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Thursday, May 17, 2012

the good life

just some of my happiest vibes
from the past month-ish...
because being happy is really awesome,
and i feel like there's a whole lot to
be happy about 'round these parts...

[sunshine, morning coffee, flowers, sister love, fluffies, fun things, pool time, rainbows, friends, favorites, amen.]


  1. Such lovely pictures. I love your hat with the pink stripe. And the rainbow picture. And the rose picture.

    Well.. I like them all.

  2. you always have such gorgeous photos! i hope minnie is prepared to be a big sister :)

  3. what a great collage! it's the simple things that make life so happy!

  4. sweet shots, what a great month :)

  5. Wonderful pics
    Have a great evening:)

  6. Just added your site to my list of favorites and blogs I love ... seriously it I should have added it awhile ago as it makes me happy every single time I pop in. Bisous friend! XO!


charmed, i'm sure!

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