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Friday, January 20, 2017

tree day!!

we finally had our official tree installation day on wednesday!! oh, this has been such a long time coming. and honestly, with it being january and all, i was totally in a slump last week... which was getting quite dramatic feeling! but then we got an email that, in essence, was like, "trees wednesday?" and we were like, "trees!!! wednesday!!!! YES!!" and really, it's quite amazing how excited i can genuinely feel over foliage. next time i need my spirits lifted, i'll really have to remember to just go plant something!!

anyway, in the year or so that we've lived in our current housey, one of the absolute biggest aesthetic issues has been the lack of any landscaping in the back yard. not a single bush or tree! nope, nope, not a thing. and you know me, i love my nature! i want all the nature! bring me so much nature!! each time i've looked out our windows or stood in the yard i've pictured how lovely a fluffy tree would look here or there. then some flowering thingamabobs. a bench! some stepping stones! swings for the little ones! i have so many ideas. not only that, we have definitely been in need of some privacy blockage going on, too, so strategic placement of tall growing things was super duper in order. once we talked to the landscaper, we decided to keep it all really simple to start out, and i'm glad we did. that way we can kind of tell in layers what we'd like to do next!

aaand so it came to pass that on a wednesday, our new baby yard trees were dug right out of their own cozy little beds and hauled on over to us with the help of several men that were not steven... and boy was he glad! yay. yay. yay!

also, one thing that's interesting about our house is that it's nestled into a hillside. so, on one hand, you could easily be frustrated by the hilly yard [especially when doing yard work, ha!]. on the other hand, i think it feels quite cozy! there's plenty of space for the kiddos to play, especially on the sides. so really, all i see when i look out there is potential. :) last fall, i planted some roses in a little area on one side of the house that maddalena has always so sweetly called her "secret garden," and in the future, i'd love to make that spot really cute for her. we also have the itty bitty area where i've started growing some herbs, although, we'd love to extend our deck over that section. so, it will likely move one day... at which point we want to do a raised vegetable garden, as well. and! i still have my potted peonies that i'd love to plant somewhere. oh, the possibilities!!!

but like i said, we kept this part simple! [and after hauling a bunch of 6-8 foot trees up our hill, i'm pretty sure these nice guys were glad!!] they planted 8 green giants [5 in the back, 3 on one side] to grow tall and fluff up our fence line, so that'll be nice in the long run. and!! my magnolia!! i mean, back when we were emailing ideas with the landscaper early on, i really couldn't help but mention that i've only dreamed of my own magnolia tree for approximately 1,000 years now... okay, that's not what i said. i'm sure my words were more along the lines of a casual, "what about a magnolia?" but the point is that now my very own baby magnolia lives out in my yard for me to look at every single day! every day! oh, i love her so much, i want to hug her and kiss her and fill all my vases with her glossy green leaves!! <3

here's a little capture of the progress that day along the back fence line...

so! i'm excited to finally cozy up our little back yard haven!!! and i can't wait to see how these babies grow. yes, yes, i made steven take a photo of me by the magnolia as her very first baby picture for future growth comparison. and nooo, that beloved husband of mine still isn't down with my idea of getting yard chickens, so i guess the magnolia baby will just have to hold me for now, huh! ;)

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

obsessed: when pretty and functional collide!

...just a few pretty things that are keeping me together these days!!

1. marble & gold cover - for my macbook portal to the world, of course. this cover, iiii love. i love love love it despite a couple of downsides, actually...  because, first of all, when i bought it almost exactly one year ago, it initially took a handful of weeks to ship. as one who is spoiled by all things prime free asap shipping, this was a bummer. but!! the gorgeousness has been sooo worth it! the marble pattern and the gold are really perfect, and i'm still seriously in love the aesthetic. so in love that i'm super bummed that one year in, the plastic is totally chipping off around the edges. but then i figure, better the case than my macbook, right? i am not careless with my laptop, either, it's just not a case created for durability. however!! would i buy it again? why, yes. yes i would. because i like my technology to be pretty, please and thank you. <3

2. 2017 planner - so i don't lose my marbles, of course!!! i went back to having an actual, physical planner a few years ago and i will never let the habit slide again! it's like a little diary of daily life and tasks. :) planners are the best!

3. lanolips & lanohands - a couple of gloriously wonderful smelling and tasting and feeling products  that i'm freshly in love with. so, yay! i can finally stop rubbing straight nipple cream all over my hands lips and feet every day of the winter!! the lip treatment is glossy and lemony sweet, which i just love. and the hand cream is rosey, which is beyond my fav.

4. warm and cozy faux fur throw - one of my fav items of the winter!! it was sent to me as a christmas gift by the sweeties at grandin road. [kiiiind of obsessed with them.] and oooh, just steal my heart with this amazing beauty! i like to cuddle under it late at night to add a little luxury to the 30 minutes i typically have to unwind between washing dishes/my face and my bunny boy waking up all furious that he's alone. sorry baby! [i really must stop passing along my anti-alone genes!]

5. to-do list - oh, lists! how i love lists. lists are the only thing that keep my head attached to my body... and there's still just something about using a pen and paper for tasks and reminders!! i love a good notepad that looks pretty on my desk, too, because that's riiiight where i need it.

6. skin & cover - for my iphone portal to the world, because you know how i feel about keeping my peeping portals all pretty and coordinated! makes me so happy.

7. essie polishes in getting groovy & summit of style - you know what they say [on pinterest], she leaves a little sparkle whereeeever she goes! and that's probably because her nails are chipping due to excessive hand washing and general household/baby cleaning, so she has to touch up a lot. i find that glitter allows for many imperfections, and a soft gold is chic and shiny and doesn't stand out too badly when it chips! :)

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Friday, January 13, 2017

little leftover bits of december | 2016

[just some more little peeks back aaaaat... christmas prep! // lexington visits // holiday heaven // battling sickness, boooo! :( // making a baby jesus // our baby girl's first recital // a sweet little gingerbread barn // beloved friends and gift wrapping // house decorating and card sending // christmas eve and christmas day // and post christmas travels!]

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

a snowy day! [thanks, queen elsa!!]

i woke up last friday morning to one of those absolutely magical scenes where i was all cuddled up with my two little sweeties, eyes still shut tight, snooooozing away. ahhhh! that moment right there? it is such a rare beautiful, incredible unicorn for me! i love snuggling them, always... especially when they're peacefully sleeping... and extra bonus when it means no one is waking me up! :)

then of course, as habit dictates, i reached over and picked up my glowing hand-held portal to the outside world to see what was new... and immediately i saw headlines that gave me the deep desire to just stay there all cozy and safely hidden away in my bed with my babies forever and ever. i scrolled over stories that made me gaze over at my sleeping blessings and savor them a bit extra [if that's even possible!] knowing that all was right in our world, and that's more than so many others can say. also, i should really learn my lesson about too much social media before coffee. haha. but i started the day with a heaping dose of gratefulness, and that's really the point i'm trying to make!

aaand then! i saw some friends posting photos oooof... snow!!!!! and i couldn't wait to look out our window. i knew when the sparkly eyes of my tiny ones opened, it was indeed going to be an exciting and cozy day at home. and i was right! madd has been asking when it was going to snow literally since summertime, and it was rocco's first time really romping through it!

...oh, i am so lucky to get to experience these things with my littlest loves. honestly, for a long time snow just made me feel bored and lonely, as beautiful as it may be. [well, before we had babies, i'd wind up stuck at our old house all by my lonesome if it ever snowed on a weekday! i do not like being alone, so that didn't work for me too often! haha!] but now! it's cozy and bright and joyful. it's a perfect excuse to stay in and snuggle, to sip some hot cocoa and play festive tunes. for one day, that is! by the end of the second day i'm pretty much always losing my head. ;)

oh and ps. thank you for the visit and for all the fun white fluff, queen elsa!!!

[wearing! b: fur topped beanie, cream FP sweater - similar, leggings, over the knee boot socks, boots with the fur, down coat - and this one!! want!! // m: overalls, coat, boots // r: cutest jammies c/o softsie, overalls, coat, thermal henley gap via thredup, sweater pants - we have these, too!, socks, boots]

Monday, January 9, 2017

prettying up from the inside out

ahhh it felt so good to do some solid organizing over new years weekend! i could not stop digging through our closets and tossing and rearranging and weeding through and all that wonderful, wonderful stuff. i've always had a massive craving for organization inside and out. closets, drawers, oh, i need order in all of it! i used to be so good at that sort of thing, too, but it's not quite so easy when you have a full and busy family life. things get tossed and shoved and stacked and i'm always trying to amp up the system in that department!

sooo... when i first saw the now sold out [waaa!] sugar paper boxes at target... i was immediately in love, but made the mistake of initially talking myself out of them. ugh!! of course, then i kept seeing them in photos and just dreaming of those gorgeous gold edges. by the time i went back just before christmas to snag some for gift giving, there were very few left! naturally, i went home, wrapped the ones i'd purchased, and then ordered several more to use in organizing our home because, gosh, they're so pretty!! and who doesn't need more things to hold more things? haha. i specifically got some to use in mine and maddalena's closets. but now i'm totally regretting not getting some for the boys! i even searched another target high and low, but nope. they aaaaall clearanced! huge bummer. but the ones we have!!! oooh, i love them a lot.

anyway, i'm not typically one for new years resolutions, because i don't like to set myself up for failure on purpose... but i've come to the conclusion that in 2017, i'm looking to make things pretty around here from the inside out. and i mean that as a metaphor for like... everything. we have a very blessed and wonderful life, but just like anyone else, we have a lot of crap that gets in the way. stored up junk that sits and adds up, ultimately preventing peak functionality in both tangible and emotional ways. so! it's time to sort through our stuff... keep the stuff worth saving... and the rest: let it go. just let. it. go. [aaaand cue elsa!]

but ps. have you seen the actual insides of these boxes??? gold dots!!! pretty all the way through. oh, i want to gold dot the heck out of life. :)

aaand final sidenote: madd and i both got our furry sweatshirts from the little girls section in target, haha! i seriously couldn't resist them! man, has that place got my number these days or what!?