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Friday, June 22, 2012

flowers and fridays make me happy.

i finally convinced my body to let me sleep way in this morning, although, i think minnie's excellent spooning skills might've had a little to do with it. she doesn't usually sleep in our bed, but sometimes we just can't resist. she gets the middle pillow.

i think i'm going to become a flower hoarder. i haven't yet, but i really might. i go to home depot and i want to bring them all home. they're so cheery and lovable. and old lady hobbies are pretty much where i'm at for right now.

also, i forgot about this. when we were in italy, there was a woman getting off our train with a baby strapped to her, just nursing away from her bare boob. i thought it was awesome.

aaand another thing about italy, they had banana flavored yogurt. and i ate it at breakfast every morning. and now i think about that yogurt pretty much every day and wonder why it's not more available to me here? i want it!

growing baby will be coming out to cuddle in approximately 4-8 weeks now... and i mean it when i say i hope she has some chunky chunk on her tushy, because i'd like to think that's why this belly situation is feeling so heavy these days. still wonderful! just heavy.

it's friday!! haaappy weekend!


  1. Stonyfield Organic makes a great banana and vanilla yogurt, aptly called 'Banilla.' It's the best, and I'm sure you can find it at Kroger or Publix.

  2. i think you're adorable. and if i could have flowers of every kind, and color, in every part of the house... i would... in a heartbeat.

  3. i totally believe that about the train in italy. does not even surprise me a little.

  4. You'd love visiting Brazil... My husband jokes that we eat banana-flavored everything there. My favorite is banana with cinnamon pizza.

    Anyway, I love getting flowers too! Although my gardening skills are not that great...

    Have a great weekend :)

  5. Pretty flowers and old lady hobbies~ Such happy things!
    Vanilla yogurt and boobs and babes on the train... both amazing!
    Gosh! I think about you often and cannot wait to see the sweet face of our child.

    Hope you're having a lovely weekend friend!

  6. banana flavored yogurt???? omg. that sounds so good. i have been eating bananas so much lately!


charmed, i'm sure!

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