Thursday, October 23, 2014

oh, just lately we've been... taking, as always!

...birthday gifting for steven's 29th!! it's quite the birthday month, october!

...tiny mug drinking... tiny mugs are very important.

...celebrating, prosecco style

...workin' on our art skills... and trying to keep it just on the appropriate surfaces :)

...rearranging, repainting, and deciding where on earth we should really keep all the bits of happy memories and sentimental items we've saved up at this point. i feel like i'm never ever not doing this, but i've really been on a tear lately!

...gathering pumpkins... from the grocery store! okay, so the actual pumpkin patch is still on our fall list, but i seriously couldn't resist the huge white ones for our front door!! much tea drinking, because oh, how i love my new teapot!

...warm weather savoring. we have such pretty octobers.

...being insanely adorable. i cannot get enough of my two babes! they're super in love and i love that.

...posing for our little photographer maddalena ;)

...ring wearing, because i fell in l-o-v-e with a ring at the antique shop a couple of weeks ago, and my sweet mommy bought it for me. i had it resized from a size ginormous to a size brittany, and i've been wearing it above my beloved maddalena ring! every time i see it, it makes me so happy.

...leaving the most precious little signs of the tiniest baby grownup life. i find the cutest scenes set up from our mini-person, and they just get me every time.

...wearing a sweater that my mommy wore as a little girl, and holding a photo of my precious tiny mom wearing it. oh, be still my heart.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

home is where the barn is...

oooh, my handsome case! my casey boy! have i mentioned that i love him? he's such a good part of me. a huge chunk of my heart is casey, and that's just how it goes. so, it's crazy to me that just lately i'm seeing these little white hairs suddenly popping up on him in new places. a few new speckles on his pretty face. a light, sparse dusting over part of his belly. some growing long here and there in his chestnut mane. they're subtle, but i see them. little reminders that time stops for no one, not even a girl and her horse. it's just not easy being 27! oooh, case, i feel ya, boy! ;)

but anyway, since i remember all too well how hard last winter was on casey, i'm trying to soak up some of these easy, warm, sunshiney days with him before the cold hits again... and goodness gracious, you know, when fall is pretty around here, fall is preeeeetty!

[and, oh, if these woods could talk!]

so, casey and i, we took a little walk on sunday to get out and stretch our lungs, and as always, it felt so good! and that view of his fuzzy ears, well, that is just my favorite thing ever. there's nothing like the view from the saddle to put life back into perspective. [sidenote: it's funny to think how many more shots i would have from riding when i was little if iphones had been around longer, and i kinda wish they had been for that reason! but i do cherish my old time polaroids! ha!]

...and there it is. my happy place. <3 

[aaand no, no, we don't keep wine in the barn... although, yes, that might be a brilliant idea! ;) there is something really heavenly about taking a glass of red [or bubbly prosecco!] in the direction of the barn and the sunset!]

Monday, October 20, 2014

ahhhhctober, you pretty!

one of the wonderful things about fall in tennessee, you know, according to moi... is that we tend to have a really lovely start to the fall season. and even once the colors start to change and that crisp feeling arrives in the air... you can usually still sneak in a few more decent lay-out days!!! so, me being the queen of priorities here, i take full advantage of these days. and while other moms are like "let's go to the park! let's go to the zoo! feel that air! let's jump in the car and cruise!" i'm like "hey, let's check the UV, take off our clothes, and park it in the back yard for the afternoon! last chance for tan lines, let's go!" 

but also, i have to say, these transitional periods are really the only times of the year when it's even borderline enjoyable to be in our own back yard midday. the rest of the year it's just hot or freezing and we usually find ourselves elsewhere. so. so so so. just recently on one of these loveliest afternoons, i finally taught miss maddo how to drink from the hose! and that's been her latest back yard party trick. that and drowning the plants, or as she so preciously calls it, "watering the garden." please forgive us, little peony plants, i can't have you dying on me!

anyway, i think we've officially had our last and final good bathing-suit day for the year, and we enjoyed all the fluffy frolicking, flower blooming, sun basking, hose drinking time that we could. thank you, glorious october!! thank you, beautiful tennessee! it's a really good fall so far.

Friday, October 17, 2014

sunshiiiiine... on my shoooulders... makes me happyyy... [and a few other broken record sentiments!]

after days and days of rain this last week, the sun finally decided to come out yesterday afternoon!! and gosh darnit, had i known it was going to be so gorgeous, i'd really have made plans to ride my horse, but after a week like this last one, i'd kind of just given up and gone into rain mode. you know, rain mode where you go on an absolute tear inside your house, rearranging things and painting things and baking things, and cleaning things up only to make an even bigger mess in your whole process!

so, maddalena and i ended up at the farm after running errands yesterday, and it was just such a pleasant surprise when the sun finally popped out and cast its golden beauty on everything in sight. my, my, my, i don't know exactly how it happens, but there is really no place to watch the earth turn golden quite like our little farmy farm. gets me every time!

and i know. i know i know. i am a broken record. that's me. brittany. i love the farm. i love sunsets. i love coffee. i love my horse. i love maddalena at every single age we get to. i love cuddling. i love being awake and not sleeping but help i'm tired a little. yep, there you go! brittany p. s. b., nutshell style. and it totally won't stop because i just can't help it!

to be honest, indulging in my happiest things is my favorite part of life, and on days when i feel like i just can't do it, i really just try to keep to myself, because the last thing i want to be is a spreader of my own negativity, you know? negativity can be so poisonous, and there's a time and place for venting for sure, because i mean, we totally have ants taking over our kitchen and also a handful of places leaking water in when it downpours... but life is still good, and it's really important to me to focus on all the little wonderful things that warrant heart and smiley emoticons. <3 :) and also, un-backspaced exclamation points!!!! ahhh, that feels good!

but okay, so, while we're on the topic of things i have already said 9 million times... i'll just go ahead and say that our mini-human here is pretty much kil-ling-it this week in the awesome and amazing department. she is joy wrapped in heaven and doused in the finest of diamond sparkles. and i know all my i love yous and you're the bests are probably going to start driving her nuts in about 3 seconds... but i have to. i cannot help myself. plus, i'm both a chronic savorer, and also totally aware that for every day of diamond sparkles, there's a day where i'm pretty sure she's turned the title "mommy" into her own personal swear word. ;) girl keeps me on my toes!

so anyway. to sum up, yesterday was thursday, la la la, life is good. happy weekend! i have big plans to put on my bathing suit, sit in my backyard with my book and baby, and party like it's june 2014... because today is fabulously warm, and tomorrow will most definitely be october 2014.

ps. john denver came on in the store we were in yesterday, and man did that just complete my vibe!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

making a little bit of essential oil go a long, long way!

whenever i find an essential oil that i just LOVE to use regularly, i like to make sure that little bottle goes a long way! especially since, as we know by now, a good essential oil is not cheap. and the more rare and precious the essential oil, the more expensive it's likely to be!

so, i recently treated myself to a teensy little cute, cute bottle of the loveliest jasmine, mostly because i just adore the smell! ahhh, i seriously love it so much. i've come across several blends over the years that i've really loved smelling because of the jasmine in it, so finally, i went ahead and just got myself some jasmine!

of course, jasmine is a really great oil to have on hand for the healing and uplifting effects that it can provide, as well. jasmine is floral, mood enhancing, relaxing, and romantic! it has antiseptic properties, can be used as an expectorant, and is also great for balancing and regulating the female system. for that last reason it should not be used while pregnant, but is great for strengthening labor contractions, uterine toning, and promoting milk supply. also, i think it's neat that jasmine flowers are only picked at night... just shows you how much care goes into each tiny bottle!

anyway, i wanted to be able to wear it daily, mostly to lift my mood and smell pretty! similarly, i have cellu-tone that i like to use on my body after i shower, and another blend that i put together that i've been slathering on daily, as well. so, with all these, i do the same thing... 

1. spoon some unrefined coconut oil into a small jar. 
2. screw the lid on and set that jar down in a bowl of hot water until the coconut oil melts completely. [i don't use the microwave for this because it kills nutritional benefits.]
3. add in drops of essential oil [depending on the amount of coconut oil, i like to start with about 20 drops if it's a small amount of coconut oil, then i mix it in and smell it... such an unofficial test, i know! but that's how i judge whether or not i want to put more! also, the coconutty smell is more noticeable when it's melted, but not really once the whole thing cools.]
4. allow the mixture to solidify in the fridge [although with the blend i did of balancing oils, it stayed a bit more on the liquidy side because of the EO to coconut oil ratio, but that was fine, too!]
5. then i keep my jars in the bathroom and use them as desired!

i love doing this because i use coconut oil on my body anyway, so it just seems to make sense to reap the benefits and stretch the amount of essential oils i go through all at once! and thaaaank you, nature's sunshine, for offering an amount of amazing quality jasmine that's actually affordable. seriously. because this little bottle will last me for so long now that i've mixed only a tiny bit of it to use!

oh, and FYI! for anyone interested in ordering nature's sunshine products [oils or otherwise!], they're offering member appreciation days today and tomorrow!! which means you can get $20 off of your order of $100+ or $30 off of your order of $150+! and since you'll already get 10% back every time you spend $100 in one month... well, hey, quick mental math comes out to... you can order a whole lot and save a whole lot! [like, i'm thinking it would be tempting to snag the whole home health & beauty pack, add in a bottle of jasmine, and top it with a nice probiotic because the holidays are coming and you've gotta prep that digestive tract... but okaykaykaaay, i'll stop before i get on a roll! but ugh! see! i love this stuff!!] sooo, anyway. fabulous, right!

[...and, as always, there's more natural health talk on bee healthy happy!]

Monday, October 13, 2014

my homecoming date for liiiife!

in the fall of 2002, i remember standing and talking to one of my guy friends at our high school football game when this other tall guy just kind of popped up out of nowhere, said hi, made some kinda joke, i'm sure, and juuust after a reference was made to him having a girlfriend [it was a short-lived relationship, apparently], he disappeared! and that's really the first time i remember taking note of one steven bishop.

in 2003, that steven guy asked me to the homecoming dance. actually, i'm not sure if he actually asked me to homecoming, because at that point, we were dating, and so it was assumed, right? psh. guys. well, i'm sure i insisted upon him making the actual request, but to tell you the truth, i just don't remember! so, on an october evening, we got with our bests and headed to dinner before changing into ridiculous 70s and 80s costumes and dancing and laughing the night away.

then! a short eleven years later on that same weekend in 2014, steven and i left our baby princess in the care of my mother and sister, and headed off to visit with old faces for the class of 2004's 10 year reunion.  that was steven's class, not mine, but i had close friends in that grade back in the day which is why tall-guy-who-popped-up-to-say-hello and i ended up together in the first place! aaand so... as we got ready to go, it felt to me just a little bit like we were headed off to homecoming once again... proooobably due to the fact that i am the most sentimental person EVER and that's exactly how i wanted it to feel! i just couldn't be happier or more thankful that i got to keep my high school sweetheart forever and ev. :) plus, it was steven's birthday and we were all over the evening-out idea!

so hey!! be careful what you wish for, kids!! ;) ;) because things like this...

...happen ooooh so quickly! and when they do, it's pretty super fabulous.

anyway, it was really fun to be kind of officially back in high school for a sec with a few of the people who kept us laughing and smiling through those crazy years! honestly, i loved high school. i mean, i hated it, but i loved it, and i think that's pretty normal, right?! :)

[tall guy named steven, me, hs girl best friend, hs guy best friend. they're getting married, ps!]

[and in the middle is guy friend i was talking to when other tall guy said hi at that football game!]

...such a comfort zone, isn't it! people who knew you in high school. it's kinda crazy to look back and see that so much time has passed, but at the same time nothing feels all that different. but it does! but it doesn't. so, anyway! we had such a blast that night. and then... we went home to our baby. :) [who was definitely still awake  and partying, because my night owl genes never fail.]

Friday, October 10, 2014

iiiiit's a birthday weekend!

tomorrow we officially celebrate the birthday of the very best husband and daddy two girls could ever, ever dream of! yaaaaay! we are so grateful for him and for all that he does to support us around here. plus, he's preeetty cute. :* so, happy birthday tomorrow, babe!! it's safe to say that i don't know what i would do without you, and i'm so excited to see what 29 has in store!! 

what's funny is that we're actually going to steven's 10 year high school reunion on his birthday night, which i still cannot wrap my mind around. it seriously does not feel like it was 10 years ago that we were going to homecoming together on this exact weekend! but wait. it was?! how on earth does that happen! time. is. crazy.

also, we celebrated some october birthdays a little bit earlier this week by getting together with some of our other birthdaying bests, and okay, maybe i've been way too overly-sentimental lately, but our quick little mexican food dinner gathering sure made me feel thankful for us all to still be celebrating together as the years go by! and gosh, nothing makes me happier than a table full of babies. i can't even deal with all the cuteness we've got goin' these days.

and molly, ugh, i'm just really sorry i blocked you with my big head! i had a feeling i was doing that!

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to steven tomorrow!! i love you so much, stevey! and a big happy birthday to all of our other october birthday friends, too! we love you all! october was quite the month to be born back in the 80s, it seems. ;)