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Friday, March 15, 2013

some things that make me happy! [it's an ever-growing list]

[my sweet horse, casey, he makes me happy.]

...coziness, pink roses, ivy covered walls, cobblestone streets, tan lines, a glass of chianti or cabernet in my hand, long hair, walking barefoot, dark side of the moon, late night inspiration, a balcony overlooking the sea, a front porch during golden hour, a misty early morning view of deer and horses grazing together [that is, if you must be up early for some reason], the sound of my baby laughing and the smell of her breath, stone walls, dried flower bouquets, my sweet little fluffies, ballet flats, morning coffee, driving down a long empty road on a sunny day, john mayer's voice, cold pizza for breakfast, cute sunglasses, making lists, photos from our wedding day, the softest chocolate chip cookies, cuddling my sleeping baby, soft leather, a warm candlelit bath, listening to your latest song obsession on repeat in the car, husbands in their nice work clothes, instant photos, rocking chairs...

...and weekends, of course! particularly ones
involving friends, which is what we're in for!

 happy weekend!

[for a handful of photos of my lateliest happies, visit the sweetest miss sophie's blog, the littlest things,
where i have a guest post today!! thanks, sophie!]

[and don't forget to enter the ma cherie giveaway!!]


  1. nothing like a sweet nuzzle from a horse! have a great wkd!

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  3. very sweet list! I can imagine rocking chair is high on yours :)

  4. "husbands in their nice work clothes" > that made me laugh, because my husband's work has a very casual dress code, like t-shirt and shorts kind of thing. So when we have a wedding and he is wearing a suit, oh that makes me so happy. He doesn't like that very much though :)

    Happy weekend, girl! xoxo

  5. Those fluffy house ears make me happy! They are my second favorite part of horsies. I like their velvety noses too. Perfect for kissing.

  6. Loved your post over at Sophie's! You two are on my list of daily reads. It's fun to see a collaboration :))
    Your list is the beessttttt!!! I do too love chianti, my bf all decked out in his work clothes, and horses. I hope I can have my own someday!

  7. Your horse is SO beautiful! What amazing animals!


charmed, i'm sure!

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