Tuesday, October 6, 2015


just about as soon as she learned how to talk, maddalena figured out that the easiest way to get me out of bed in the morning was to mention coffee... that girl! she catches on fast, and she knows me way too well!

so, each morning, she still says first thing, "it's time to get up and make coffee!" [it used to be cossee, and oh, my heart, i miss that so much!] and so. coffee it is! another day begins in our house. we sit around the coffee table and wake up for a while... maddalena requests a "mia show" and brings toys to the couch, rocco nurses and smiles.

i've never been much for mornings [which miiight just be the greatest understatement of all time!], but there's something about the slow, sweet little early hours we've had around here since babies were born that i really enjoy. i love the soft glow of light in the air and the smell of coffee brewing and the feeling like you have aaaaaall day to figure life out.

on the weekends, steven often makes eggs and bacon... or sometimes i do the eggs [scrambled, i like to put a blob of kerrygold butter in the pan first!]. maddalena pretends she wants both, but really she just wants the bacon ;) and the house fills with comforting smells. i get some laundry going, which is funnily enough another one of those comforting home things to me! the sound of the washer and dryer! i love that. and at some point steven asks me what my plan might be for the day... i tell him my only goal so far is to finish my coffee because i need a few more hours to make decisions.

then, next thing i know it's noon and my daytime scramble begins along with the 3rd reheat of my 3rd cup of coffee!

safe to say i'm won't be the mom heading up any 8am meetups anytime soon, ha! unless it's coffee in jammies at my house, that is. come one, come all! okay, maybe not all. okay... maybe not 8am. ;)

but oh, mornings!

thanks to some of the sweetest faces around, you know, i've kinda learned to love 'em. <3

Monday, October 5, 2015

a certain little september [of 2015!]

have i mentioned that i love the month of september?
such a beauuutiful little section of time
that takes you from the hottest of sunshiney days
to those evenings with that first bit chill in the air!
it's never easy for me to let go of my summer months,
but thaaank goodness for smooth and pretty transitions
with my very best peoples. <3

Friday, October 2, 2015

fall is here! october is here!

fall flowers are here! 
obsessed with this color, ps. pink in the fall! yes!

the bumbo is here! 
...but he's not so sure about it, yet. i think he thinks it's holding him back. ;) time is flying even faster with this boy, and it makes me all sorts of emotional every time i think about it!

plaid is here! 
whoa. i'm not even a plaid person! that means it's REALLY fall. and let's just say... uggs are here, too.

sweet, favorite printed photos are here!!!
via a super artifact uprising deal, but... i'm sold. these prints are such gorgeous quality, and i'm excited to have some latest moments to hold in my hands! i'm really keeping my eyes out these days for ways to make my many, maaany photos manageable and tangible and all sorts of -bles, because in this digital age, it's so hard, right!

coffee, indoor plant love, & sun-recovery skin care are here! yep, they're all here!
keeping it to one cup a day... making sure the greenery stays alive and well inside, as the days are numbered for the green outdoors! and i've been using this new juice beauty green apple pregnancy peel on my face during rocco's naps!! i'm obviously not pregnant, ha, but i'm loving it since it's safe and gentle enough for those that are pregnant or breastfeeding, as it doesn't contain vitamin A... but still has a bunch of awesome ingredients and is paraban-free and all that organicy stuff that i love love love loooove! i swear in my past life i was a [natural] beauty product tester, i just live for this kinda thing, you know?! coming soon to an obsessed list near you, if it does a good job on my twice over preg+sunshine skin...

hey! happy october!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

baby's first starbucks fix!

it's national coffee day?! how fabulous! coffee's my faaavorite!

actually, although i need my caffeination like WHOA these days, i've been off my regular coffee train this past week for my little rocco man. gosh, the things i will do for my bunnies!! it's been hard, let me tell ya. 

so, last week when i at least needed some decaf, i told maddalena we were gonna pop over to starbucks and promised her she could have her own drink this time! well, i promised her 4 things that day: 1. princess anna braids, 2. lip gloss, 3. her own coffee [hot chocolate!], and 4. that she could take some big camera photos. best requests ever!! i love all these things!!! and so, it was pretty cute, my little mini with her tiny starbucks cup. pretty cute indeed.

and did you know that they quit keeping brewed decaf after 10am? they can still brew you a fresh cup, apparently, but i just don't think that makes any sense. at all! isn't later in the day when people need decaf?? not me. i need a good strong brew all day. but rocco doesn't. also, guess we have to get more fun beverages to get the cute cups! next time!

Monday, September 28, 2015

when you pass out in your chicken nuggs...

...because mini-mommies work hard, too!

i feel ya, girl. i feel ya.


on tuesday afternoon, rocco had his first vaccinations... that's a day i absolutely dread for those poor little baby bodies! i mean, i'm grateful for vaccines, but two months is tooooo young, if you ask me. and anyway, i'd say it did a number on all of us! so, the entire evening went a little something like this: rocco wakes up, maddalena falls asleep [in her chicken nuggets]. rocco falls back to sleep, maddalena wakes up. maddalena goes back to sleep, rocco wakes up... ooh, my babies! it's good thing i live for their snuggles.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

they say babies don't keep, and i'm kiiind of afraid they're right...

oh, our little home life these last couple of months!

you know, before my sweetest rocco was born, i was kiiiind of just a smidge nervous about getting back into "baby mode" again. it can be tough to slow down when you've gotten used to a faster pace, you know? and life with a 2 year old was certainly a faster pace than i'd remembered newborn life being!! and fun, too. i love that i know now what an absolute blast you get to have as they grow!

but, of course, i also recalled how every bit of precious babyhood goes by in such a quick flash, and that the most important thing is to soak it up... no matter what does or doesn't get cleaned, no matter how much sleep you do or don't get, no matter how many days you go without makeup... ;) gosh, you have the rest of your life to do that stuff! but the tiny baby details? they totally disappear before you  even know it.

and so! maybe life is slower for the time being, sure... but more importantly! it's really an opportunity to relish. i absorb and i hold and i smell and i try and try and try to just cement every bit of cuddly baby boy into my memory. and every bit of big girl snuggle and song and sweetness. because here we are now with an almost 3 month old and a 3 year old!! and that is crazy. really, it happens just. like. that.

time goes fast! life picks up pace. and it's true what they say, isn't it? babies don't keep. and that's okay, i think! but i suuuure don't want to miss a second of it.

[hashtag: youcanliveathomewithmeforeverwinkwinkwiiiink]

i love you so much, my bunnies!