Monday, September 15, 2014

yo, i heard she went basket crazy...

so, i'm on this kick right now, and i am basket. ob. SESSED. gosh, i love a good kick, and i've really been in need of a good one!

anyway, you'd probably think i'd never seen a basket before in my life until just lately... but i have. i promise. it's just that somehow i'm seeing some baskets in a new light, and, oooh, i just have to have them! i don't really know what triggered it, really, but one day recently i was just like "BASKETS!!!" you know?! it's like suddenly i'm seeing beautifully woven baskets left and right, and i need to be in. on. that.

i think, actually, it started with those... floppy... market tote things? those are nifty. so, for a while, i was like "oooh, those!" but then they felt a little impractical for my purchasing needs, and the whole idea evolved into baskets... and soon pretty much all of my internet searching world began to revolve around the idea of a basket with the chunky weave of the beachcomber, but the rich tone of the havana! ahhh, a dream basket that would be! 

although my fantasy basket is yet to be found, some regular trips to the michael's basket aisle have proven to be quiiiiite satisfying. baskets... check! on sale... check! glooory gloria! i am particularly in love with the braided weave, and when i see it all i can think is, "more baskets! more baskets!"

and see also: spraypaint. because oh, baby, do i love a good bottle of that stuff. [the little white baskets were originally natural colored!]

now, tell me if you know, is there an underground basket market somewhere? like black market baskets? that would be amaze. i need a basket secret weapon here, because the beachcomber is still calling my name but notttt my wallet. so! basket ESS OH ESS, please!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

how to take a nap, part II [we're still not so good at it!]

1. me?? i'm sooo not sleepy! 
2. see! see! see how not sleepy i am!!!! 
3. WATCH MAMA! JUMPIIIIING! becauseimsonotsleepy! 
4. aaand totally passed out, hand in yogurt... 
5. trade yogurt for barbie, and oh, bless her sweet sleep-hating heart.

[a process so flawlessly demonstrated one afternoon last week! man, i love that girl.]

you know, sleeping is a funny little struggle for me and my tiny lady. we both love to be awake, like... at all times. for me, it's actually been a pretty handy quality to have for the most part! because heeeey, why sleep when you could be doing anything else?! parties and productivity await!

well, once miss maddalena was born, she let me know that she indeed shares my perspective on the matter... ironically, motherhood is the one thing that's taught me to appreciate my sleep time! so, while i can only hope it benefits her greatly one day when she's the mama of her own little sleep-fighting princess... until then, i guess we'll just keep up our super fabulous zero expertise achievement status in the ole nap and sleep department!

best advice out of this house pretty much always circles back to strawberry greek yogurt and curious george. but hey! i'm not one to argue with whatever works! [i say as maddalena wakes up from her evening nap in the garage in the carseat. she fell asleep on the way home, so, oooh, that's right! whatever works!]

Thursday, September 11, 2014

a pretty pony sleepover!

so, i feel like lately i'm finding myself a little bit scrambled among what feels like 9,000 home projects, things to do, errands to run, ideas i'm desperately trying not to forget! i'm feeling some viiiibes, making lots of lists and all that, you know? weather changes, they make the horses all frisky and the humans a little silly, i think!

but! when my mother texts me that there are last minute polo ponies arriving at the farm for a one night sleepover... well... wild horses can't keep us away?! actually, if wild horses were gonna be there, too, that would be amazing! oh, but anyway, anyway... a few years back, the farm started getting some wonderful polo families visiting here and there during polo season, and it quickly became one of my very favorite things to just absorb and admire. it's such an incredible sport! the people and horses are both such inspiring athletes, and it's all so different from the jumping and dressage that i grew up doing. so, this horsey visit was a super quick one, but we were so so happy to meet this sweet family and their beautiful herd!

and check out my casey boy up there. our horses were like, whoooo do these hot shots think they are?! there were definitely some pretty ladies in the bunch, too! casey loves the ladies.

[and see, i'm telling you, horses are so good for girls. here is yet another afternoon i spent gazing at equines instead of being off somewhere temping my wallet with shopping, which is obviously the natural alternative, right!? so, if you think about it, that totally adds up to a whole lot of money saved over the course of a girl's lifetime! gotta love it, i mean you just gooootta love it. sidenote, though: let's just not ask my parents how well my horses-save-money logic holds up, okay? heh. heh heh. ;)]

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

bee goes a-weddinging

last saturday evening i drove myself aaall over downtown nashville, trying oh so hard to overcome my navigationally ridiculous self and all the road blocks i kept hitting [no thanks at all to the gps lady on my phone or the vandy football game going on... oh, football, the baaane, the bane!] to get to the wedding of a sweet and precious little lady i grew up knowing and her one true love. by the time i finally rolled up to the valet boys, struggling like the hot mess i just love love to come off as [waa!], i'd pretty well come to terms with the fact that i had to be missing the ceremony at that point... but but! oh wait! one textual exchange with my mom later, and no! i hadn't missed it yet!! yaaay! so i raced on in, as fast as the shuttle, my high heels, and an elevator could take me... and even though this now puts me at the second time in a row that i strolled into a wedding ceremony just barely ahead of the [beautiful!] bridesmaids, i am so so so glad i got to celebrate the whole entire night because, gracious, i'm a sucker for the prettiest weddings on the most perfect evenings in a city as wonderful as ours!

it was really the sweetest evening. the bride was stunning in her dress, the sky was warm and colorful! and even though we've been to many a wedding at this point, this one reminded me so much that i've always really and truly loved a good matrimony. and i didn't have my big camera with me, but when i scrolled through my iphone shots later on, all snuggled in bed, i realized that i'd still ended up with a whole bunch photos that just made me so so so happy to look at. between the beautiful event, the fabulous company, and the riverfront view [one of my favorite views of nashville!], it was lovely.

and hey, even though it's pretty much impossible to tear me away from my baby lady [and her daddy! i missed my dance partner!] about 99.98765% of the time, on this evening she was off having a blast with daddy and grandparents, which gave me a chance to get out and be brittany brittany juuuuust brittany in my dress with my sibs and parents and my own uninterrupted thoughts and feelings, and that was fun, too. i mean, i got to sit down by my sister and just solidly talk her face off, which kind of never happens! so, yes, maybe it's true that i still cry every time i drive away from my babes... but gotta let mama cut loose every 2 years or so, okay? OKAY! okaaay.

so! before my coach turned back into a pumpkin for the evening, you better believe this girl dragged her fam sta-raight to theeee...

...photobooth!! aaand, my night was complete. 
congratulations, again, nia and renato, officially mrs. and mr! 
we love you guys! see you on the hill! :)

Monday, September 8, 2014

a few more moments from august of 2014!

flowers, weddings, horses, lipgloss, sunshine,
pool afternoons, sweet friends, and good braid days.
august, thanks for being so good to us!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

taking baby steps and snuggling our way to the top!

we've been doing a whooole lot of growing up around here lately, and whew! it's so good, but it's so hard, too... especially since i think maddalena and i are maybe the two most attached and emotionally in sync humans on this earth, i really do... and every now and then it feels like we do so much growing up so quickly that it seems to take a toll on both of us. so! lots of growing, naturally, means lots of playing and even more snuggling... and thank goodness for strawberry yogurt, too, because that seems to be the magical answer to almost everything. it's also one of my favorite things to hear maddalena say in her precious voice... sawby yogut! but, of course, nothing beats when she says i luhz yoo, which is the absolute sweetest thing every single time. i luhz yoo, maddalena rose!

last night after the cutest little, i luhz you, daddy! seep good! that my ears have ever heard, i got maddalena all settled in her big girl bed. we piled stuffed animal after stuffed animal into bed around her, each one i'd introduce and ask if she wanted that one. each time she'd gently say, okay, and i'd nestle it in. then she'd ask in her tiny, soft voice for "a new one bunny" or "a new one kee-cat" and i'd reach for another... and after all the stuffed animals had found a place in the big girl bed, i climbed in, too, and we read the goodnight book [goodnight moon, she knows almost all of the words by now!]. then when she got sleepy, we didn't nurse to sleep, but instead i kissed her face softly until she drifted off. she looked so perfectly angelic as she always does while she sleeps, and i started to miss her right away... so i cuddled a while before sneaking out to attempt yet a third night sleeping in my bed instead of hers [the first night, i will say, i hardly slept a wink]... but not before i played on my computer a while and nibbled around in the pantry! night owl's gotta night, you know.

once i got in bed, i found myself looking at the picture i'd taken of her sleeping among her cuddlies until i fell asleep myself, wishing the morning would just hurry up and come already. and then, it did! much too early, in fact, when at 5am i was roused from my coma by the sounds of a very sad little girl searching the house for me. gosh, she doesn't usually get out of her bed, but i must have slept through a whole lot of crying before i woke up [steven was in the shower already getting ready for work], and my heart fell to the floor when i found her down the hall, staring into an empty room, alone and in tears... and when i picked her up all she could say was "a new one sock, a new one sock," because she was all frazzled that one of her fuzzy socks had come off in the night. so, i got into her bed with her, she put one of her little hands on each of my cheeks and we both fell right to sleep, cozy as ever... just as steven was heading out the door. :)

and so, growing up feels kinda like a lot this week... hard but good! and like always we'll keep going at our own pace and snuggling our way to the top, because i have found that that's the best way to go about anything! i'm sure lucky to have this girl to keep me feeling all loved and happy. i luhz yoo so so much, mia!

[now just remember what ET says to elliott with his glowy finger! "iiiii'll beeee riiiiight heeeeere!" ha, i so loved that nice alien when i was little! ;)]

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

coffee chats!

...or, i should probably say cossee chats, since i have a tiny girl who likes to get me up in the morning by saying "a-make cossee! a-make cossee, mama!" that maddalena, she just knows how life works! and also, man, i have been needing a lot of cossee lately. cossee aaall the time.

so hey! what are the happs, lately, hmm? you know, when people ask me what's been going on, i'm always tempted to just be like "hormones." because that's always the case for us girls, isn't it? it's like once it starts back in those tiny booby days, it just never... ever... ever stops. i mean, never.

anyway, i've had this bee just a-buzzing around in my bonnet lately to redo like, half of everything in my life. i mean, i'm re-organizing drawers and painting things cream and gold! i'm switching around pictures and picture frames and hangings! i'm cleaning out closets and filling boxes to drop at goodwill! i'm throwing away old junk i thought we'd use and didn't and just hitting refresh on everythiiiiing. at one point there at the beginning of my restlessness, i almost decided to just pierce my own ear because i guess i was weirdly desperate for something to happen like, immediately... but i totally didn't do that, because i don't think i actually want another ear hole. insteaaad i did a subtle bayalage sprucing to my hair, a diy-alage, if you will! which could've been a bad idea, i suppose, but it wasn't. it was a good idea. but mostly, i've been giving our neglected little home office space an overhaul to turn it into a more of a family den type of room, and it's such a relief to finally feel like it's a functional part of the house! yay! oh, and i decided i want to become a mac user, too. i've been a windows user my whole life, but now that my life is iphone iphone iphone computer i need a seamless transition, i need seamless! but see, what is this? identity crisis? no, it's just me. i think it's my identity just doing its thing. i also blame the nursing to not nursing [extremely slow] transition hormones. why does no one talk about that? it's a thing! but anyway. next project: maddalena's closet. there are all sorts of sizes of things flying around in there and toys i'm hiding and not to mention my giftwrapping stash! whaaat is the answer to giftwrapping?! guess we'll find out!

but speaking of cossee-driven things i do around here! last year i made a pumpkin spice syrup for my home-brewed lattes and it was soooo good! i can't wait to do it again soon. i love me some starbucks as much as the next girl, but this season i am going to try and stick to regular coffee when i hit up the 'bucks, and keep all my PSLs and other seasonal bevs on the home front. i know we've probably aaall seen that food babe article at this point about the ingredients in the ole PSL [not pumpkin, but yes caramel coloring, bad, and other things you may or may not be picky about. i am picky!], but the quality of what we put in our bodies is super important to me, and even though i feel like it's waaay too impossible to keep up with 100% of the time, i really try to aim for the best balance i can, so my coffee is one thing that i am going to keep as real and as tasty and as pumpkiny as possible this year, and i am excited! still love you, starbucks! as evidenced, of course, in above fotografia. :) but no shots of syrup for me, thanks thanks thanks.

i have to admit, too, that even though i have severe separation anxiety regarding summer warmth and evening sunshine, last week i felt the slightest little twinge of autumn in the air, aaand iiii kiiiind ooof liked it! i did. i mean, i've always loved fall, though. i am a huge fan of fall. i just love summer the most and winter the least, so, my apologies, fall! you are the messenger and i keep shooting you [also, you and all the football, though, that's just really not my thing]. but i really like sweaters and colorful leaves, so we can cuddle a while, k?

sooo. guess i should repaint my nails, have like 900 birthday, baby, wedding gifts sent, and open up my new dustbuster now [woo!]. ta ta!