Monday, May 25, 2015

oh, those good times in april 2015...

...we went from uggs to flipflops,
celebrated a beautiful easter,
skipped town before april showers set in,
basked in the golden sun with my love, my little, my mommy,
returned home to our green, rolling hills,
to carry on with the good life.
april... you were a good one!

[can't believe we're already finishing may!!]

Friday, May 22, 2015

life of peony

...just daily documenting the life of my peony bloom, as i have no obsessive tendencies whatsoever! ;) 

but! the beauty!! i have a whole new appreciate for peonies since becoming a peony mom, myself. their color, their smell... they are just the very loveliest! ooh, nature. nature goes so far and wide beyond the beauty industry and it doesn't even have to try!

this is our third year growing our two little peony plants, and given how finicky i've read that they are after being transplanted, i really didn't think i'd be seeing a single bloom for a few years after we got them. however, last year we had one pretty bloom surprise us on one plant, and this year we had one bloom on each of the two plants! baby steps, baby steps!

and you know, one day, i so hope to have one of those yards that's just happily bursting with big ole peony blossoms each spring [i keep seeing those yards!!], but i think i'm gonna have to brush up on my skills here a bit... and probably get a house with a yard where i can plant them in the ground without worrying that i'll have to either dig them up or part with them one day!

so, until thennn...


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

my best friends' wedding, my bridesmaiding baby bump, my fancy little flower girl!

over the weekend, two of my veryyy favorite people got married!! april, my best girlfriend from age 11 on, who i did and planned out practically every detail of life with, drivers tests, sleepovers, dance classes, future baby names, potential husbands, a joint "duplex" for us to live in and all [haha! time to get that duplex!]... married the love of her life, michael, best guy friend of mine throughout high school, and i would absolutely swear to you that having him as a friend got me through those years in one happy piece! so, those two, two of my favs... they tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony, on the sweetest day, and set off on a wonderful new chapter in their life together.

so, to go back a smidge and make a high school story short, steven and i ended up dating just shortly after michael and april started dating, and there we were, high school sweethearts, the four of us.... prom, sadie hawkins, oh my, oh my my my, those were some times, weren't they! then, unlike steven and i, who broke up for about 10 months and then dove head first into commitment level 4,000 [i love you, steven robert!!!]... april and michael went their own ways for some years, which makes it all the more beautiful to see them now, having grown, found their way back to each other, and become this couple who has a sweet history and old comfort together as well as a fresh, mature love for one another. i completely admire how well they love and support each other [they even had love letters hand delivered to each other before the ceremony!], and it was so fun to get to celebrate them on their big day!

the wedding was really a flawless occasion... and thaaank goodness!! because truthfully, being the 8 month pregnant matron of honor with the almost 3 year old flower girl... lordy mercy, i was so nervous about how the day would go! i mean, seriously, there are about 2 fafillion things that could've gone wrong on our end, and i did not want to be a big fat scene of disaster on their fairy tale day... i just wanted to blend in supportively and appropriately and let april sparkle the day away like the beautiful blonde gem she is!

and oooh, it was a blessed day, indeed!! to see maddalena feeling like a princess in her dress, frolicking, twirling and posing for the photographer, walking down the aisle like a champ, playing with other little girls, and dancing into the night... i could not have been moooore proud! or relieved!! she even took a few really great photos that afternoon alongside the photographer [thank goodness for iphones!! that's how she stayed entertained during the bridesmaids photos, and she took a few really great shots, including the one of all the bridesmaids and the one of me with april! that girl, i tell you, she is really my best little sidekick 99% of the time!] and fortunately, the unborn and i held up pretty well that day, ourselves! ;)

but most importantly, april was aaabsolutely, ridiculously stunning in her incredible dress [bride barbie! or queen elsa, according to maddalena! needless to say, my girls in white had me in a heart puddle!], the location was heavenly, the flowers, gosh, they were gorgeous, the morning rain clouds cleared away to provide the prettiest wedding evening imaginable, and the joy between april and michael was undeniable.

it was wonderful, to say the least! april and michael, we love you guys so much!! thank you for including us in your dreamy day of love! 

[now, go have some babies and get on my level, okay, thanks! ;) ;)]

ps. the wedding was held at lilac farms at arrington vineyards, which was beyond gorgeous, and the day was captured by high five for love wedding photographers, who are the sweetest and take aaamazing photos. i seriously cannot wait to see them all!!

Monday, May 18, 2015

pretty & pink for a bridal brunch!

[gilded pot succulents as favors, my personal obsession // wedding paper divas invitations // specialty monogrammed cookies from the publix bakery // lots of girly food a la mom's kitchen + grocery skills // white hydrangeas, ahhh, heaven // bridesmaids gifts from the bride: beautiful kate spade good as gold bracelets + floral robes // flower girl gifts: precious pearl initial bracelets + elsa dolls! // starbucks gold dot mug with monogram for the bridey from the matron [me, duh!] // icing flower bouquet from my wedding cake!! // and so much looove all around] 

last friday, my mommy darling and i had quite the honor of hosting a bridal brunch for one of my nearest and dearest, most beautiful best bride besties my life has ever known... my sweet and wonderful april!

it's been just short of s-e-v-e-n whole years [!!!] since we threw my own bridal brunch at the farm on a sunshiney morning, so it was fun for mom and i to get to pull together some details for a girly little morning that would kick off april's big weekend of true love and pretty things. as her matron of honor, i was excited to get to contribute just a little to her big occasion, and maddalena was excited, herself, to finally meet the precious little lady that morning that she'd get to be flower girls with. aaand then there was the total bonus that being a girl after my own heart, april's wedding color scheme involved a perfect blush pink, which. is. my. favorite! not to mention, where there's an excuse for cheese plates and quiches and chicken salad and coffee cake, i am usually pretty delighted!!

so! it was a really fun morning, followed by a truly special, beautiful rehearsal night and wedding day. i sure hope our bride felt like the very loved and lovely princess that she is! it was really wonderful to have her most special ladies come together and celebrate her one more time before she wed. she sure has some sweet women in her life and i know we are all so thankful to have her in each of ours!

we love you so much, april!! thank you for keeping us around!!