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Thursday, July 28, 2016

perks of a farmhome sleepover

our husband/daddy of the house had to travel for work at the beginning of this week, and like many a time before... i decided to take advantage of the farmhome sleepover scenario! of course, i'm basically always looking for a reason to sleepover at the farm. haha. i mean, i don't have quite as many excuses now that we live a whole 5 minutes away! but... we live 5 minutes away, which is AMAZING. for a zillion reasons. first reason being... it's my favorite place. :)

...whiiiich brings me to my next point: whatever my parents did to have their adult children like, never totally leaving them [no, i will not give them the freedom of empty nesting!!]... i need to study it and replicate it big time. i have a feeling that what they didn't do was whisper in my ears, "never leave meeeeee," while i slept as a child, which is what i am constantly tempted to do. i also suspect that buying their firstborn a horse and subsequently providing necessary frolicking space was a pretty. smart. move!! ahhh, yes. a good lesson learned, right there. clearly, i had to learn it the hard way. ;) we do what we must!

a few favorite things about a good 5-minute-away summer staycation at farmhome: well, the company of my best peeps, duh. pre-bedtime fireflies. morning coffee views. evening wine views! the most un-terrible naptime activity ever! minimal [slash zero] clothing required. also, the watermelon my mom snagged last time we went to the farmer's market was out of this woooorld delicious! i haven't stopped talking about it. i never thought a watermelon could win my heart but, oh my! it must have been grown on a fine velvet pillow and sprayed with... i don't know... champagne!

anyway! i get legitimately panicky if we spend a pretty summer day inside, so... when it's 1 million nashville degrees outside, you pretty much know where to find/visit us!! :) [thanks, mom! haha!]

[ps! my favorite gladiators // pool swan! // maddalena's palm swimsuit c/o - on sale!! // and don't worry, rocco is not sitting with a huge bucket of poison in the baby pool, despite the symbol on it. haha. just an empty bucket that he reeeally needed to play with.]

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

heeeey, sassenachs! [a little outlander talk!]

the outlander topic is back, sassenachs!!!! because i have to. i have to talk about it on the reg. and there might be some light spoilers here! you've been warned...

"'and sassenach,' he whispered, 'your face is my heart.'"
[james alexander malcolm mackenzie fraser. melt! aaand let us proceed...]

so, hellooo, latest in outlander happenings: the season 2 finale of the show!!! right? right? i finally caught up a few weekends ago, and much like the book, dragonfly in amber... it left me in shattered little pieces of brittany right there on the floor. in my puddle of tears. ugh. ugh. ugh. i still think that was an absolutely cruel twist on diana's part!! and i still remember how i felt when i first opened book 2 and felt the sledgehammer to my heart... but i also can't complain! because never, ever have i loved a book series more... slash, been more delusional about my relationship with two characters. lovingly delusional. just how i like it!

sidenote! i usually don't get my undergarments in a twist over book-to-show changes [ahem... looking at you, characters with VERY wrong eye colors. i mean, i still have my opinions!], but there was one thing they left out of the finale that kiiiind of devastated me. then i read why, and felt a bit better!

also!! heavens to betsy, i have been trying for waaaay too long to finish a full reread of the books before i dive into the latest of the eight... which came out a year ago! a year! and i still haven't read it! so, anyway, somewhat recently, i finally wrapped up book 5, dove right on into the next book that was on my kindle [easiest for bed reading, travel reading, you know...] and made it a whole quarter of the way into the book, thinking... man, i must've skimmed a lot of the last book?!? i'm sure missing some key points here... befoooore realizing i'd accidentally skipped book 6 and gone to book 7! ahhhhhhh. so now i'm back trying to plow through 6. BUT it's truly worth taking it slowly. jamie and claire are two characters you don't want to miss a moment with. :) well, i don't. because i need to be with them.

AND! by the way!! there's an official title for the 9th book!!!!! gives me chills, CHILLS, people!!!

ps. around the time the show was coming out, i got on skreened and whipped up a little sassenach t-shirt that i wanted to give to my sis and bestie for their birthdays. i mentioned it here once around then, too, and it's been the. best. t-shirt. ever! and a whole handful of them have sold since then,  too, which has been such a fun bonus!!

SO, i thought... in honor of the summer heat, and the recent season two experience, which was mostly  so frenchy and fancy, right?! [i loved getting to visualize all of that!!] well, i finally couldn't help myself and drew up some sassenach tanks! i mean, i didn't literally draw them. but, you know. okay, AND THEN! i thought... well, we're gonna need something to cozily watch and read in come winter... soooo... fine fine! i'll just have to tack on some sweatshirts, too. :)

so, if you need something to watch or read or color your outlander coloring book in...

here they are! [each with green, plum, and black writing]

also, baby sassenach love. :*

[to sum up a smidge!! tee // skirt // and books in order: outlander, dragonfly in amber, voyager, drums of autumn,  the fiery cross, a breath of snow and ashes, an echo in the bone, written in my heart's own blood // additionally, there's the outlandish companion, volumes one and two, and the graphic novel! i have not read the lord john series or the novellas.]

so, if only we knew when season 3 was starting, right? and when book 9 will be out! okay, maybe i don't want to know. i'll just keep on with my re-reads! :) xoxoxo

Monday, July 25, 2016


[saturday evening after a little rain shower!]

there is nothing quite like strolling at sunset, visiting our big furry beauties, and watching my little babes stretch their sweet legs across an open field to put me in a place of peace!

and oh, i've been needing it extra these days!! i'm sooo craving more simplicity in life... meanwhile everything just seems to get more and more complicated! because... that's life, yes? ;)

i mean, for every one item you let go of, there are 10 more things you "need," a million fabulous sales, birthdays, holidays, and then a handful of reasons not to donate old stuff just anywhere because then it could still likely end up in a landfill...

for every one house issue tackled, there are always more to address... [and something probably waiting to break on your car, lets be real, ha!]

for every super healthy health decision made, there's something being ingested that's totally secretly poisonous... geez.

and for every unsubscribed email list... oh my lawdy! haha!! it never ends.

so, normally my answer to it all is easily... mooore coffee! oooh, coffee, you warm, wonderful mug of delight and motivation, you!

but then, when i get too caught up in every darn detail of every little thing... i have to just stop. and remind myself of where i'm happiest. where i'm most at peace. where life is as simple as it gets...

outside. barefoot. with creatures that are perfectly content to have food, water, and love. they wouldn't know complicated if they tried... and neither would my sweet, innocent mini-humans, frolicking through the grass, just as their precious little legs were made to do!

now, that's life. :)

come at me, monday!!! i'm happy. i'm refreshed. i'm coffeed! the sun is shining... and i'm ready to jump in it.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

leftover bits of summer sweetness from june 2016 was june, and the world smelled of roses. 
the sunshine was like powdered gold over the grassy hillside. 
[maud hart lovelace]

ps. june, you are my favorite, always!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

summer hours!

last saturday turned out to be sooo beautiful! it started out gray and i was going to be majorly bummed because i was totally in need of a good, classic, summertime farm day. but!! the sun came out and the pool was perfect and the evening was golden as could be.

and gosh, iiiii just love so much that at 6pm you still have an hour to go until golden hour is at its prettiest! summer evenings, you have my whole heart!

a handful of randoms from that eve...

oh, melt me with that gaze, rocco bear!!

just out here doin' one year old stuff, of course.

she is the absolute best. sister. ever.

DONKEEEYS! watching him walk/run with his hands in the air is the highlight of my life these days.

absolutely completes me. <3
[and keeps him from tumbling down the hill!]

m convincing her daddy to do some adventuring with her // rocco is currently completely extra obsessed with his coggin. [that would be "uncle stephen" in 1 year old maddalena language so it stuck!]

PINK! it's my fav-o-rite color.

fluffies reunite!! i miss sophie, but being a farm kitty has been good for her. and for all our stuff. ;)

sunset means lightning bugs and yard yoga with chrissy these days!

...yep, motherhood at its finest...

...buuuuuut when we try to initiate any sort of migration toward the vehicle for night transfer to our designated living space... it never goes all that well!

so we just... dance? [oh man, what a depiction of typical us moves! scary!]

what if we give you chocolate? what if we give you a million dollars?
what if we snuggle? <3 <3 <3

...aaand eventually we head home! well, most of the time, anyway.

oh, summer!!! i love you!!! even if the little bunnies are falling apart by daylight's end. i kinda think that's just how it's supposed to be. :)

ps. rocco's gator onesie is my favorite that he has! i got my linen top from a latest fav online boutique. and m's ralph lauren peasant dress was a steal from thredup!