Monday, August 31, 2015

another weekend story!

always gathering the prettiest ones [the bugs have really done a number on them] // mr. charming junior is thrilled about car rides // little lady! // mama + coffee + tiny man // if looks could melt me to a puddle... oh wait, they can // on august 31, 2015 he cleaned the house. so thankful for my mayunnn! //   when we have wine, maddalena has "orange juice wine" // she built a castle // i was legitimately looking forward to our family grocery outing this weekend // "these are for balance, if i take them off i will fall," she said as she covered her legs in kroger stickers. // madd girl and the sweet neighbor kids // siblings <3 // rocco & i walked the last few minutes to the farm, because carrier > carseat... maddalena joined for the driveway portion // ...and ran!! // my grandmother's old hats // she's a happy minnie, despite her bad leg // that boy and his new bubble tricks! // love those lovedonks and their dirt bath ways

Friday, August 28, 2015


...all my troubles seemed... well, not sooo far away? but not too terrible, either! because oooh, the sweet faces i have gracing my eyeballs for 20 of 24 hours a day!! and like, i'm not gonna complain about needing coffee, either, because as i've noted so. many. times. via. every. social. media. outlet... i love coffee. with a passion maybe only shakespeare could describe. terribly sorry, adrenals!!! hang in there, babes!!

anyway! rands from yesterday. becauuuuse... because!

basically, i'm like, super excited that both my babies were born and are real. with rocco, madddalena's always like, "i can't believe he was bor-en!" and i'm like, "i can't either!!" and he keeps on getting more fun every day... and i'm all, "wait, rocco, weren't you just born?!!" but no! he's growing like a champ. and then maddalena gets all mature and stuff on me and i'm like, "babies!! don't go to kindergarten and college and get married and leave me yettttt!" i'm a big picture person. to a fault. clearly.

anyway! we, as a tiny circus, took minnie for a follow-up vet visit yesterday just to determine what i already knew... her poor little leg is gonna need surgery. my minnie!! my original baby princess! she has patellar luxation [wiggly kneecaps] which has lead to muscle atrophy in one leg and arthritis in both hind legs. my poor fluffy meemers! so, one of her legs is heart-breakingly useless right now and she's only 7... she has so many years left! i want her to be able to frolic happily around the farm again!! so. it has to be done. i'm sorry, minnie! i love you!! you shall frolic once again!!

ps. i see all these babies that like, sleep in their carseat and stuff? ummmm, no. mine have both hated the infant carseat with the fire of one thouuusand suns. poor rocco!! he is traumatized every time we go anywhere! it's completely miz. so, as he fell apart and minnie tolerated, maddalena and i snagged some starbucks chocolate chip cookies [love that drive-through!] on our gas-getting detour home... because, you know... emotional fuel, car fuel... girls need it all sometimes.

and fast forward to way later!!! late evening brought simultaneous sleepage for both little bunbuns, which was unexpected and glorious. i did not use that time wisely. i didn't even have wine! what?! it'd have put me to sleep, though, because my afternoon coffee didn't even touch my tireds. but i did have semi-adult convos and cuddles with stevo before happily diving headfirst into my new routine of watching the mindy project until rocco officially goes nightynight... and this made me laugh! "how are your episiotomy stitches healing?" and kendra, ha! yep, don't worry, i snapchatted it...

so, i kiiiinda wish mindy was my doctor sometimes? except, no i don't! because i love my doctor, and really, this made me miss her. aaand yes, i realize it's not super normal to miss your doctor. i'm weird about my attachment disorder. ;)

well, that's that! random thursday documentation complete! xoxoxo

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

oh, regular life sparkles

...just a little account of life with my sweet boo + bunnies last weekend! sometimes, on any given day, i like to hand my sister my camera because she captures the littlest sparkles just oh so well for me. :)

and you know! it's occurred to me lately, that i think maybe the smallest life moments are the ones i want to preserve the most. because down the road, i'll probably remember the big life moments! it'll be easier to recall the larger, more spectacular things. and like i wouldn't have my camera with me for full documentation of spectacular things, anyway! ha! but it's so easy to forget the everyday things, because they seem so normal and routine... 

but it all changes so quickly! 

i already find myself going back to old photos to remember details of what regular life was like when steven and i were first married or when maddalena was teeny tiny... and i can't even tell you how many times i go back in my blog archives to see what we were doing at certain points in time! it all turns into such a blur so fast... and one day i'll want to look back and know what madd's hair was doing when she was three [crazy awesome stuff!]. and how stinkin' delicious rocco was at 7 weeks old. how steven's haircuts [and arm muscles, ahem] were all sorts of handsome perfection in 2015 and how brittany like, never got any. or wore shoes. haha. or how funny our family looked without... whatever other kids we'll have! one more, at least? right babe? ;)

so, lately! here in august of 2015... i am happiest outside, on a porch. preferably the farm porch, and that's nothing new, now is it! but i'm really craving it these days. rain or shine, fresh air, porch life. with my ladybug romping around, leaping, dancing like she does. snuggling with my newest little man... he nurses, he doses, he nurses, he dozes. hopefully having my tallest man bring me a lovely glass of red once we get near enough to 5pm. ;) and having good conversations and hearty laughs with my parents and siblings and whoever else is buzzing around, doing all of their things!

and speaking of normal/not normal, stevo flew out to the san diego zoo this morning to see their vet hospital for the day... for work! and i am all sorts of jeal. i told him he better take pics of ape surgery or whatever the happs are there today, because pics or it didn't happen, right!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

so, whatcha been up to?

...mostly obsessing over my two little lovemonkeys...
[in lovey, adorable ways and also in misdiagnosis-y symptom googling ways!
you know, as you do when mothering the teeniest tinies.]

...needing every. cup. of. coffee. that planet earth has to offer...
[needing aaand wanting, because heavens, i! love! coffee!
and i wish i could drink approx 8 cups a day. but... nursing.]

...wanting to savor all this perfect weather as looong and as often as possible...
[wishing i was in my fav spot, liiike, every day. brb, moving back to the farm...]

...and in all the in betweens!! more of... precious little loves!

ps. baby rocco, you wonderful, patient boy!
he loves his sweet big sis, and, oooh! does she love him...
when he smiles at her it completes her world.
she's also kind of obsessed with his feet,
and i think she's pretty sure she could take care of him all on her own. ;)

i love you, my babies!
heart heart heart.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

a charming giveaway with zazzle! [closed]

[personalized notebook + water bottle thanks to zazzle // pony backpack jr + matching gear thanks to garnet hill //polkadot dress is land's end via thredup // slip on shoesies thanks to cienta[and omg i can't eeeeven with that grown up baby girl!!]

it's that time of year already! i can't believe it! just wheeere or where has the summertime gone? kids are all heading back to school... fall is [dare i say it!?] around the corner, just there... and oh my gosh. i remember just how that felt growing up! i was always so sad to let go of each sweet summer [tear!!], but all tingly and excited about starting a new year of school! and let's be honest... i was all about the social opportunities, and i loved loved catching up and seeing people i hadn't seen all summer long.

anyway, while maddalena's not quiiite there yet [still top of her class here at mommy academy ;)], she's becoming more and more fascinated with the idea of school. she already totally gets that the best part of the whole thing iiiiis... school supplies! back to school shopping! duh. so, don't even get her started on how much she loves a good backpack! or "packpack" as she used to call it all cutely and stuff. baby girl's growing up way, way too fast! she even asked first thing this morning if she was going to school today. well, she asked if it was her "backpack day," and i think she'd been having a dream about it... but apparently, she was asking about school. haha.

okay, so hey!! just in time for all of that, here's a really fun thing: it's giveaway time with zazzle! yaaaay! zazzle carries just about anything and everything you could want for life... and all of it you can totally personalize. like maddalena's little notebook and water bottle! hooow cute are those!! so cute. i could seriously spend a lifetime on that website. a lifetime and a bank account, i'm tellin' ya!

so!! zazzle is kindly offering $50 to spend on to one friend of charmings! to enter, just visit the website, and then leave a comment here saying one thing you'd love to purchase. a winner will be randomly drawn in one week. :) ps. don't forget to leave an email address attached to your comment or else i can't contact you!



updated: 8/27
weeeee have a winner! congrats to madison!!
enjoy your zazzle shopping, girlfriend!!

Monday, August 17, 2015

on a weekend in august

...i'm pretty sure i'm happiest on a porch or in a barn...

...a steaming hot shower lately is the. best. feeling. ever!

...two additional best things ever: coffee [duh] and babywearing [cozy little lifesaver!]...

...i don't think i've been this panicked over the passing of time since i was 16, but lately i am acutely aware of every blip that goes by without fully being used and appreciated [which, i'll admit, is kinda hard when you're sleep deprived!]...

...i took an evening walk with the babes this weekend, maddalena in her tutu holding flowers in one hand and my hand in the other, rocco sleeping on me in his carrier... and every person that passed by us smiled and had that look that means they either want to say "you've got your hands full!" or "i remember those days! they go too fast!" people always seem to go with one or the other, and i wondered which one they'd each choose if i stopped and talked to them. although someone in the grocery recently simply stated in passing, "don't blink" and i kind of just wanted to cry...

...but i'll blame kenny chesney for that! my mental background music is stuck between him and trace adkins lately... somebody get me a pump it up playlist, STAT!

...and for the millionth bazillionth time in my life, i will now officially begin begging and pleading for summer to stay forever! should we just run off to an island already?! but only if i can bring my horse...

...i've totally entered a black & white photo phase! i think it must be to match all my sentimental vibes...

...this weekend i said, "you know you're a mom when your baby poops on your shorts and you don't change them." and steven said, "you know you're a dad when your baby poops on your wife's shorts and she doesn't change them." hashtag: accurate. rocco's cheeks are my dream. i just can't get enough.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

my maddalena girl

i came upon this pretty little scene as i passed by maddalena's room just recently, and oooh, my heart just melted! i am more in love with her sweet, feminine spirit every single day. it's just... bananas! and i am so so lucky.

[but, wait, what is it shakespeare wrote, again? though she be but little, she is fierce. ;) and high five, there, too! because a girl's gotta have a healthy dose of that, if you ask me!]

anyway, i've been so so proud of this girl in these last 5 weeks. she's been patient and nurturing, gentle and helpful... both with me and her new baby. she's had a blast getting a little more bonding time with daddy, and is growing up even faster, i think, now that she doesn't see herself as a baby! so, i remind her that she's myyy baby, always, because slow. down. time! [she's been telling us lately that she's going to be 16 and drive a car! i can not eeeven handle that!] and of course, she gets frustrated, too, i know... but she's just handling it all so darn well for a 3 year old.

i had definitely been worried about how it would all go bringing a new baby into our lives, when for the last 3 years maddalena and i have been best, best friends, attached at the hip for everything, every single day. and night. i mean, i had no idea how it would go! none. i knew it would be good for her to have a sibling, but that breakthrough period was suuuch a scary thought! would she resent him? would she try to act like a baby, too? would she get depressed? would i handle it okay? would it hurt our relationship? so, we talked about it and we read books and we did our very best emotional prep leading up to it all... 

and hey! here we are a month in! and my appreciation for maddalena is absolutely endless. she's the best big sister ever, and it's genuinely nice to have a set of little hands to help out. very, very touchy hands, i might add... we're still working on maybe a less-invasive level of sibling affection!

then, when i finally get to give her some good one on one snuggles, she dives in like she's been waiting her whole life for the chance... and that pretty much breaks my heart! but, i have to say, it makes me feel loved at the same time. especially since there have been many moments where i've really just missed her and her whole-body snuggles so much, too. really, though, before i can complete an entire thought process over it, there's a hungry, snuggly little rocco that's ready to steal me back. ;) and that's okay, because it's his time to be the baby!

so, gosh, growing up is so hard, isn't it?! but it's such fun to be a part of. my childhood was the best... so good that i never wanted to leave it! and really, i can only hope my babes get to say that one day, too. <3

thank you for being my girl, maddalena rose, my pretty ballerina!!