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Monday, July 2, 2012

life in the heat blob

first: i just need to say that my husband and parents are not allowed to all leave me at the same time ever again. i experienced such an occurrence over the weekend when they all ran off to do fun travel things and i missed them terribly... which makes me feel like such a baby, but let's be real here, i'm growing a baby, and i just need a little extra attention. but i did get some quality time staying at the ole farmhome with both of my siblings and getting some much needed rest and seeing some sweet friends and all that was really nice!

number two: nashville has been on fire. not actual fire, not yet at least, but we've had record setting heat for days. like 109 degrees type of record setting. all the poor outdoor animal babies at the farm, they've just been trying their best to stay cool while the lucky indoor fluffies take it easy. minnie cruises outside for about 2 seconds and then she's like "yeah right, see yaaa!" [don't let her wandering-through-the-desert look fool you. she perspired maybe one dot and slept like a princess all weekend.]

and three! it's july now! which could potentially be birth month if baby lady girl decides to get her show on the road a week early. if not, then it's the month before birth month, which is still the coolest. and by coolest i obviously mean hottest. woohoo!

here's to the heat blob!


  1. I feel you on the 109 temps! Aspen can only go outside at six am and 7 pm when the sun has gone down. The cement is so scalding, I have to check it with my own foot each night to make sure she doesn't burn her paws. We take her out around 3 but I physically have to carry her to a patch of grass (condo living ain't it grand?) can't wait till we have our own yard soon! Be well! :)

  2. awwww! minnie definitely looks like a wandering vagabond here, but i am sure she was quite the lady and remained indoors all weekend :) so fun.

    it's stinky when its so ungodly hot. stay cool down there, stay healthy! july should be an amazing month for you.

  3. I know the grass is always greener, but I'm a tad jealous of your heat blob. Things are a tad mild and grey in my parts and I'm growing very very very over it.

    Also, Minnie is such a diva and I love it.

  4. i am like hoping the summer goes by fast so i can have the baby, isn't that sad, but i love summer!

  5. that horsey face just made my whole morning! tooooo cute! and here's to hoping to have baby come out soon! xo

  6. omg i love that pic of the nose...i want to kiss ittttttttt so bad


charmed, i'm sure!

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