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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

hey things i love, i really love you...

...the smell of coffee brewing in the morning

...the sound of laundry tumbling around the dryer in the evening

...the tummy excitement [!!!] in the words "cookie dough"

...the relief felt after a much-needed + successful conversation

...the anticipation of a package in the mail

...the unconditional love of little fluffies

...the feeling of sliding into fresh, clean sheets

...the tingly trance you go in when someone plays with your hair

...the thrill of a really good concert

...the morning forehead kiss from a boy who knows you want one despite your lack of consciousness

...the golden hue of a summer sunset

...the feeling of success when you complete a project

[just a few favorite life things that i like to appreciate. happy last day of august!]


  1. yeah i'm pretty much in love with this entire list esp the smell of coffee brewing in the morning! Mmm... :)

  2. I love waiting for a package in the mail, forehead kisses, well and cookie dough.

    When I was little I'd ask my parents to vacuum at my bed time. I loved the sound, it reminded me they were there as I went to sleep.

  3. the smell of coffee...so one of my favorite things.

  4. Fresh coffee brewing is wonderful and I also love the feel of slipping into clean sheets ahhh the simple things! Loved this post

  5. This definitely made me smile!
    Love, Leigh

  6. yes the smell of coffee in the morning for sure! and i get that tingly feeling too when someone plays with my hair in fact it makes me sleepy and i love love packages in the mail!


charmed, i'm sure!

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