Thursday, May 5, 2016

2016 moms are totally cheating!

just yesterday, after a regular ole morning of snuggles, coffee, rocco's nap time and a couple of chores... 

i loaded up my car with an ever-filling bag of stuff to drop off at goodwill, since we somehow always have excess, and handed rocco an organic mum-mum to nibble on, straight from a package someone else prepared for me in bulk...

drove to the grocery store where i had ALREADY ordered my groceries via magical screen portal. i didn't even get out of the car, they just loaded them in [?!??!!?!] and we dropped them back off at home...

we then drove through the starbucks drive-through because we are obsessed with their breads [oh my, i dreeeam of the lemon cake!], where they also threw in a free "cookie straw" for being a "great customer!"

[haha, really it was just because we had the same drive-through lady twice in a row! i still consider starbucks an indulgence.]

...and then headed over to the farm, literally to watch my mom's peony bloom, since the evening held nothing too pressing to get to, save the thrilling task of putting sheets on the bed!

and i thought... iiiiii'm pretty sure that was all way too easy! 

i mean, don't get me wrong. being a mom and wife and homemaker is hard. i work hard. i'm on my feet most of the time unless i make a specific point to put my feet up. and at the very least, the emotions, the concerns, the decisions involved is exhausting regardless of the era! so, anything easy?! ummm, duh! i love it!

but i often find myself wondering how life is SUPPOSED to work. like, how it was all designed to flow? i always find it funny that we now pay to go somewhere and do manual labor for exercise and then come home and pay someone else to do our manual labor. and like, i don't think what was on women's minds in the 1700s was if their nail polish was chipped, you know?? and! when we get holes in our socks we don't "darn" them! we throw them away and amazon prime new ones, of course! 

oh, and get this one! these icky stink bugs that are now everywhere that i don't remember even existing when we were little?? yeah, that's because they came from china, japan, and taiwan in the 90s. yep! guess we accidentally ordered them from overseas just like eeeeverythiiiiing else we get shipped over these days. haha. one more reason to buy local!

but, on the flip side! i'm not waiting for the town healer to come around and make some primal effort to save my child from a cold. i just run to the store and get what i need. or! i do a quick googling and throw some herbs and oils at the situation. kind of a full circle thing, there?! yes, i like it!

and hey! we don't have to wait days on end for our men to take the horses and wagon into town to buy bits of metal to shmelt into things we need. ummm, and i'm also pretty thankful we don't have to kill our own animals for dinner! yep, that's a good one! although, doesn't it make me a weaker person to not have it in me to stomach some of the things once necessary for survival? you see, these are my ponderings!!

and like, while i'm glad i don't have to ask for a new hair ribbon for christmas... what would it be like to find a brand new hair ribbon truly exciting?! not that i don't love ribbons. but all i have to do is head to michael's and stare at the large spools of possibilities and love ribbons.

oooh, little luxuries! at the end of the day i'm just truly thankful for the conveniences that allow me more time to savor and enjoy all the gifts i've been given. snuggles with my family. flowers and sunsets. organic zucchini straight to my car! IPHONES!

okay, so i really love you, 2016. thanks for helpin' a sister out! :*

Wednesday, May 4, 2016


a few fav moments captured just before our vacation

and although so much of the time these days i'm admittedly a bit overwhelmed, totally feeling like a child making "adult" decisions in an "adult" house just thinking "okay, but what would a REAL adult do?!"...gosh, there are sure a lot of things that make me happy about home. :) rocco's little phases as he plays around the house... including his all-fours phase, which is gone already! gosh that was a cute phase. now we're more focused on solo standing. naturally! go rocco!

...maddalena's artistic whims! dot art. play-doh. crayons. repeat! and babes in footie pajamas, always.

...flower shopping! aaaall the flowers, please! the local nursery is heavenly and i cannot wait to get  my little pots all dressed up for summer. and we're due for some pretty landscaping!

...little bunnies at play. and coffee. coffee. coffee! [the lid to this porcelain mug actually just fell and shattered yesterday. major bummer!]

...sweet evening snuggles and late, golden sunsets. <3

...m has been helping set the table these days! and oh, our little breakfast nook has turned into such a delightful spot.

... okay, and i'm still dreaming of the amish donuts my mom came home with on her way back from kentucky several weeks ago. they were to die for. we should absolutely never eat them again, but truthfully, i want them every day. forever.

Monday, May 2, 2016

our mornings!

oh, mornings! 

i'm a terrible morning person, to be completely honest! night owl through and through, right here. although, if you know me, you most likely know that. come to think of it, i'd say it'd be pretty hard to know me without knowing such a detail... because like, ooh, what's that? a playdate at the park at 9 am? eehhhhh... we'll give it a shot. k, but... not really. ;)

when maddalena was little, our sleep routine was easy. as. piiie. she didn't sleep on her own, but she did sleep in just as well as i did, if not longer, all snuggled up to me, and it was so gloooorious! these days, with two babes, well, they still definitely don't rise and shine as early as some kids do [high five, genetics!!!], but there is the whole one-waking-the-other-up routine typically happening. that can make it a little bit tougher, but we're all pretty much on the same page as far as mornings go, and i love it. they make daily life pretty ridiculously good from start to finish, those two.

ever since maddalena started talking, she wakes up and tells me she wants to get up and make coffee. yes yes, she caught onto the whole routine pretty quickly!! that's my girl, right there. when she was really small, it was "cossee," and gosh, i will miss that always! 

so, coffee is clearly the first goal... but we like to snuggle in bed as long as possible first. and oh yes, both babies wake up in our big bed. no matter who starts out in their own bed, everyone ends up in ours. i am so thankful! i used to get so depressed waking up alone during the work week before babies came along, and that's just the truth.

also, we like to stay nice and cozy in our jammies as we start our day! rocco got these aaaaadoooorable softsie jammies some weeks back that are infused with aloe and shea butter for sensitive skin! they're the absolute softest, most adorable little things. and i mean, i cannot ever resist him, but i especially can't resist him in these jams. purely delicious! some of madd's favorites right now are these carters ballerina jammies her daddy got for her. they're amazingly beautiful! daddy points, for sure! and for the record, i usually just sleep in a tee and shorts or leggings. i probably need something cuter, huh. ;)

once the little bunnies are contentedly playing... i like to scan the morning social media situation and maybe go through my photos and do bloggy things while i sip my coffee. although, toooo often i get started on some kind of laundry emergency or some such thing. but. i try to sit and calmly enjoy my coffee-ing hour. it's vital to my day. ;)

and seriously! one of the best parts of having more than one child is that they have each other. we often turn on PBS for maddalena's morning "mia show," [but not always! we sometimes skip right to a little craft or activity. we've recently gone with the t-swift dance party option.] and they usually play around together until we're all hungry. rocco's just happy to be hangin out with his cool sis, and it's the best ever.

neither madd nor i wake up hungry right off the bat, so we wait a bit on breakfast. she likes to start with strawberry greek yogurt... we're always stocked on those! and now that it's warm out, i'm trying to incorporate fresh, cold smoothies again into our routine! spinach or kale + berries + bananas + greek yogurt. the ushe, you know? we loooove it!

and rocco's eating purees now!! i'm feeding him fresh foods as often as i can, but i have purchased a few organic jars, as well. he's successfully had bananas, prunes, avocado, and pears! both my babies have started solids around 9 months, purely because that's when they popped teeth and seemed a bit more ready. but i've also read up a bit on the history of baby feeding, which completely fascinates me!

we'll usually have had a wardrobe change or two by this time. the little bunners will play until rocco's ready for his nap. i'll get started on a few daily tasks and pick up the dog food and water just before his curious little boy paws get to them. ;) we'll play downstairs in their rooms a lot of times, too...

and when he finally naps! i start some laundry and get ready for whatever we're doing that afternoon. or!! if it's sunny we'll sit outside! yaaaaaaaay!

so, we have a decent little morning routine going these days, yes? pretty decent? it works! of course,   weekends when daddy is home can be a little different, and we always look forward to that, too. and even though i'm still not a morning person, i've definitely come to cherish how those early hours work, and they're now some of my favorites for sure. :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

beachin' with gaga!

[so happy when gaga arrived! yay!]

[m's "white wine" aka water. ;) and she racked up some actual treasure on the treasure coast!]

[my favorite wallpaper of all time lives in our little hallway there and i'm just never over it!]

[rocco bear hit 9 months while we were there! wheeere does the time go?!]

[we came out one morning to find that someone drew a cute sand kitty!]

[he fell in love with a horsey of his very own. melt me!]

[he discovered that my maxi dresses are perfect for a game of "wheeeeere's rocco?!"

[happiness! thank goodness my babies love the outdoors.]

[hands filled with seashells on our final beach evening!]

i know i've said it about 9 fafillion times now, but OH, that trip down to the beautiful treasure coast was so so good for us all! we totally needed it. a chance to hit the reset button and have some real quality time! honestly, i always seem to need it this time of year, but this year especially. i was so ready to get there i hardly even prepped for it! didn't even do a smidge of bathing suit shopping. nope! i just did a whole lot of cleaning and laundry and got the H out of D! it was so great.

and so, off we went! and at the end of our first week, when steven had to leave, i was totally nervous and heartbroken about then being apart for 2 weeks after such a solid week of happiness together. it seemed like so long! but on the other hand, i knew my extended stay was a good thing. i knew i needed that time there. i knew it would fly by. and i got to be with my mommy! it was so nice. just so, so nice!

[plus, i hear over and over again you have to go ahead and do these things before your kids are bound by school schedules. gross! i can't even go there!]

so, in paradise we stayed with our sweetest gaga! we shopped and we laughed and we basked and we mingled and we snuggled and we had our coffee each morning overlooking the ocean and it was perfect! truly just wonderful. it went by quickly, and even after 3 weeks down there... it was so hard to leave! that place is such a special part of us, i just don't know what we'd do without it. :)

on our very last evening, there was just something about the beach that was making it extra incredible, and it was basically torture to think of leaving it behind! we walked and walked and collected shells and had to eventually tear ourselves away, because we really could've stayed forever. gosh! i miss it already!

but meanwhile!! husband of the year was not only surviving back at home... he was painting our kitchen cabinets to surprise me! BEST EVER!! and to think i was worried! ;)