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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

labor day weekend

our labor day weekend was pretty and happy and busy and fun...
and we did a whole lot of labor. how appropriate!
to be fair, stevo spent most of his weekend working away on our house,
while i was lucky enough to sneak in a little more relaxation.
[we did both find time for a hot dog dinner in the fire pit with the fam and a mini park picnic!]

our new little housey is so very close to being ready for us human [and fluff] inhabitants.
just a handful of visits from various installers, delivery men,
fairy godmothers, and little elves and we'll be all set! yay!
oh, life. life is funny. and fun. eeeven when it's crazy.


  1. glad everything is coming along so well rebuilding your house! I have been thinking about yall! you always have the prettiest pictures and you are always SO gorgeous and happy in all of them ;)

  2. SO fun!! What pretty photos [as always], B!!!

  3. such pretty photos! and horsy! and your hair!

  4. Loved looking at these photos! They are all so gorgeous, glad your weekend went well!


  5. i love your pics! lucky girl!! and ps, uhm, YOUR HAIR!!



charmed, i'm sure!

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