Monday, April 27, 2015

beach week two: heeeey, mom, see ya, boo!

[eskimo kisses and pizza, of course!]

[the walkway dedicated to my grandfather, so special!]

[lunching in heart-shaped aviators, it's only natural]

[bump week 29!! + always rinsing everything in the "tiny shower"]

[pony and ruffles in the pool with gaga!]

[gettin' ready with my pretty ladies <3]

[oh, she will show you how to eat cannoli]

[maddalena's feelings on leaving :| + maddalena: "two years old"]

after the very best beach week one, steven left to head back to the real world [ew!], and my sweetest mommy came down for the next week... and although i definitely pouted for a whole day about steven leaving, it was so nice to shift into girl time for a while and have such quality time with my best ladies!

aaaand so, it was glorious! it's just such a special place for us... and one week, two weeks, it never quite feels like enough! we even tried to extend our time there before it ran up, but ticket changes and doctor's appointments, oooh, they just didn't make it easy. then, when we finally did return to nashville, for the first time ever i ended up with one of those, "looks like my luggage didn't make it home" scenarios [i always wondered when that would happen to me!!]. it was 10pm with a sleepy toddler, and i was just feeling aaall the drama about it, wishing we'd just never ever left our happy home away from home.

but!! we woke up the next day to a beautiful green wonderland, my bag arrived safely to me, contents fully in tact, and the sunshine made everything pretty and warm! the farm turns into a pretty magical place, itself, around this time of year and through the summer, so, i am officially excited to plant myself poolside, stroll alongside the grazing, dusty horses, and soak in the golden sunsets. give me that west-facing porch and i am a happy girl.

but, like, hey... if you want to put me back on orchid island for a while, thaaat's totally fine, too!! ;)

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

29 weeks of a beachy baby boy bump

iiii am so excited that this is the last week before the bump of baby boy officially passes the 30 week mark!! i didn't even make it to 40 with maddalena, sooo, maybe sweet little brother will want to keep up with her there just a little bit?! nothing tooooo early, of course, but i mean, 39 sounds good to me! i want to snuggle!

and oh, as everything in the bump department gets a little bigger and heavier feeling, i am so thankful to have been here in such a wonderful and relaxing place for a bit! baby boy is growing like crazy, and that makes me so happy! although, i've definitely learned lately that my body is setting some official limits now... liiiike no more carrying armfuls of buckets and toddlers across stretches of sand in the blazing heat and then getting 3 hours of sleep at night. whew! no more of that, because body was like heeey, pump. the. breaks!

of course, pumping the breaks is haaardly a sacrifice when you wake up to a view of the sea and a day by the pool! but now the real world is calling and i'm like, "la la la la i can't hear you i can't hear you!!" nope, until you drag me onto that airplane all i hear is ocean waves, all i smell is coffee and salty air, and all i feel is a few tiny somethings under my ribs! okay, that last one probably won't be changing for a while. :)

i love you so much, my tiny bambino, thanks for being such a good little belly traveler!

Monday, April 20, 2015

beach week one with my loves in the suuuun!

[coffee mornings overlooking the ocean - i've been sooo glad i brought my favorite plum pretty sugar robe!]

[the girl and her daddy, i melt melt MELT]

[the treasure coast is my other favorite front porch view + a little capture of me & stevo by maddalena that just means the world to me!]

[madd was sent the perfect little beach dress from garnet hill & it's getting so much wear down here! 
+ flowers & foliage are my very fav, aaalways]

[those little curls out in the sea air are everything i ever dreamed of]

[she picked me a tiny flower! he dug her a big hole!]

[a girl in her happy place with her 28 week bump & 2.5 year old princess! thaaat would be me right there :)]

gosh, we had the best week last week taking a rare and cherished [not to mention final!] family of three getaway to my favorite place on this planet. i know i've said it about a bajillion times now, but if not the field with my horses, this place that's been in my family for my whole life [and long before!] is my absolute favorite place to be. and with my favorite people!! well, iii'm just in heaven. plus, seeing maddalena get such quality time with her daddy for the week just warmed my heart right into a puddle. i sure love those two more than they will ever, ever know. <3