Tuesday, June 30, 2015

convos with maddalena rose [2.5 to almost 3!!]

[at her play kitchen, holding one of her many phones, and of course, referencing strawberry shortcake... all things she takes quiiite seriously...]
"plum is texting me. she needs salt & cheese. but... i'm using it."

[inside her secret fort during ice week & apparently i'm a dinosaur]
m: "want some water and some tea?"
b: "sure! i would love some!"
m: "well, they're my supplies, dinosaur. they're my supplies and they're not your supplies. i know you want them, but they're my supplies."

[again in her fort... i'm still a dinosaur]
"gaga made this sign and i made this sign. wanna see? come, i'll show you the words."
[turns to show me invisible signs]
"this one says 'no dinosaurs allowed.' and this one says 'no dinosaurs allowed, too.'"
[turns to face me again & waves her hands]
"now, go on dinosaur. shoo! shoo!!"

[out to lunch together]
m: "we need to brush my teeth at home because i had a chip and a grilled cheese and i didn't try to eat my pickle."
b: "you didn't try your pickle?"
m: "no, i already had a taste of your pickle on my finger."

"come 'ere, ya goooof..." 
[...curiously, i turn to see her lying on the bed grabbing at the cat with her feet]

[feeling baby brother kick]
b: "did you feel that?"
m: "he kicked!!!"
[after a little bit with no kicks]
b: "what do you think he's doing now?!"
m: "i don't know! maybe he's playin' with toys in your belly!"

"mommy... i have a boogie on my finger... and... it comed out of this tiny nose."

[assessing the growing baby bump]
"i like your belly. i hope i can measure it."

[holding up her hands, responding to my argument for why i do need to changer her diaper...] 
"i understand... but... i need you to calm. down."

"awww, look at his *tiny* *cute* feet!!"
[using her sweetest baby talk voice, looking at a housefly]

[after mac n cheese for dinner]
"that hit the spot, girlfriend!!"

[towel cuddling after her bath]
m: "mommy, i wanna talk about you."
b: "you do? what do you wanna talk about about me?"
m: "i wanna talk about brittany scioscia page scioscia!"
[she's really into knowing everyone's names... or coming close, at least ;)]

[showing me her apparently drone-shaped hair bow one afternoon]
"it's like papa's drone!"
[makes a call on her cinderella phone...]
"my drone is not working. it's not. oh, you can fix it? well, i can just fix it." 
[hangs up]
"that was the doctor."

[re: her popsicle]
m: "i can't eat it because it has ice on it."
b: "popsicles are made of ice."
m: "ugh. are you kidding me???”

"rockabye baby on the tree top, when the wind blows it'll be daytime, & i'll write your name"
[one of her song mashups, blending a traditional nursery rhyme with the latest by taylor "flift"]

[walks up eating crackers as i put lotion on in the bathroom]
m: "i am willy happy. willy willy willy willy happy."
b: "you are!?" 
[...and for aaaall the bonus sparkle points in the whole wide world...]
m: "God gave me the best best best best best mommy!"
[oh, i love that girl so much!!]

[first words out her mouth as we woke up one morning...]
"i didn't know i was maddalena rose captain hook bishop!!
[apparently she was having a dream about being in a "pretend car boat" where she was the captain and "had mia shoes on"]

[around the house]
m: "mommy, can you hand me a pe-tend scewdiver?"
b: "oh, sure! here you go..."
m: "thank you, my internet is not working very well. "

[...and later on, just a follow up]
b: "so what was wrong with your internet earlier?"
m: "well, something was tickling it, so i had to fix it."

[as we're waking up one morning, still in bed]
m: "mommy! sometimes i like to play with my nose."
b: "sometimes i like to play with my nose, too" [...for the sake of conversation, of course]
m: "when you were a little girl?!!"
b: "...mmmhm!"
m: "hahahha!!!!" [pauses] "...that's hee-larious."

"mommy...? are you mommy scioscia? are you mommy scioscia bishop?"
[...names! bingo!]

[what could've been overheard recently in the tjmaxx dressing room as m looks in the mirror]
"look at my pitty blue eyes!"
[pause a few seconds...]
"look at your HUGE BELLY!!"

[pretending to take a picture of me from her carseat]
"say 'poniiieeees!' ...oh, good one!! i think i'm gonna put it on the internet!"

[on the back porch for dinner]
"sooo... i can't find my wine."

[admiring daddy as he prepares smoothies in the blender]
"he's a good man."

[in the car while i'm driving one afternoon]
"mommy. i need to ask you something."
"what is it?"
"can i use a little pe-tend ipad?"
"... ... ...well... you have to give one to me."
"oh, okay... here you go!!"
[hand her a pretend ipad]

[while independently playing with her play dough for a while, then she comes to get me...]
"i made a snowman that's funny and cute!!!"

...and so! behold, her first ever play dough creation...


ooh, you are wonderful inside and out, miss maddalena rosey!
every day is just better with you in it, my girl. :*

Saturday, June 27, 2015

in the fiiiinal stretch...

hey hey, 39 weeks! and... hey there, polo match! we maaade it to the final stretch! [for both things actually! we are gonna be so sad when our polo friends, humans and horses, head out after this weekend!]

so, i was thinking just recently about how funny it is that with your first baby... you get this far and you really start to savor all those last times it's just you and your husband...

and then! with your second baby... suddenly getting so close to birthin' time has you realizing that each and every day won't just be you and your firstborn!

i have totally been soaking up every last ounce of my little partner in crime for these past three years. it's hard to believe she isn't my tiny one anymore!! she's this amazing almost three year old who suddenly knows how to tie a knot! by herself! in a blade of grass!

how does time go so fast?!

but! knowing how in love we are with maddalena makes us so thrilled to get to feel that way about someone else. to have another little wonderful person, a boy, here in our family of kooks! the best. and i am so so so excited for maddalena to have a sibling. for her to be a big sister. she's going to be the coolest, sassiest, snuggliest, most awesome big sister, mini-mommy ever ever.

so, the waiting game is on and we aaare excited. and a little antsy. but... i'm kinda running out of belly space here, right! so, come on little bunny! there's lots of fun to be had in the oxygenated part of the world, i promise! ;)

Thursday, June 25, 2015

makey thursday! make your own fairy wand with seedling!

maddalena is officially at the age where she loves crafts! yaaaay!! i am so excited. my mom was like, theee craft queen with me when i was maddalena's age, and we crafted our days away together as i grew. it served me well, i do believe!! and i've definitely been awaiting the day that i could craft with my own little lady!

and so, here's one of the best things about being a crafty mama these days, whether it comes naturally to you or not... you don't actually always have to come up with all the ideas and bits and pieces on your own. ;) there are brilliant kits out there! reallyyy handy when you don't want to dedicate a whole errand run to kids craft prep, you know?

seedling was nice enough to send us a craft kit from their massive collection of crafts and activities... a make your own magical fairy wand kit!! right up maddalena's alley?! yep, that sounds just abouuut perfect!

the kit came with all the materials needed right inside the little box. the instructions were simple, but also left room to do adjust however we saw fit. and i did all the scissor parts, obviously! i also aided in jingle bell and ribbon placement, letting maddalena dictate which colored items went where. of course, there's always a fine balance between letting her feel like she's doing certain parts, and actually getting them done! but we had a great time working on it together. :)

...and in the end, she was delighted with her finished product!!

that fairy wand has now jingled its way in and out of rooms and purses and car rides, casting fairy dust over minnie and making made-up dances that much fancier. and i mean, it goes just perfectly with the bag of grapes, oversized purse, and cardboard tiara, does it not? oh gosh, do i love that princess lady of ours!

so, fostering creativity and adorable-ness? great success, i say!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

obsessed: some pretty little things!

[a few fav things lately that have me using lots of exclamation points...!!]

1. peony tea towel - so, i have suuuch a thing for tea towels that i kind of never expected to have! this one is a top fav. actually, pretty much every towel in this whole line is gorgeous and i want them all.

2. peony soy candle - !!! from the saaaame line of beautiful tea towels! i have this on my desk and haven't even had to light the wick because i can smell it every time i sit down! thaaat's the best because then they never run out. and... it's the prettiest.

3. grapefruit body scrub - i literally want to eat this body scrub when i use it. it smells delicious and the shea butter in it really makes you all smooth feeling!! plus, gosh, j.r. watkins always has the best packaging. i have such a weakness!

4. pretty havaianas - i fell in love with havaianas TEN years ago... at a random boutique in malibu. gosh, time fliiiies! anyway, i was all "they look like regular flip flops... but they're sooo comfy!?!" and i wore them like crazy for oh so long. but then after a while, i was like... "well, i can't just wear these everywhere because as comfy as they may be... they just look like regular flip flops." and then they started making prettier and prettier ones... and now... THESE! angels are singing. i wear these everywhere and they won't be coming off my feet until winter. that's fo sho. ahh, i just love summer!

5. essie muchi, muchi - fiiiiiinallyyyy the perfect pale pink that actually doesn't go on sheer!! as much as i love ballet slippers, this one is a bit pinkier and doesn't take as many coats... and all my essie nail polish dreams have come to fruition! glory, glory.

6. instax photo album - i. could. not. be. more. ob. sessed. first of all, i love my instax camera so so much. there's really just something about taking a photo... one photo... and then whatever comes out [instantly!] is the moment you have captured! there it is. no deleting. no "i'll just have to correct that in photoshop." it's just what you have, perfect or not. it brings back all the simple and sentimental vibes that used to just be the nature of cameras and photos, and i love that we haven't totally lost that! so, when i flip through all my little instax pics in my cute little album, i am like... theeee happiest girl ever. and this album... it's adorable. also, hilariously cheap and asian-made. it literally says on the front, "pieces of moment," and has a serial number on it. but it's stamped in gold, so it's still pretty! i mean, really, it all just kiiind of completes me.


Monday, June 22, 2015

she's going to the royal ball...

over the weekend, on saturday to be exact, miss maddalena requested that she wear her most official princess dress... donned about 11,000 hair barrettes and "clippers" in her hair... and then announced that she was going to the ball.

"well, who are you going to the ball with?!" i asked her, curiously.

"daddy!" she said with the very cutest and most genuine little grin.

and oooh, that was about the best answer in the whole wide world if you ask me!

i love that she feels like her daddy's princess. i love that he showers her with praise and approval. and, you know, i feel pretty adamant that every girl, little and big, should feel like a princess with her daddy. there's maybe nothing that makes me happier than seeing maddalena twinkle and glow around hers.

of course, i know nooo family is perfect, and too many father/daughter relationships definitely do not go that way... but i wish they all could. because girls just need it! while steven's playing with and loving on and nurturing our girl, he's teaching her how to receive love and be respected... he's making her feel special and cherished and beautiful... and he's laying the groundwork for her whole life of love. then one day [far, faaaar away!] she'll want to settle down with a man who treats her however it is she learned to be treated by men.

...and whoever he is, he better be freaking amazing, let. me. just. say!

buuut until then... the "pe-tend" royal ball with daddy sounds just absolutely perfect to me! the ball... and maybe prom... ;)

so! anyway. especially given this past father's day weekend, i'm endlessly grateful for a daddy of my own who never once had me questioning how much he adored me, and a husband/daddy that i know loves me, and treats our little lady that very same way. <3

thank goodness for aaaall the wonderful dads out there!! i hope it was a great father's day weekend for everybody!

[...aaaand they lived happily ever after!]

Friday, June 19, 2015

going in my hospital bag: essential oils for baby havin!

so! i'm supposed to have packed my hospital bag by now... according to me, my doctor, my life, the timing with which maddalena was born... the whole world, really. buuuut. i haven't! i have stacks and lists of what i'm taking, of course, but then i just keep on living my life and using my daily items, and nothing officially packed...

but!!! what i am getting prepped and packed already is my little bag of essential oils for baby havin! i've been so looking forward to this, since when i had maddalena the only one i used was lavender [my biggest fear was pretty much being held back by my own stress and anxiety. lavender, yay!!] this time around, having had one great birth as it is, i'm excited to go for it with so many of the oils they tell you not to go near during pregnancy. so, these are the oils i'm taking to help the whole process along...

clary sage - can help efficiency of contractions, tone the uterus, and increase circulation. i've read to rub it on inner ankles during labor!

jasmine - can strengthen contractions and increase milk supply. it's also supposed to be great for your mood, and is just one of my very favorite scents in general! a good place to rub it is on the lower back or lightly on abdomen. [and ps. jasmine is expensive, but you can get a super good deal on the cutest little bottle of NSP's jasmine right now while supplies last, since they just revamped their line!]

rose - emotionally uplifting, can help relax muscles, opening up the pelvis.

myrrh - can increase strength of contractions, and inhaling it can aid in stalled labor. also can be great for use on baby's little bellybutton cord area later to help seal it off and heal faster.

neroli - can improve circulation, reduce fear and anxiety, and aid digestion! perfect! [NSP still has some previous stock of neroli for a great deal, too!]

lavender - can be used for calming, relaxing, healing, and pain relief.

helichrysum - can help with bleeding and to reduce swelling.

frankincense - can help in calming and pain relief. it's another that's often used for disinfecting the baby's cord area later and anointing the top of baby's head with one tiny drop for grounding and balancing!

peppermint - can help boost energy and reduce nausea. also, i have read that it can help turn breech or posterior babies. but! can also reduce milk supply, so use sparingly. [aaand NSP deal on peppermint! this one definitely got me through that first trimester nausea.]

additionally, i'll have on hand a bottle of distress remedy [not essential oils, but flower essences... they are pure gold, i tell you!] to help with the new transition... particularly for big sister! 

...sounds like a party, right! 
guess i should get my party clothes packed. ;)

Thursday, June 18, 2015

get nesty.

oh, not much to see here! just some pretty little peonies lighting up my tabletop...

...aaaaand the prettiest little princess peeker to ever don a chocolate goatee! gosh, i love life with her so ridiculously much.

anyway, i don't quite know just hoooow it's happening, but somehow between 9 months of pregnancy, some sleep, the aaaalmost 3-year-old beauty queen, and my highly prioritized summertime activities [because pools + sunsets + bare feet in the grass!]... 

a bunch of the things on my pre-baby to-do list are actually... getting... done!!

it's amazing, really. because i'm the type with the endlessly growing to-do list. i'm absolutely never ready... there's always more to be done. but! i'm now at that place where i'm knocking out the must-dos, kinda just making peace with the probably-won'ts, possibly drinking a *hair smidge dot* more coffee from my cup, never skimping on those B vitamins... and putting quality outdoor playtime as top priority, because that is summertime, and summertime is the best best best.

and! to top it all off with some big ole fresh flowers when we walk in the house! now, that feels purty good.

so, baby boy, i'm not singing you songs of eviction quiiiite yet! totally okay with that, although the thought of bending over, sleeping on my stomach, and being a regular-sized, non-ostrich-shaped girl, all while snuggling a tiny ball of cuddles and smell-goods does sound pretty aaahh-mazing!

and princess maddalena! hey, let's go play, girl! before our daily routine here gets a craaazy little makeover... ;)

Monday, June 15, 2015

in the swing of summer!

[precious love nuzzles between m & her most recent evening ride, phenomania. melt me! i'm a puddle!]

ahhhh, it feels like the summer season is totally in full swing, and iiii love it. SO. much! june is hands down my very favorite month, and this year's version sure isn't failing us. and i mean, forget whatever it says on the calendar, i know that summer's here when my phone starts filling with photos of pool scenes, sunsets, horses, maddalena on horses...

...ooooh, and speaking of! ;)

[tiny m with the boys & horses, just totally livin' her dream these days with her latest gig as a polo groom!]

[watching & cheering at the tournament championship the next evening!]

...and obviously, the only way to watch polo is in your tiara.

Friday, June 12, 2015


[always my little photographer <3]

[stomping divits! madd was aaall over it]

[hi, nick and muffin!!]

[soul sisters/real sisters]

[the most beautiful sunset]

[she makes me the absolute happiest... ever]

...i mean, just who ever said i wasn't a sports fan!? ;)

i was sooo crossing my fingers to get to go to at least one polo match this month when i found out we'd have a barn full of polo horses and their delightful people around the farm for a bit!

aaand so... mission accomplished!! we headed out a few evenings ago for a hot and beautiful evening of polo. nick [who has his string of 8 at our barn for the month] did great and their team won, yaaay! even miss maddalena loved it, as hot and sweaty as she was. she's a horse girl at heart and it makes me so ridiculously proud!

then, the sun set into a magical scene of golden dust and horse silhouettes, and they announced something along the lines of, "hey! there's pizza for everyone!" aaand that's pretty much a perfect evening, if you ask me. we're off to watch another tonight [one that stevo can finally join in on, yay! he was away on business for the last one.], so hey hey! good little friday plan, i think!

ps. i'm officially digging out of my closet the very feeew items of clothing that fit me at this point... and every day i feel like regina george and i hear a little voice in my head shout, "YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US!" haha. soon enough... "i really wanna lose 3 pounds."  ;)