Tuesday, March 3, 2015

a roundup of baby favs on cricket's circle!!

so, hey! this is fun! 
five of my faaaaavorite, must-have baby registry picks 
are featured on cricket's circle today
among a bunch of other [way, way] cool[er] mamas!

i love love love the cricket's circle web site, myself,
and i'm so glad to be able use them as a resource 
now that we know we're prepping for a little mister on the way!

i mean, any time we are in search of a new product,
i am a crazy googling, researching, review-reading machine,
so, i totally appreciate that cricket's circle really takes a lot of the work out of that.

plus, they're always featuring really fabulous moms
[oh, hello, racheljessica! lily! ivanka!]
so, it's quiiite a pleasure to be even
the tiniest of dots on their web space. ;)

anyway, check it out!!
[because really, i like, passionately love my top picks!]

Monday, March 2, 2015

i'm feelin' 22! [weeks.] [pregnant.]

22 weeks!

and gosh, it's pretty amazing to realize how fast they go
from being 22 week little buns in the oven
to 2 1/2 year old wonderful tiny people,
running around and keeping life fun!

i've been sure glad that our newest growing boy
has been making his presence known more and more lately,
[baby kicks! baby kicks! my favorite part, for sure.]
because it can be awfully hard to remember
to just stop and relax and enjoy it
when you're already running around with a busy little one.

but! it's so exciting in all different ways this round, too...
looking forward to having another little face and personality around,
and knowing how much we are in looove with maddalena.
it's like, how can you not just want more of that?!

bring on aaaaaall the love!
and bring on the summertime, too, while we're at it? ;)
[please please please please please!!]

[ps! an old silouhettey fav from italy with a 24 week baby bump...
yep, pretty sure this boy belly is bigger and rounder and higher!]

Thursday, February 26, 2015

ice week recovery!

the little lady and i took a much needed little lunch date break in the middle of our major post-ice-week catch up/so many errands day this week! aaand even though the last thing we really needed was chocolate milk and a sugary latte [decaf! i wouldn't have even made it that far had i not had my morning joe already, but i needed a rare moment drinking coffee just for the warm and cozy. and that whipped cream?! treat yo self!], and then we threw on top of that some twin grilled cheese lunches... well, you know, it was just nice. oh so nice! and that tiny girl of mine makes such a good little sidekick, i have to say. :)

[a little #nurserymirrorgram of a 21 week bump of baby boy + grilled cheese underneath a toddler and sea of pink... ;) naturally!]

and because no day is complete until daddy comes home... oh, it's just the very sweetest to walk around the corner and find them like this <3

gosh, i sure love sharing every day with my peoples. they're my favorite, and they keep my heart nice and warm even when the rest of me is fa-reeeeezing!

and you know, there is just something about these last few silly weeks of winter... the unrelenting cold, the strangely plentiful southern snows, the sore throat that just about knocked me flat this week... that just feels so absolutely ridiculous that you just KNOW it's all about to come to an end. and life is about to bloom. and happiness is about to get happier! i can just feel it! final push. final excuse to do anything indoorsy before the warm air swoops in and saves us. and gosh, there are only two more days of february left!!

so, i'm feeling oddly patient about the whole thing right now! but ask me to go out and check the mail and thaaaat might change. ;)

but ps. i painted my nails blue for boy vibes this week, and the color is oooh so appropriately called find me an oasis!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


hey!! thank you so much to everyone for celebrating our boy news with us! i am so excited to do aaaaall the googling/melting in the world on tiny, cute, mini-gentleman everything... we all love him already, and as we go along from here it's going to be really fun for us, i think! 

i've just gotten started sorting through all the baby stuff we already have [gosh, all the tiny, tiny baby stuff maddalena once wore! tear!!], pulling out those stowed-away infant items and digging for anything gender neutral... haaa! okay, really, we do actually have a number of things that are just perfect for a boy, and it's been fun to start him his own little stacks of onesies and blankies and burp cloths. :)

actually, one of the extra great parts of this not being our first time around [woo!] is that i feel like i have a pretty good idea of what we really do or don't need when it comes to having a newborn in the house. i mean, for the most part we're pretty set, and hoooow nice is that?! oh, but nesting, pregnant or not, goodness, nesting is my heaven. so bring on the tiny blue boy things!

yaaay yay!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

life was good in january 2015...

with as looong as winter can feel sometimes, it sure helps me to peek back at the little tiniest moments from life and remember how oooooh so thankful i am for every bit of it! sometimes the snuggliest, coziest times happen when you're just trying to keep warm, right? and in the long run it all goes way too fast, anyway! life is good. :)

Monday, February 23, 2015

we made it through the snow and ice!! to find out that we're haaaving aaaa...

...baby boy!!

yes, yes, over the icy streets and throoough the slush, to the doctor's office we went! and after all the suspense in the whole. wide. world. when a little somebunny wouldn't spread those leggies, we finally saw the proof [oh, just makin' daddy proud already!] that baby number two is a bouncing [seriously, bouncing] baaaby boy!

so, after a long afternoon of anticipation and discovery and ice driving nerves, we popped over to the grocery store on the way home to grab some food and a little balloon for maddalena to make it fun when we told her... and of course, she loved the balloon! but she wasn't surprised in the slightest, since she'd actually already told us the night before that she was "gonna put the baby boy in the bathtub." ;) that girl just knows everything, let me tell ya!

anyway, we're excited!! i have totally wanted to say boy this whole time, just like i wanted to say girl with maddalena... but until we knew for sure, i had to just try to constantly convince myself that it really could be either one! of course, steven and i have always hoped to add a little prince to our mix at some point, so we're really, really thrilled to be doing just that. i think it's fun for maddalena, too, now to be identifying a little bit more of this mysteeerious belly-dweller...

...can't wait to have two silly geese around these parts! and as for names, i am still trying to convince steven that we need to travel back to italy to really decide that for sure. haha. i mean, worked like magic the first time around! ;)

Friday, February 20, 2015

iced in! [oh my!!]

this. weather. has. been. crazy!

i mean, i feel like typically we can't really expect toooo much of snow predictions around here when all the media outlets are calling for winter weather... [although, one mention of snow and the grocery stores are completely out of bread and milk! why does everyone need bread and milk?! any great bread and milk recipes out there? ;)] but this time... oh my!! we've been covered in white aaall week!

fortunately, as it was all beginning, we made it on over to the farm, so we haven't gone as completely cabin-fever crazy as we would've had we stayed at our little housey, and steven's been able to make it to work from the farm a bit more easily. [although, i much prefer having him stuck with us!] but really!! it just doesn't even feel like we're in nashville anymore. winter, you nutty, kooky old fool, you!

aaand so, while northen states are probably totally rolling their eyes at our snow-related chaos and complete inability to function in these conditions... well, it's true that we are super not used to it, but also, the stuff we get around here is often really icy, turning the streets to skating rinks and making driving conditions altogether no bueno. and since monday's sky opened up with a lovely pouring of sleet, we woke up on tuesday morning to a beautiful view of white, glisteny, solid ice ice ice completely covering the land! i mean, it sure looked like pretty white snow... but... it was mooostly slippery, slick ice! and it certainly had steven and i wondering...

hooow are we going to make it to our baby gender appointment?!!

...ahhhhhh, our long awaited, gender-revealing, 20 week, baby-number-two scan was scheduled for the most frozen week nashville has seen in years, and there we were 25 minutes and a couple of ice-covered hills away... but oooh, winter weather, you just can't hold us back!! no siree bob! not us, my friend, nooooot us. ;) [okay, you can, actually. a lot. but not where there's such knowledge to be had!!]

[aaand this is just gonna have to... be... continued!]

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

when your horse turns t-w-e-n-t-y e-i-g-h-t !!!!

i am preeeettttty proud to say that as of tuesday,
my horse has o-fficially lived 28 whole years of life...
and 18 of them with me!!! that is just crazy, isn't it!

so, i know that when you're a 28-year-old equine,
life is maybe not quite as simple as it once was,
[oh, you know, just a little arthritis here, a few missing teeth...]
but gosh, i am so so thankful for his every year and day!

so, happy 28 years of life to my pretty casey boy!
he's made my whole world better since we were both 10,
and 18 years later i appreciate him more. than. ever.

aaand you better believe that on his birthday,
i took a little stroll through these freezing
icey snow conditions we've had going around here
 to deliver some love and mushy oatmeal ball birthday treats...
[niiice & chewable for those missing teeth, of course!]

and oooh, these boys...

...they make me the happiest. even in straight up eskimo weather!