Friday, July 24, 2015

two feels like...

...quite a balancing act ;)

full of love + love + more love,
depending on my husband and my mom
a whole lot more than i'm used to,
not enough sleep, and not nearly enough coffee...
but then again, hey! what's new?!
i never have enough sleep or coffee,
but my little people... well, they complete me.

anyway, my sweet friend denise 
[also mom of newborn & toddler, also both july babes!!] 
shared a scary mommy post recently on having a toddler and a newborn
 that kiiiind of just nails it. bless you, scary mommy!
i might have shed a few tears of amen into my coffee cup...
but also, coffee!!! you know!!

and as a bonus note: 
i've SO been wearing my newest zellas
eeevery day since they arrived! [they might complete me just a little bit, too]
and when i went last night to buy more of more everything zella
before the sale ends... well, they are selling. out. fast. bummer!!
guess the secret's out that they're aaahhh-mazing. ;)

haaaappy weekend!!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

obsessed: jewelry shop favs!

if there's one thing i've come to know about myself, it's that iiii love jewelry! i think i'd rather accessorize over a basic t-shirt than fancy up any other way, and i find that i'm less and less into wearing any kind of trendy cheap stuff and more into having fewer quality jewelry items that i really love. 

aaalso... i'm especially into jewelry that carries meaning... and the more secret-ish and understated the meaning, the better! like, you know how some people get a tiny, secret tattoo that pretty much only they know about? well, i'm not a tat gal, but that's kind of me and jewelry.

so! i have several staple favorites these days that i pretty much wear non-stop. i don't feel like myself without my jewelry on, and i've come to know exactly what i'm looking for in a pretty little accessory, whether it was $19 at an antique shop [one of my rings!!!] or a designer-name deal...

that being said, there are a handful of jewelry shops that i really adore! so, shoutout to some favs...

monkeys always look - i discovered this shop during my search for the perfect name rings sometime around when maddalena was born... and theirs remain my absolute favorites!! to anyone else, they look like simple stackers as you wear them, but i love that when i look down, i can see my babies' names, tiny and hand-stamped into sterling silver. i literally never take mine off and never stop being obsessed with them... and i was so excited to get another one for baby #2 that my sweetpea of a husband went ahead and surprised me with a rocco ring a couple of weeks before he was born!

layered + long - when i came across L+L, i was immediately swooning and dizzy and in love. i'd been browsing jewelry on etsy, with a vision of a certain necklace style that i was looking for when i clicked upon their shop... and after days of gazing at their gemstone bar necklaces, i finally decided what i wanted and sent them a little message to see if they could tweak their style just a bit for me, creating their gemstone bar necklace with sterling silver beads instead of gemstones on a gold chain [ps. i love mixed metals]. and they did! and i LOVE it!! and bonus, i wanted to be able to layer it with a necklace i'd already been wearing [my pink gemstone necklace from the beach reminds me of maddalena, by the way, and so i wanted this one to remind me of rocco!], so i ordered it along with a detachable chain extender! it's perfect. aaand... cutest thing ever... what i didn't get: personalized tiny bar tag. gosh. i love that.

ryan sadkin - a couple of years ago, my sweetest friend, morgan, sent me and the other blacation girls the prettiest bracelets from ryan sadkin! each one has beads in the gender color of our [firstborn] babies... mine has the perfect pink on a gold chain, and it is just gorgeous. it's so gorgeous that i loved it a little too hard and it broke!! woops. that's what i get for never taking off my jewelry. hooowever!! i contacted the lovely ryan, and without hesitation, she let me send it to her, she fixed it right up, and she mailed it back! i was so excited! it's as beautiful and perfect as ever now. she also has about a million beautiful things in her shop that i have my eye on...

simon & ruby - the lovely, lovely [and local to nashville!!] lindsay of simon & ruby makes some really beautiful designs, and i know firsthand that she pours her heart and soul into each one! she took some photos of me, maddalena, and two of our very best girls last fall [she is multi-talented! and that day, actually, maggie & i both told each other we were both pregnant, ha!] that i love SO much... and in them, we of course got to be fancy and decked out in her jewelry. oh, it was hard to take them off when the day was over! ;) anyway, i've purchased a handful of my favorite S&R jewelry items as gifts for others, but have yet to spoil my own self! although, when the day comes that i do... my favorites are the beautiful pepper bracelet [or the griffin necklace, since it can be worn as a wrap bracelet, too], and the gypsy bracelet! ob... sessed.

helen ficalora - speaking of symbolic jewelry!! i adore my helen ficalora horseshoe necklace. it means the world to me, because it reminds me of my life, my childhood, my casey, what i love most. mine is sterling silver, which i think you can only get in store, but their online store has it in yellow, white, and pink gold... and about a million other gorgeous things!

charm it! - this is a fun one for the littlest ladies!! charm it! sent maddalena a sweet little charm bracelet last year, and she just loves it!! the girl can accessorize, that's for sure. anyway, she loves all the different charms, which are super cute... and what i love about them is that their mission is to inspire individuality and creativity in young girls! for that reason they have some reeeally adorable little charms for their bracelets.

okay, and additionally, i have not actually purchased anything from [also local!!] consider the wldflwrs, buuut i am always planning to snag a couple of dainty stackers and a new midi ring from their pretty little selection!

so yay! gosh, i love being a girl. ;)

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

because we need more baby obsession around here...

so, our current life status is obviously total and complete baby rocco obsesh [that's what newborn days are for, right!], so while we're on the topic [you know, only for the next 18 years ;)], i remembered this little video clip that maddalena started as she played around on my phone when we were still in the hospital with baby rocco... just a quick little snip of those early bonding moments, and gosh, it makes me so happy!

...sweet little mems! anyway, we're still totally in survival mode around here, but hey! i think we've come a long way in two weeks!

Monday, July 20, 2015

two weeks of baby rocco!

[first moments at home together // both my babes' little piggies! // sleeping angel // a photo by maddalena! // she loves him so much // so do we :) // fam of four! // rocco and charlie finally meet outside the bellies // so far, we have a napper! // a snazzy little pose with april + a "why aren't you feeding me" face // baby piggies take two... i mean, who can resist?]

today marks two whole weeks with the most adored and precious little boy on. this. planet!

i still can't believe he's the one that's been doing secret belly life with us for so long now... even though it totally makes sense. it's funny how they form little personalities before they're even born.

"baby rocco" [as maddalena calls him] is the absolute sweetest little gentleman i think i've ever met, and life is getting better eeeevery day. <3

Thursday, July 16, 2015

lovenote to the newest bunny!

dear baby rocco,

i love you so much, my baby boy!!

these newborn days, they are really something, aren't they? so challenging, but they go so fast. really, i love them. i forgot that i did, but i really, really do. especially since the whole all of everything is still fresh in my mind... having a belly full of you... your little late night kicks [which were practically the only time you ever got crazy in there! i mean, you were so calm compared to your sister, it worried me sometimes!]... crawling in bed for my very last night of sleep with you in there [at the farm on the 4th of july!]... and then the effort it took on both our parts to finally get you out and about there when we hit your due date and you thought maaaybe you'd start to mosey your way on down!

so, i spent that day strolling around in my bathing suit top, trying to get things moving while also getting some sun [priorities!]... then that afternoon, as things picked up, there was your fearless father videoing me, asking me questions as serious contractions were making me want to pull my own hair out... [dangerous move, right there, you know! ;)] and oh, the miserably uncomfortable ride to the hospital... the little monitor playing your heartbeat, which the nurse pointed out sounded like horses clipclopping... it did!! i love that! how much nicer of a human i was once that epidural was in place, wheeew... and feeling very sympathetic for the women we could hear screaming across the hallway that were going natural with the whole process [go them!]... the relief i felt when you were born at the quiet hour of 4am! both because i could breathe again and because you cried right away and they gave you to me for snuggles... your precious newborn face wondering what on earth just happened [the brand new faces, those are theee best!], and the way my doctor dragged herself in apologetically at 6am having missed *another* of my births! what? ugh. she swore she wouldn't miss this one! oh well. i still love her. i love her weird amounts. anyway... that perfect hospital swaddle... the smell of frankincense and lavender... and aaaall the first snuggles. all of it, so fresh! and such a whirlwind to think back on, although soon enough it will be a distant blur.

and now, these days and nights, i love the tiny cuddles with you, the wee hours of sleepy, sleepy bonding, and your heavenly newborn smell. i love the way i can rub my hands over your little legs and they still feel exactly like they felt sticking out beneath my ribs less than two weeks ago. i love the way you can't help but snuggle no matter what position you're in. i love how you wrap your little feet around each other, or around my arm... or how you push them against your blanket or sleep gown the way you used to push them against the side of my belly. i love how patient you are with me. i love how your sister is ridiculously in love with you, and that she honestly cannot keep her hands or lips away from you. at all. i love that you're the sweetest boy on earth, and i can't wait to find out all the other little details that i love about you, because i know how much fun every single age will be. 

but for now! i'm just soaking up your precious newness. we all are. we're kinda just a little bit obsessed and in love. you are one charming and precious little bambino, and we are so much more complete now that we have you! family of four! yay!


[ps. you can thank your great, great grandfather scioscia from naples for your awesome name!]

[and our very first fam of four shots thanks to gaga :)]

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

obsessed: the loveliest rose!

so, i know peonies and are aaall the pretty little rage these days [and i really love them, too!], but the classic beauty of a rose will always be my fav. it's the flower that gives my baby girl her middle name and what's filled almost every bouquet my husband has gotten me since way before he was my husband! :)

not to mention... roses smell amazing and have some pretty lovely health benefits!

so! i have a handful of very favorite rose products, now, that are fun to use because they smell so lovely, but also good for you, too. yay!

heritage rosewater & glycerin - i've had this in my collection of bath & body products for a while now! it smells so wonderful and it's just lightly moisturizing for your skin, so you can spritz it aaaaaall over! so very uplifting! also, apparently it's "vortexed and magnetized" to raise its energy and give you more of a boost, which is so way over my head, but i'll take it!

nature's sunshine rose essential oil - [teensy bottle from their old, limited stock & there's a larger bottle in their new stock] ooobviously, i use my oils for everything, and i've wanted this one fooorever, so i finally got it to go in my little collection of birthing oils to take to the hospital! rose essential oil is on the more expensive side, but it has endlessly amazing benefits and qualities... it's mood lifting, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, uterine toning [don't use while pregnant], aphrodisiac, duh ;), nerve balancing,  and la la la so much!

kypris 1,000 roses elixir - my newest obsession of the recent weeks, i was sent this amaaaazing skin elixir from the sweet peeps at kypris... and it's gone beyond my expectations, honestly! i have been using about 3 drops on my face morning and night, and given the fact that my latest days have involved the final stages of pregnancy, a birth, a hospital stay, and now the first weeks of having a newborn... i'm amazed at how much it's helped the tone of my skin! i mean, i could use all the help i can get right now. ;) anyway, it contains the organic essential oil of 1,000 distilled roses in each bottle, along with other great ingredients like CoQ10 for antioxidents and a whole bunch of other good stuff. and naturally, it makes your face smell as pretty as a flower.

balancing rose aromatherapy & deodorizing soy pet candle - i'm not sure if anything can tackle the amount of kooky that lives in my little fluffs, but i think this pet candle is genius. if nothing else, it fills the room with the gentle fragrance of rose essential oil as it's burning [you know how some candles only smell great when you sniff them and when you light them... kinda nothing? this one fills the room!] and i feel a lot better about my whole life if my house smells good! and if it helps my pets calm their little nerves down... total bonus!

Monday, July 13, 2015

just one week ago... [and about 14 hours!]

...after a long day of contractions
and a long night of an epidural notttt quite happening fast enough...
[but thank HEAVENS when it does!]
our newest little family member took his first precious breath of oxygen,
there in the wee hours, and then snuggled right up in my arms.
looking back on those first hospital days, oh, i'm feeling all the hormones about it!
overwhelming and hard and sweet and safe, those newborn stays...
you're tired, emotional, sore, and so taken care of day and night.
[then you get out and it's all the late night newborn googling a tired girl can muster, of course!]
and i missed my maddalena girl so so so much
i couldn't stand it... and would burst into tears after her visits.
she was amazing, though, and brought rocco an olaf for his cradle,
kissed him a million times, and officially accepted her role as best big sis ever.
and after those few days, we were so ready to get home with our sweet rocco boy
and his wonderful big sister... forever my first baby! <3
so, life just took things up a notch, for sure,
and we. are. in. love!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

our little prince!!

robert rocco bishop

born july 6, 2015 at 4:18 am
8 lbs 6 oz & 18 1/2 inches of pure sweet love
and ooooh, are we ever in love!

welcome to our little fam,
sweet baby rocco!!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

blackberry pickin' + 40 for 4th weekend, woo!

so, hey! i've never been 40 weeks pregnant before, but... to appropriately celebrate 4th of july weekend, baby boy decided to give me that honor! sooo, made it aaaall the way to 40 this weekend, despite so much anticipation for the past week now... and my, it feels... heavy!! ;)

soooooon enough, though, right! come on, come on little boy!

anyway, miss madd and i took a quick golf cart jaunt this weekend to see how many blackberries we could find near the river at the farm. it's just a liiiiittle bit early for a whole bunch to be ripe yet, but it's become one of my very fav summertime traditions, and i just couldn't wait any longer! especially given how much fun we had with maddalena last year and the year before.

it was so wonderful to snag just a smidge of quality me + her time! she kept saying "this is so much fun!" and we came away with all the good and juicy blackberries we could find. i love her with every tiny piece of my everything, oh i do, i do, i do.

and! we saw a tiiiiny baby skunk! second skunk i've seen this week on the farm, but this one was so so tiny. such cuddly looking stinkers! can we de-stink one, please? i would so snuggle!

and then, later that evening...

...a perfectly placed fireworks show for our porch-watching pleasure! absolutely perfect. :)