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Friday, January 28, 2011

it's still january

the snow we had a few days ago was really really pretty.
[the trees were extra white and glisteny this time!]
i was riding in the car with my brother on wednesday
and we just stopped and stared at how beautiful it all was...

oh, but today is so sunshiney and not too freezing and i'm so ready to wear my new swim suit and frolic about wearing minimal layers! i'm tempted to try it and see if i survive... [i've been having visions of a family beach getaway dancing in my head. i'm in need of a vitamin D recharge!]


  1. ohh tell me about it. I CRAVE the warm sun on my bare skin. I am so sick of winter.

    In december I tried to wear a dress with tights and a coat...

    I cried.

  2. that is seriously beautiful. the grass always seems greener on the other side, i was just complaining we didn't get a winter. at least you know, i'm jealous!

  3. I am so sorry about your lovely dog :( Pets, especially dogs, really are a part of your family so when they pass away it is so, so sad. Hug your kitten a lot and cry all you need to - big hug to you. (Also, finish Waitress - it is such a cheering ending! :) ) xxx

  4. pretty photos...

    hope you are feeling better. i hear ya on the constant crying. i basically cry whenever i'm alone! lol

    hope you have a nice weekend of healing too :)

  5. The effects you put on these pictures are so beautiful! We had a little bit of snow recently too... Well i guess I should say we had a lot! Maybe a foot last time?
    I want a summery getaway too!
    So so sorry to hear about your family's pet :(

  6. Wow the snow looks so gorgeous...and like Kinsey said the effects on the photos are beautiful! But I'm also with you, so ready for some sun and warmth! Just to have less layers on outside just sounds like such a nice change. :)

    Have a great weekend pretty lady!

  7. I love when the snow stays on trees like that, it's gorgeous!

  8. glisteny! good adjective.
    you have a pretty scene where you are! thanks for sharing it :)

  9. your photos are so beautiful! Had to share one on my blog! hope that's okay :)


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