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Thursday, October 20, 2016

a few fun fall goals!

gosh, that spot on the trail at the farm is my absolute favorite through every single season. it makes me so happy to see the sunlight filter through the changing leaves like that! 

soooo, just what is fall without a little listy-poo of seasonal goals? i. love. LISTS! and fall. and even though it's still been 90 degrees out... well, we are still feeling the crunch of leaves beneath our [bare] feet and that's pretty autumny, to me!

a handful of 2016 fall season to-dos!

-bake pumpkin pie 
-add cinnamon to my morning coffee 
-but then make homemade pumpkin spice lattes
-bake up some pumpkin bread!
-listen to harry connick, jr. like it's my job [i love you, harry!] 
-visit cheekwood 
-and gentry's farm 
-bring home a little pumpkin family 
-let maddalena paint some baby pumpkins 
-decorate a little for fall
-take a drive down the road our old neighborhood is off of [it always has the prettiest fall colors!]
-watch the curious george boo movie with the bunners 
-watch when harry met sally with myself [fav movie of my heart!]
-pretty up some more pinecones
-have a farmhome bonfire with the fam
-pick out halloween costumes! m says she's being a fairy. :)

[and oh, my 2012 list still gives me all the happies!]

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

fall birthday celebration at a table for 12!! okay, there were really only 11. but you can fit 12.

last week, my husband dearest had a birthday. a 31st birthday! and, in celebration, we had our families over for a weekend dinner this last saturday. so, that meant that for the veeeryyy first time, we added the two extra leaves onto our farmhouse table [that steven built a few years ago!!!] to make it even huger than huge, and set out every coaster that we own. :)

ever since steven built my dream table, i'm always looking for simple but elegant but casual but pretty table decor!! i really like juuust the right combo... depending on the season, of course. we aren't quiiite to *everything covered in glitter* season yet [MY FAV!], and boy birthday decor really doesn't need much of that, anyway... plus, i don't want to take away from available food space! [priorities, obvi!] but i do want festive and lovely. :)

so! my sweet little white ceramic pumpkins are from grandin road [c/o] and i love love love them so much!!! as far as decor goes, i just never find myself hugely in love with deep fall colors... so, as i set these pretty things out with my plates and such, i was so excited at how entirely perfect they are for our home!! they make me so happy!

and!! miss maddalena painted a few little mini-pumpkins, and oh, that girl!! i love her so much. her pastel pumpkins fit in with the decor so sweetly.

i also have a little habit of unrolling some burlap i have as a table runner! that way i can make it as long as i need. and i snagged the cotton stems for a great price from decorsteals! [<- referral link for $5 off your first purchase, but make sure you create an account before you get to check out to get the discount! i don't know why. that's just what it says to do.]

now i'm so glad i went a little crazy when my favorite placemats went on sale! haha! and thank goodness we had a few too many people buy us our silverware when we got married. now all i need is a second dishwasher!!

and a few little somethings for the mantle! i struggle there, as it's right below the big ole tv. :|

then we have the party pics, of course! a few of which were taken by my maddalena rosey girl, at her request. ;)

rocco is our little slide maniac these days! i think he's turning into an adrenaline junky. #boy

the birthday boy, himself! as captured by his little princess lady. <3

i love this sweet moment she captured between my brother and baby boy!! she is getting good!

my bro got this of my tiniest handsome. i could eat him up with a spoon every day.

steven cooked a deeeelicious tenderloin on his new grill. he's good like that.

and finally... dinner is served!!! also, my sister. haha. if only i had a dime for every single time she stared her sass straight into my candid photo attempt!

oooh, and the best!! let us not forget the gift that gives back... leftovers!! pumpkin pie for breakfast? nothing wrong with that. hey, the crust is gluten free... and pumpkin is good for the tummy!

amen, amen, amen. fall, you are lookin' mighty good!

okay, and ps. literally every single time we get to this time of year where the air gets a bit tingly and leaves start to change, i have this undying wish to visit new york city!  i don't even know why, but cue the when harry met sally viewings! anyway, right now grandin road has a pop-up shop going in new york that looks like a dream to walk through. they even have a cool, halloweeny 360 tour of where they've set up camp in macy's herald square! fascinating, yes?! guess it'll help hold me over for another season. ;) one day! one day!!

Friday, October 14, 2016

fall fun at gentry's farm!

the weather around here has been soooo incredibly beautiful lately!! i love when it's still warm enough that you don't have to layer up, but it's cool enough to be comfortable and all the fall colors start to pop out everywhere! we have such a short but ooooh so lovely fall here once it gets going!

so, i was really eager to take advantage of the october perfection last weekend... and on sunday i got a major itch to take the little ones out to frolic and play at gentry's farm. ironically, my brother had made plans to head that way for some pumpkins, so i was all, "PERFECT! us, too, thanks!" haha! what are siblings for? ;) so yay. yay!

i love my cute boys! and okay, so, they have a 4 acre cornfield maze there... isn't that crazy?! however, we tested out the kids sized mini-maze aaaaand it was pretty clear that my sense of direction does not need to go up against 4 acres, lets just say! that mini-maze was plenty for me!

the cutest log cabin!! give them all the tiny houses, please! this one even had little brooms and rocco's heart completely melted.

oh my goodness, i am so glad they're mine!! those faces make me so happy.

amen, right!? i love that.

tractors, tractors everywhere! this must be heaven!

...aaand then they found their true calling in the troughs full of grain! this. is. brilliant! i fully intend to fill a tub full of corn and toys and empty canisters and let them go to town ASAP.

can't even talk about my dream of having chickens. i want my own chickie chickies so badly one day! and look at that big daddy there. he's awesome.

to God be the glory, great things he hath done. love all the details of they put into this place! and oooh, the barns... swoon.

tiny teepees, mini-grocery stores, pumpkins, of course! obviously, this year we opted not to cruise the actual pumpkin patch [like we did when m was just teeny tiny!!!], and instead headed straight for the activities... but pumpkins were still aplenty! and so so pretty!

...also, yes, yes, in case you were wondering, rocco had to wear maddalena's old platinum leather moccasins that day! ha! i had just gotten him new shoes, buuut they developed a hole in one, so i had to think quickly because his others were either too big or too small or too summery. so, these were sure snug and shiny, but i think he pulled them off alright! ;) #secondchildprobs [oh, but don't worry, he's already back to having his own manly little shoesies!]

so, what fall things shall we do next?! we're on a good roll and i love it! although, i guess i should maaaybe nail down halloween costumes for us all! hmmm...

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

cheekwood harvest with my two little pumpkins!

fall! it's fall! it's totally fall! i am finally starting to believe it!! crazy!

i have really, really been looking forward to making it back for the cheekwood harvest ever since we picked our pumpkins there last year. and oh my! looking back at last year's shots, i cannot believe my baby rocco is SUCH a big boy now!!!! time flies, i tell you! my madd girl has come quite a long way, too, as i recall my sister completely saving me last year by diffusing a potential 3-year-old tantrum as baby girl refused to leave without the hugest pumpkin in the whole patch. haha!

we're really at such a fun place right now, age-wise... i'm soooo flat out in love with 1 and 4!! it's the perfect time to take them almost anywhere and everywhere now that rocco is walking... running! on his little legs all happily everywhere we go. [okay, except slow restaurants... age 15 months knows no patience!] so, we met up with friends last week to stroll around cheekwood now that they have their fall festivities in gear, and it was an absolutely beautiful day!!

my fav of the scarecrows!

the trains and the tree house are always a pretty huge hit!

tiny pumpkins in tiny hands! i love all that sweetness so much.

i mean, honestly, despite the summer girl that i am... i've been excited about fall cheekwood visits for months now! i mean, the pumpkin house! the scarecrows! and we still need to head back soon and stroll through all the pretty mums. :) oh, beautiful cheekwood, we love you always!! thanks for getting me into the autumn spirit!!