Monday, November 30, 2015

the year we survived thanksgiving! ha!

so, there's a leeettle someone missing from thanksgiving photos this year!

ummm, MY MOM! hello! my poor, poor mommy strained her back and was completely bedridden going into thanksgiving day! basically, it was like santa getting hurt right before christmas... and all. the elves. panic! haha. 

i have to say, though, we totally pulled it off! a super delicious meal... with only slight amounts of cheating... and, okay, extreeemely casual decor. ;) we missed mom at the table, though, and of course, missed her cooking!

but i, for one, was extra thankful for each of my family members this year!! because 1. hooow does mom do it?! and 2. i just never want to be without any of my peeps. i love them so so much! my fam makes me the happiest, and i don't take that for granted because i know a lot of families don't get to have that.

i hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving!! considering it's my favorite holiday [and was rocco's first thanksgiving!], it went by way too fast!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

giving thanks!

walking around the farm on a beautiful fall evening with my best little lady
makes it so hard for me to believe there could ever be anything bad here on this incredible earth!
just give me a golden sky and tiny hand to hold and my heart is so at peace. <3

this thanksgiving, i have even more to be grateful for than ever before.
a growing, healthy family! a warm, safe new home!
beautiful sunsets, cuddly animals, love, hugs, friendships, laughter.
...need i mention wine and coffee?!

i have more prayers than ever, too, i think.
for my babies and their futures. for our world to know God. for our country to be strong!
i am praying every day and night for this great nation that we get to celebrate tomorrow,
and thanking extra for those that our out there protecting us from harm!

i feel like i never stop counting my blessings these days. :)
happy thanksgiving to all, near and far!!!

Monday, November 23, 2015

leaving our first nest

ten little days ago, i spent the day packing up the remainders of our cozy home. our nest of 7 years. the only home we've known together as marrieds! a house we built and rebuilt and made sweet little nurseries in for our new babies to come back to. on that last day in our house, i worked wearily, watching maddo play in her room and rocco nap in his like nothing was changing. i cried tears into every box just hoping they wouldn't notice.

i have never ever been good at change! i'm always so sentimental about chapters ending. terrible at goodbyes. my mom still jokes about how furious i was when she bought new couches for our house when i was little. except she's not joking! the poor woman tried to give her living room a well deserved boost, and there i was making threats against her new sofas. haha. i hated them! i mean, why, mom? why would you throw off my game like that!?

it's funny... because at age almost 29 ;) with so many recent dreams of a bigger, better located home for our growing little fam, i thought i was totally good to go on moving. i thought i was so ready to check out and not care, and that i'd only look back here and there and be like "aww i miss cute little things about that old housey." and then go on with life like the rockin' stone cold B that i am these days... ha! yeah right!

i mean, it's maybe possible that i've spent so much time in survival mode that i just thought i was really super tough now? sure sure sure! because most of the time, i feel like cameron diaz in the holiday when she tries to get herself to cry and she literally can't. that's me so often! taaalk about a solid 180 from high school. maybe if i just turn on some old damien rice...

oooor here's something! become an exhausted, post-baby hormonal mom girl already prone to anxiety, panic attacks, thyroid disfunction, homesickness, fear of the unknown and none of this actually helped at all by overcaffeination... and then pack up your whole comfort zone when you really want to be snuggling in it. ;) cue tears, HIGH FIVE!

all for good reason, though!! all for good reason. :)
and so! today we finally close on our very first housey, passing on little pieces of ourselves to someone who will never know the memories of our morning coffee in pjs together on the weekends, the happily scattered toys on the floor of maddalena's room, the sweat behind our favorite dining room ceiling or the kitchen backsplash steven tiled himself, the family teeth brushing in our master bathroom, the summer evenings in the back yard, the night time cuddles til our babies' breaths slowed to slumber, the fights, the hugs, the smiles, the meals, the tears.

we moved out more than a week ago, but cleared it for good this weekend, preparing it once and for all for its new person. i looked in each empty room, seeing the ghosts of ourselves that would always be there... 

and then i shut it off.

and walked out.

took one last look. 

then we drove to our new housey.

we felt the promise of memories yet to be made.

and it was good.
[and here's where i'm bad at goodbyes so i simply don't say them]


Friday, November 20, 2015

a few more from october of 2015!

october, i can't believe it!
baby boy hit 3 months, husband turned 30...
we closed on our new house, sold and savored our old!
last month really kicked off a time of change for us.
a season that has stretched us end to end,
shown me what i am [and am not] made of...
and involved many a-trip to the home depot.
thank goodness for sunshine and coffee, right!!
and of course, for those sweet little faces
that make our world wonderful nooo matter what. :)

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

getting things in order... in my cloud!

oh my goooosh, what a whirlwind we've been all caught up in!! our new-old-housey is still a major work in progress, but just a few bits here and there are starting to look cozy and settled and that feels so amazing! :)

i don't know if we've really even processed all the craziness of moving, yet, but with everything going on... really! i would literally have lost my own head if it weren't stuck right onto my shoulders. i still can't find half our mugs or any of our steak knives. anyone seen 'em?? nope, me neither! and i juuuust now got my beloved computer all plugged in and sitting on my desk [downstairs... in a room that's had dusty men filing in and out fixing our crawl space/unfinished basement area, aye-yi-yi!], so i am hoping to go through photos and thoughts and feelings and la la la all that stuff soon!!

but first... i was excited to finally unbox a special little technical something for my 'puter life, WD's My Cloud [personal cloud storage space!!] [3 terabytes!!], to help keep me somewhat organized... if only digitally! but let's be honest: we have a lot to digitally organize these days... A LOT. plus, i use an older macbook, and i'm constantly afraid i'm going to open her up one morning and find that she's gone to her final resting place... in which case i would cry huge tears because i don't plug in and back up my stuff nearly as often as i should!

so, i had reeeally been hoping to get this sucker all set up before the packing and the moving even began! but alas, it arrived just in time to hop in a box and move...

...but now! ta-daaa! a nice, organized place for all my digital belongings! and since it's a cloud, i like to picture unicorns and cotton candy and castles and stuff in there, too. naturally.

anyway, with two baby bunners adjusting to new house life and husb back at the daily grind, i found myself with a whole slew of stuff to sort out on my own this week... and i was pretty relieved to find my personal cloud unicorn space to be relatively easy to set up! i plugged it into the wall, into my router, created an account, and bam! it gives you the option to store folders of files, photos, media, etc., and then access it all from your other devices! yaaaaay! how handy to be able to get to my stuff from anywhere in our house... because after 7 years in a cozy one-story home, we're definitely adjusting to the two-story routine!

and truly, i have always depended on WD for added storage options [and my dad to supply me with them, ha!] but this one really consolidates everything for me... and allows me to set regular, automatic backups of my hard drive, too, which is such a great relief to my digitally-documenting self!!

okay, so then! something extra magical happened...

...precious babes! taking simultaneous naps! in their own new bedrooms!! the sweetest moment of perfection. and we aaaall lived happily ever after. in the cloud. s!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

oh, lovely little growing pains!

[pretty princess started doing some nesting in her new room yesterday! // obsessed with my new dining room glam. i'm allowed a smidgey of drama, right?! // so proud of my tiny boy & all his patience! and don't even get me started on how the breeze saved me yesterday. it's heavy to lug, but the easiest thing on earth to pop up when you're holding a tired infant!]

we're really, really getting somewhere with this new home project of ours!!! 

remember that dark, dungeoney black and brown of the babies' rooms-to-be?! well, 'tiiis no more!! OH glory, what a fresh paint job can do! i mean, you can put a price on that, as we know so well, but really... you can't. because it's life changing. 

and! thank goodness for the handy menfolk of mine, too, because my sweet husband and daddy have been changing out ugly light fixtures, a jillion beat up and unmatching doorknobs, and assorted outlets and switch plates all for sparkly new things! there's still a lot to be done, but all in good time! aaaall in good time. this is what i repeat to myself, at least. ;) we've got visions, plans, and pinterest so, we'll get there!

anyway, these weeks have been hard for sure... but so good, too! moving day comes friday, finally [what!!] and we are officially craving routine, not tripping over boxes all day and night, and having everything in its rightful place! especially me, i feel like, because i am losing my hold on the temporary squelching of my A-type needs, and if i don't achieve some kind of order and organization soon... i will definitely crack.

but the good news iiiis, i actually really enjoy having a big project to work on with steven since we don't get much of that in our regular day to day! so, when we take stress out of the equation and decide to just plow through, it's fun and exciting and i like it and i like him. :)

also, these little bunnies of ours have been amazing and patient and sometimes not so patient, but that's okay! life changes are big, and we're all learning to stretch ourselves a bit! 

well. onward, ho!! catch ya on the flippity!

Monday, November 9, 2015

how to move: PART 1!

hey! wanna move houses? did you and your husband semi-spontaneously put an offer in on a house for the second time and then actually get the house? need to think about selling yours now just maybe maybe? well then, please! follow right this way! because if you're crazy enough, this step by step should be reeeal simple-like!

step 1: weed out entire house!! unless you truly love it, get rid of it aaall... this means even breaking up with zac efron, who has been hiding out in your closet for 5 years. [guess it wasn't true love!] anything else that's in the way of house-selling zen... load it up and move it out! to the farm! [ha, you're welcome, mom & dad.] and don't forget...

...the catoh, soph! i'm so sorry! i'm sorry that you're 7 and in this new life transition to barn kitty, but this is your calling and you can do it!!! you can do it. i have faith in you, but ps. please stop peepeeing in the barn.

step 2: clean. like. a. mad. woman. oh. my. gosh. clean as your husband fixes up the fixy things and touches up wall paint. clean so much that the end result makes you want to buy your own house all over again! then reward yourself with a spoonful of peanut butter and chocolate chips because you are royalty and you are amazing and these are the kind of pep talks that will carry you through!

step 3: you haven't taken on enough! you haven't! send your mom out to the antique shop to fetch the fixer-upper china cabinet of your dreamlands! bring on the projects. and spoiler alert: this isn't a dark wood cabinet. no. it's just slathered in 1,000 layers of dark brown wax. and that green paint, oh my eyes! don't worry, little cabinet, i will save you from your past! <3

step 4: enter. paint. purgatory. paint samples. fabric swatches. tantrums all around... not stop thinking about paint or looking at it with your eyeballs in every lighting and furniture scenario you can come up with...

...and once your color choices fit perfectly into all your happy places and you can sleep again at night without waking up periodically and scouring pinterest even if your 3 month old is still sleeping soundly, then YOU'VE GOT IT!! hurry, move on to step 5!

step 5: your house sold! but even if it didn't, you're still moving because you went on and bought a new house, remember? time to start dismantling the last 5 years of your life! off the walls! off the shelves! also, notice that you really like old things and things that are pretend-old...

step 6: into the boxes all the things shall go!! there's no turning back now...

...tiiiime to start packing!