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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

it's a chilly willy morning!

goooood morning! you can pretty much say good morning to me until 3pm. i'm the drink my coffee til it's time for wine sort, you know ;)

it's really cold outside here! really really chilly! we even had snowflakes falling yesterday... snow flurries! in november! so, maddalena and i have been snuggled up indoors, and i'm loving how cozy everything feels right now. christmas mugs are being sipped from, holiday pandora is playing around the clock [harry connick, jr holiday -- is there anything better?!], our cozy candle is burning! not too bad. except that i have errands to run today that i'm just going to have to jump on because oh. my. goodness, the holidays are here!

also, i'm excited to be contributing to a series of gift guides on the lovely ms. kate's blog, style smaller! so far we've got gifts for the men and gifts for the ladies, and i am loving seeing these fabulous picks. the internet can be pretty repetitive sometimes, so i love love love seeing ideas i've yet to see!

ps. madd and i picked out a new bed for minnie last week, and she loves it!! but no wait, this is a big deal! minnie has never loved any bed except for our big human bed. and the couch. so, when i found one that seemed fluffy and soft enough for even a human, i had my fingers crossed that it'd be good enough for the princess fluffington. and yay!! it's a hit! a christmas miracle, maybe. yaaay, minnie! maddo's been sure to tell her what a goooo girrrr she is for loving her bed. ;)


  1. The photo of M's profile is a little bit more than I can handle. I'm a sucker for the cutest noses.

    1. gah, meeee too, i'm so jeal of her nose!

  2. That photo of miss m on the couch is almost too cute to handle!


charmed, i'm sure!

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