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Friday, January 4, 2013


at the start of every new year, i just love getting to look back at all the [millions of] photos taken over the past 12 months. it's fun to see how quickly time goes by, and remember all those fun moments we have in our lives [and maybe delete some of those old pics you'd rather just not look back on!]. for us, 2012 was by far one of the most memorable years we've ever had! it was probably one of the most challenging years i've experienced so far, but it was one of the most magically wonderful, too. i think pretty much nothing can top the year that you get to grow and meet your own tiny person for the very first time. so 2012, you did good...

in january... we started the new year out by telling some of our closest friends at our new years party that we were having a baby! but shhh, it was still a secret! i had a girly night cooking dinner with my best girl, april, steven and i went on little dates where i tried to consume food without being too horribly nauseated, we celebrated minnie's 4th birthday with our best neighbor friends and a puppy cake just for pups, and gosh, was i tired!

in february... we had a meatball date night in [despite my pregnant food aversions!], i started really indulging in some cravings, we announced once and for all that we had a little tiny one on the way!! we got all dressed up, celebrated my brother's 22nd birthday with an 80s themed party, my horse, casey, turned 25 years old! and i spent a few days and nights at the farm.

in march... we took a family trip to our beach place [where i felt maddalena's kicks for the first time!], and had our friends join us for gender-revealing cupcakes when we learned we were having a baby girl!

in april... i finally started growing a little baby bump! aaand we took the most wonderful trip to the land of my ancestors... italy! visiting rome [and more rome], florence, and venice. oh, it was glorious, it was magical! and we found our baby name on that trip!

in may... i was already ready to go back, we celebrated our engaged friends in atlanta, baby girl kept on growing, and we grilled and enjoyed the weather for memorial day weekend.

in june... we ate pizza, celebrated four years of marriage with a dinner date and italian food, sophie fell in love with the baby in the belly, we had happy weekends, picked up milkshakes from one of our favorite little places, and my wonderful girlfriends threw me a beautiful baby shower.

in july... nashville experienced some record setting heat, we had fun on fourth, took a lovely little walk after it had rained one evening, made saturday morning pancakes, and went on a little mexican food date the night before our precious baby girl was born, and on july 30th, we welcomed to our world miss maddalena rose!!

in august... our little maddalena turned one week old on her due date, we took a jillion photos of our tiny new lady, went on our first official summer evening walk as a family, took our first dinner outing all together, too, and introduced maddalena to dusty the pony.

in september... maddalena and i went on our first mother/daughter shopping trip [so many more to come, right, m?!], we sat on porches as often as the end of summer would let us, did some rainy morning snuggling, got ourselves some mexican food, sophie's love grew for maddalena when she gave her the foot five, and we had a picnic in the park.

in october... we picked our own pumpkins at the pumpkin patch, then carved 'em up, of course. steven turned 27, we had a birthday party with our friends, sophie finally taught maddalena how to pet her, m typed some of her first letters, we went on a baby/mama coffee date, and dressed as pirates for halloween.

in november... maddalena discovered her eye for jewelery and a fondness for snowglobes, we gave so much thanks on thanksgiving, enjoyed life and its simple daily things,  i turned 26, and that sweet baby of ours turned four months old.

in december... we put up our fifth christmas tree as marrieds! took some birthday dinner instax pics, managed to get some gifts under our tree a whole week before christmas, had a successful christmas 2012, and then followed up with a trip to the beach.

2013 has some pretty big shoes to fill!
but i think it's going to be a good one.
i really do.

[and my, how our years have changed!]


  1. Wow, what an amazing year you had, miss!!! :) I've enjoyed following along and may your 2013 be blessed!


  2. So many wonderful memories from this last year! And it's been so fun seeing these special moments from following your blog. Keep em coming! Wishing you a fantastic 2013. x

  3. beautiful photos. you are gorgeous!

  4. I love these posts! It's so much fun to go through old pictures and count our blessings again!

    What a great year you guys had! I need to start showing more pictures of Maddalena to my husband, maybe her big blue eyes can convince him it's time for us to have one of our own!

  5. what an adorable post! Looks like you had an amazing years, and more to come!

  6. I'm pretty sure you have the cutest family in the world.

  7. what a beautiful family! and such a happy, blessing-filled year. I hope 2013 is just as lovely to y'all.


  8. What a great year it's been for you guys! Best wishes for an equally as wonderful 2013! :)

  9. Amazing! Your family and baby girl are just beautiful! What blessings! We can't wait to have a little one!

    XO Lori


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