy, happy americanos that we are, i have settled for reminiscing and reliving some of my favorite memories from our trip. and i have so many photos that i'd completely forgotten about!!

so, since throwing it back on a thursday is the thing to do these days...

een roma!

een firenze!

een venezia!

and then there are some favorite little things in my recollections that i just don't want to forget like...

waking up to provolone cheese on soft rolls for breakfast. and oh, banana flavored yogurt. where is the banana yogurt around here?

the spinach ravioli that i couldn't get enough of in rome

enjoying one another over leisurely dinners and seeing others do the same... no one staring at phones... waiters not rushing you out of the restaurant

tasty little macchiatos that are actually macchiatos ;)

bakery windows full of nutella jars! of course.

the history. oh, all the history.

the stylish but casual vibe of all the women and men. like, maybe that lady was wearing stilettos but her hair was au natural and full of body. or maybe that man was comfy in his sneaks, but his blazer was a handsome touch. and the black accessorizing, looove iiiiiit!

the evening steven ordered an entire jug of wine by accident and had to drink most of it himself [i had a glass, but i was preg, member!]. so, thank you, italian wine, for not giving him a smidge of a headache the next day!

the heavenly smell of leather in florence

the dinner where steven ate the most ginormous hunk of steak and then we got two delicious desserts and chatted with the older couple next to us

when neil patrick harris was also in florence and i did. not. find. him.

the incredible views out every single window

walking, smelling, chatting, listening, gazing!

the cute little shops. the little embroidery shop where we found maddalena's name!

and then the lunch where we kinda talked about the name that we both liked :)

strolling down the street at night, people dangling out of doorways laughing holding glasses of red wine... so happy

picking up a cute little pink onesie in venice for our unborn lady!

and then hiding suddenly from a weird random hail storm

the funny gondolier who really, really needed us to know that the water level was high that afternoon

lying in bed watching episodes of the only watchable show we could find on tv: the mentalist

and obviously... gelato!

okay, miss you much, italy! one day we return!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

some secrets of life [that i've learned so far!]

choose joy every day. decide to be happy.
marry someone who will do it for you on the days that you can't.

don't measure your life against anyone else's.
everyone's story is different.
[we've heard it a million times by now,
"comparison is the thief of joy." it's true!]

pray all the time. and don't forget!
[and maybe try not to fall asleep halfway
through the bedtime prayers, ha! working on that...]

prioritize and nourish the friendships that are willing
to do the same for you. those are the ones that are totally worth it. :)

know that your early twenties are hard, and apparently that's normal!
why doesn't anyone warn you?! there's so much to figure out.

 practice your prettiest handwriting.

 let animals love you when you feel like humans don't.
i totally believe that's why God gave them to us!
plus, i mean, food. pass the cheese, please!

when you think something nice about someone, say it out loud!
i love when i can make the girl scanning my groceries smile 
 because maybe i like her hair or her nails, and maybe 
she's not having a blast scanning groceries, you know?

live in fresh air and sunshine as often as possible.

learn to laugh at yourself. sorry, pride, we're all ridiculous!

memorize your favorite bible verses.

"do not worry about tomorrow, 
for tomorrow will worry about itself.
each day has enough trouble of its own."
[matthew 6:34]

"the steadfast love of the Lord never ceases;
 his mercies never come to an end;
they are new every morning; 
great is your faithfulness."
[lamentations 3:22-23]

and your other favorite quotes.

 "i want a big ole porch that wraps around the entire house.
we can drink tea, and watch the sun go down."
[the notebook]

"at that moment i knew. i knew the way you know about a good melon."
[when harry met sally]

"abraham lincoln once said that if you're a racist, i will attack you with the north.
and those are the principles that i carry with me in the workplace."
[the office]

okay, i just got off on a favorite quote tangent.
that could go on for days!

but while we're on the topic, i might just consider michael scott quotes
to be right up there with daily vitamins! because laughter, you know.

anyone have secrets of life to add?
do share, pretty please!

oh oh, and remember, too,
"life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
[audrey hepburn]


ps. i found three four leaf clovers the other day, and a five leaf! fo real!

Monday, April 14, 2014

photos by baby!

[my fav view on the prettiest afternoon! okay, this photo not by baby ;)]

raising a baby lady in this crazy technological age, i've now become quiiite accustomed to finding collections of about 89 lovely photos on my iphone taken of the ground or the ceiling or the top madd's head... and lately i'm constantly trying to keep her from sharing photos with who knows who featuring me in unflattering circumstances... i mean, there's a new challenge for moms today, right! haha. buuut really.

anyway, snapping photos is obviously a big part of our lives, though, and maddalena has gotten pret-ty serious about practicing her craft. she runs around taking pretend photos with a little camera or grabs the iphone and pushes that photo button 1 million trillion times. so last week, after a beautiful afternoon visit with casey, i went to delete what i assumed would be a fabulous collection of blurry sky and grass photos, and my heart melted a little when i saw that baby girl actually captured me in my natural habitat pretty darn sweetly for a 20 month old!

[i mean, you have to appreciate her artistic decision to go square-mode there at the end!]

oh, madd! these just make me smile so so much. for as crazy as i am about my horse, my baby, blue skies and grassy fields, it's not even what these photos look like as much as how she preserved such a happy afternoon memory all on her own. 

thank you for these little surprises, mia girl! being your mama is the best best best.

*ps. i was totally on the hunt for four leaf clovers there in squat posish!

Friday, April 11, 2014

mostly lucky!

ahhh, the sweet, warm sunshine! i have needed it so! oooh, how i have needed it. the grass is green and the afternoons are golden, and we've been practicing our magical dandelion tricks! i don't think there's anything that makes me happier than sunny, grassy, frolicy afternoons. i feel so fortunate to have a place to stretch my legs and bask among the glowy horse silhouettes.

and hey! in my recent searches through clover patches, i finally found myself a four leaf clover! only... one of its leaves had already been chewed on a little by a bug. and haha... i kind of have to laugh when i think about that, because it maaaybe feels a little too appropriate for me lately! i mean, while i am indeed the luckiest girl in so, so many ways... right now i sit typing with one blue and purple swollen twisted zombie finger [lamest equestrian injury ever! my stubborn casey jerked his leadrope through my fingers in an effort to stay with his precious grass] next to a baby with an ice pack on her ankle injury [hopefully also just twisted? strained?], and i'm really hoping these are some of the very last items on my list of minor mishaps lately. it's funny, because for as non-disaster prone as i am, i feel like life gets kind of crazy every single spring! seriously, it's been that way for me since high school, so i like to just take it as a universal sign that it's time for spring break. right?! right!

but really. life is good. and sunshine. sunshine is extra good.

...and ps. wouldn't you just know that  that *lucky* husband of mine is currently off at the masters golf tournament where there's apparently a no phone rule, so i can't call complaining that our refrigerator water isn't working! not that i would eeever do that. ;) oh, lucky, lucky husband!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

ooh, back in march of 2014

...some favorite little moments from march,
aaand that about wraps it up! ;)