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Friday, September 2, 2011

happy labor day weekend! it's totally september right now.

[watching the sunset from the front porch at farmhome with my mom last night. i popped over after a grocery run!]

things to keep doing until we can't anymore:

  • be barefoot
  • be swimsuited
  • be outside
  • be outside past 8pm
  • watch sunsets
  • take walks
  • play with horsey
  • frolic
  • read by the pool
  • lay on the ground [love laying on warm pavement. is that weird? maybe it's a growing up in the south thing.]
  • watch the clouds
  • drive with the windows down

things to be excited about:
  • nashville's incredible fall colors
  • trips to auburn with friends for football weekends [not that i want to watch football. i don't really.]
  • boots!! oh, boots. i'll be delighted to reunite with my boots. and browse new ones online.
  • fall nail polish colors [steven is so excited about this, you don't even know]
  • pumpkin candles, pumpkin spice lattes, cozy snuggle vibes
  • listening to records on our record player. oh wait, we don't have one. but we will.
  • halloween planning
  • a fat & happy dvr. that's a terrible thing to look forward to. heathens! but seriously.
  • birthdays! steven's [october 11], mine [november 28]
  • i should pump the breaks on this list before i say the word christmas. oops! christmas!! music, lights, tree, smells, ohh. sorry. way too soon, i know.

i am not ready for summer to end. i'm not. i'm a sun baby. a flower child. i absolutely live for the summer and every single thing that comes with it. but i do love the fall, too, and the holidays!? oooh, i can't help but get a dot excited once september hits. it happens every year. and i'd be majorly lying if i said i didn't start listening to christmas music several months in advance. and justinbieberiscomingoutwithachristmasalbum but lets just breeze over that sentence, we're breezing right over.

happy labor day weekend!

we are not going to spend it actually laboring this year.
that would be sooo 2010.

[ps. our giveaway winner has been announced right here!]


  1. Beautiful picture!! Ohh and I am right there with you as far as pumpkin candles, pumpkin lattes etc! Cant wait~!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I've only been to Nashville once, it was the dead of winter. I remember thinking it would probably be beautiful this time of year... that picture proves my assumption.

    Happy Labor Day! :)

  3. Boots, glorious boots! I swear I have spent 50% (okay, 89%) of my time Online over the past two months browsing boots online. :P

    Happy, Happy Labor Day Weekend! :)

  4. i'm not ready for it to end too :( but i AM excited to wear boots!!

  5. HAH...I love the "things to be excited about section" especially the Christmas part!Eeeee!!!

  6. hope you're having an amazing labor day weekend!

  7. I can fully support each and every one of these activities and i will try not to became too saddened by the encroaching winter.

  8. i love how late the sun sets in the summers. enjoy every last minute.

  9. not gonna lie I got absolutely giddy at the mention of christmas!!! and your sweet little fall list made me realize that skipping summer in Amsterdam altogether I guess isn't THAT bad... Okay, who am I kidding, skipping summer is torturous!!!


charmed, i'm sure!

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