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Friday, July 6, 2012

stay cool this weekend!

dusty the po-po can show you how...

[this is the best he could come up with when it was 109 degrees out last week. poor thing. i was freshening up his water trough and the cold water must've felt so good on his little pony face! anyway. i thought he was cute about it. oh and then! a few days later, my sister discovered a crying, terrified little squirrel stuck in that same water trough and had to rescue it. crying! she said she didn't know squirrels could cry like that. i mean, break my heart to pieces! she is a true hero.]


  1. Well....about 3 weeks ago, I started reading your story from the very start. Pleased to make it to the present but I feel like I made a friend, you and I , we love the sun and I felt a connection right there.
    And also - a good dance partyy!!!!!!!
    XOXO! Cant wait to

  2. poor, cute little pony... and squirrel! yay for your sister saving him! :)

  3. Sometimes that's exactly what I want to do on a day like that! So sweet :)

  4. Such a sweet video, and I can't imagine what 109 degrees feels like with the humidity too! And poor little squirrel too! :(

  5. Poor fella,I love all the leg action though!

  6. aw that is so adorable! we have been taking bama swimming in the lake a lot :)


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